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I get to teach from home for at least two weeks! So naturally, I'm going to use Twitch. What games should I stream to my students? Obviously anything M rated is out...


Has anyone made the joke yet that the emo boi Pokemon evolves into a Pokemon with a gun? No? Okay...


I feel obligated to tell people here that I now own Rainbow Six: Siege...


Another gift from my student! I saw her drawing Klonoa so I told her about some lesser-known mascots. Later that day I found an amazing Cool Spot on my desk!!!


Just got my stats midterm score -- 99%! I couldn't have done it without my (allowed) cheat sheet. Not the info on it, but the picture. I asked a student of mine to draw me an inspirational image in the corner and told her to "get creative." SO AMAZING!!!


when you're too excited for Halloween so you cosplay as Thomas Paine for your history class


Dtoid Fantasy Football everyone! Best of luck to all involved, especially me.


What are some of your favorite low poly models in gaming? Either retro or modern.


With Yakuza 0 (PC), Monster Hunter: World, updates to No Man's Sky, Overwatch, and Sea of Thieves, I am just so happy to be a gamer (on summer vacation)!


POLL!! I have way more time to play games this summer, and I want to finish one of the following: Metal Gear Solid 2 (and probably 3), OR Chrono Trigger. Vote by upvoting a comment and make your argument by replying!!


Am I the only one who thinks the Runner games have gotten exponentially worse with each iteration? Playing the third one now and there's almost nothing to enjoy about it anymore...


Now that the Switch is one year old, here's a photomerged image of my girlfriend's Zelda BOTW journey that I made (and framed) for her birthday last week! It was a complete pain to make, but it came out awesome!!!


Monster Hunters -- when you switch to a new weapon, where do you go to begin training? Low rank Anjanath? I've only played HH for so long, not sure where to begin for playing something else.


My experience in Kingdom Come so far: the game gave me control and I went around punching all the horses I could find. Tried to talk and then fight my way out of being arrested, failed and was jailed. The town burned down as I sit trapped in a cell. GOTY?


Found this while at my parents' house for the super bowl. I used to draw Counter-Strike maps from memory when I was bored in middle school...can you guess which one this is?


Fellow Dragon Ball FighterZ, what team you rockin? So far I've dabbled in so many, with Tien being the only constant. Currently using Gotenks, Ginyu, and Tien but not having the greatest success..


Anyone playing Monster Hunter: World on Xbox? I've started the Palico Patrol squad on there, and will be on in a few to add anyone who wants it! My gamertag is Sonci.


Where are people going to discuss/learn combos for DBFZ? With the shoryuken forums gone I'm lost...


Top of the fight stick was cut today! The sides/innards require some decent planning, but should be done within a week!!


Testing the power of the laser for my custom fight stick design... Also changed Peacock's bomb to the Gohan kanji because <3 Gohan


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