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god damn modern review sites, always giving everything the same scores. i remember when people weren't afraid to give 5s and below!!!!!1 -- In all seriousness, I think 2016 has been an amazing year for games and I can't wait to enter GOTY season


In honor of Undertale's anniversary, here's a picture of a poster I have up in my classroom! Easily one of my favorite moments in the game.


So is Pony Island some sort of inside joke that I don't get? I can't even bring myself to finish it because of how....lame it is.


Booktoid! Got this approximately 15 minutes ago, super pumped to continue exploring this amazing universe.


Mad shoutouts to Khalid Eternal Nigh. Dude has an excellent GIF game and great community participation.


I haven't had much opportunity to play SFV yet (working 100% on the Stardew Valley review!), but I want to main Karin JUST BECAUSE OF HER THEME SONG!


There needs to be a Teacher version of Netflix, so when I want to show a video on WWII or Henry VIII to my students, the ads for their "awkward sex shows" don't immediately come up...


Wow, am I the first to mention that Mikey is easily the best turtle? I'm starting to question everyone here...


I didn't write a post about them, but some of my 2015 favorites were: Affordable Space Adventures, Curse of the NecroDancer, Undertale, Splatoon, and Rocket League (100+ hours). I very much enjoyed 2015 :)


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