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The world needs a new Road Rash title


Remember the Road Rash franchise, EAís violent motorcycle racing series? Well, I think itís exactly what the gaming industry needs right now. Itís time for a re-imagining of Electronic Artís classic franchise.

I remember playing the original Road Rash 2 on the Sega Genesis with friends. It was a great mutiplayer game that let you beat each other with baseball bats and chains while driving a motorcycle through traffic at deadly speeds. If any of the early 16-bit Road Rash titles were released on some sort of online store (with new online multiplayer options included of course), Iíd definitely purchase the game.

Road Rash 64 on the other hand? I didnít really like it, that sense of speed and chaos seemed to be missing from the Nintendo 64 remake. I donít remember a whole lot about the game, just that the graphics were relatively simple in order to ensure a smooth frame rate. Still, I didnít feel that sense of speed and urgency that was present in later titles.

Graphically, Road Rash 64 looks terrible by today's standards.

I also vaguely remember playing a relatively solid PC version of the series dubbed Road Rash 3D (it was also released on the original PlayStation).

According to Destructoid, EA Warrington was at one point developing a Road Rash title. Below, marvel at itís exceeding potential. Why on earth was this game cancelled?

Check out a video of the game here

I feel that a current generation remake has the potential to be awesome if done correctly. Online multiplayer is a must, as is sticking to the seriesí roots. We donít need an open world Grand Theft Auto-like remake, a simple point to point race would suffice. Iíd also like to see the game be relatively simple and somewhat realistic, as realistic as beating the crap out of each other on motorcycles can be.

The title doesnít need crazy power ups and ridiculous nitro boosts. Throw in classic weapons, the chain, a baseball bat and maybe add a few creative new ones like a taser or something (the taser probably isnít that great an idea in actuality, but you get the point). Police chases are also a must; they were my favourite part of the older Road Rash titles. I also donít think the game needs a plot line like Need For Speed The Run. A straight up arcade title would feel more like the original games.

The gaming industry has a habit of trying to improve remakes a little too much. Thereís nothing wrong with the Road Rash formula. Iím sure beating the crap out of your friends on a high speed motorcycle while weaving through on coming traffic and dodging the police, is just as thrilling as it was all those years ago. So, EA, if youíre reading this (which I know you definitely arenít), make another Road Rash. A revitalized title in the franchise is long overdue.


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