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Monster Hunters -- when you switch to a new weapon, where do you go to begin training? Low rank Anjanath? I've only played HH for so long, not sure where to begin for playing something else.


My experience in Kingdom Come so far: the game gave me control and I went around punching all the horses I could find. Tried to talk and then fight my way out of being arrested, failed and was jailed. The town burned down as I sit trapped in a cell. GOTY?


Found this while at my parents' house for the super bowl. I used to draw Counter-Strike maps from memory when I was bored in middle school...can you guess which one this is?


Fellow Dragon Ball FighterZ, what team you rockin? So far I've dabbled in so many, with Tien being the only constant. Currently using Gotenks, Ginyu, and Tien but not having the greatest success..


Anyone playing Monster Hunter: World on Xbox? I've started the Palico Patrol squad on there, and will be on in a few to add anyone who wants it! My gamertag is Sonci.


Where are people going to discuss/learn combos for DBFZ? With the shoryuken forums gone I'm lost...


Top of the fight stick was cut today! The sides/innards require some decent planning, but should be done within a week!!


Testing the power of the laser for my custom fight stick design... Also changed Peacock's bomb to the Gohan kanji because <3 Gohan


Here's a mockup for a design to go on my custom fight stick. Represents four of my favorite characters from fighting games. Not super happy with this incarnation, but the idea is there. Can YOU guess all four??????


Thinking of creating my own fight stick using wood from the woodshop. Any button/joystick/other suggestions from those who have done so before?


Just found out that Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Monster Hunter World (my two most anticipated 2018 games) come out on the same day...Looks like I'm using a personal day for work on January 26th!


It's nights like these, when I know I have to run 22 miles tomorrow morning for marathon training, that I'm reminded of Pheidippides, the first guy to run the "marathon" -- who also DIED IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS.


Man, this was harder than I thought. Obviously a lot of Gen1 pokes, but WHATEVER.


Anyone else playing Path of Exile? Currently leveling up my second build -- a Charge Dash Trickster. Going to take a lot of work to make it decent, but I'm going to try!


I'll make a cblog post about this soon, but I made a videogame in 72 hours for Ludum Dare! My friend did the code work (aka the hard part) and I did just about everything else. Check it out! https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/space-email-4000


Starting the fifth dungeon in Persona 5. I hear it's awful?


I never thought I'd say this, but Ubisoft has won E3.


I can't be the ONLY person who un-ironically has a special place in their heart for Bubsy, right? Those games were probably some of my most played titles on the Genesis (note: I am not saying they are good).


god damn modern review sites, always giving everything the same scores. i remember when people weren't afraid to give 5s and below!!!!!1 -- In all seriousness, I think 2016 has been an amazing year for games and I can't wait to enter GOTY season


Man, I can't wait until everyone gets to experience Owlboy! Such a beautiful game.


In honor of Undertale's anniversary, here's a picture of a poster I have up in my classroom! Easily one of my favorite moments in the game.


So is Pony Island some sort of inside joke that I don't get? I can't even bring myself to finish it because of how....lame it is.


Booktoid! Got this approximately 15 minutes ago, super pumped to continue exploring this amazing universe.


Mad shoutouts to Khalid Eternal Nigh. Dude has an excellent GIF game and great community participation.


One way to win in SFV? Put your opponent on tilt going into the third round!


I haven't had much opportunity to play SFV yet (working 100% on the Stardew Valley review!), but I want to main Karin JUST BECAUSE OF HER THEME SONG!


There needs to be a Teacher version of Netflix, so when I want to show a video on WWII or Henry VIII to my students, the ads for their "awkward sex shows" don't immediately come up...


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