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IBM/3M Readying Playstation 4 Chipset

Back in September of 2011 two big companies (IBM, 3M) joined together to make the first ever "commercial microprocessors composed of layers of up to 100 separate chips" -IBM News Press.

"IBM and 3M Corp. are developing a new type of electronic “glue” that can be used to build stacks of semiconductors – 3D chips. The glue, shown in blue above, connects up to 100 separate chips as it conducts heat away from the silicon package. The innovation will create microprocessors 1,000 times more powerful than today’s PC chips." Caption from IBM/3M press release.

So how does this play into the PS4? What is name of the Chipset? Is this chipset even for the Playstation 4? All these will be answered on this blog.

According to the R&D press release statement issued by 3M and IBM it explains what the chip will be used for in the near future. 3M/IBM says "Such stacking would allow for dramatically higher levels of integration for information technology and consumer electronics applications. Processors could be tightly packed with memory and networking, for example, into a “brick” of silicon that would create a computer chip 1,000 times faster than today’s fastest microprocessor enabling more powerful smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming devices"

So that answers the first and last question but what is the name of the chipset? So the chipset believe it or not will be called Power8. According to Wiki, IBM has already been developing the chipset since late 2011. What we do know now is the name and what the chipset will be used for. Sony invested a huge amount of money on IBM's chipset because of the performance. Although it was a ****h to program games with when it first came to market. Now six years later the chipset is maxing out graphically due to developers learning new architecture.

Alright the next question is the hottest topic that has many gamers wanting to know when the Next-Gen is going to happen. The answer is not to far off from what Kazuo Hirai previously stated back at CES 2012.

"We are definitely, from a Sony perspective, very committed to 3-D," Hirai said. "It's going to take a little while."

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, who also attended the gathering on Tuesday, compared the uptake of 3-D gaming and video to that of color television.

"3-D is waiting to happen," he said. "It's an inevitability. So be patient."

So let's put talk into action and debug the rumors that had everyone hyped up.

> Yes the Playstation 4 is going full 3D for their Next-Gen Console.
> The Power8 3D Cell chipset is in full development at IBM and 3M
> The Power8 3D cell chipset is 22nm
> Sony is at the beginning stages of the PS4 designs based on the Power8 Cell
> Kazuo Hirai stated that he is pushing for full 3D development
> Howard Stringer has also stated that "3-D is waiting to happen"
> AMD/NVIDIA will not power the PS4 in terms of a Chipset
> Nvidia will supply the graphics card no doubt
> Dual Shock 4 is still unconfirmed obviously
> A mandatory 720p TV or 1080p TV to run the next gen console
> Game developers are readying for Next-Gen programming packages which will be issued in late June after E3 2012
> Developers such as Epic Games, Activision, Electronic Arts, Square Enix are, already posting job listings for Next-Gen consoles.
>Sony needs the Next-Gen Console to last another ten years. So that means 3D is the way to keep that system going strong.

Accurate information requires serious digging and I firmly believe it is time for Playstation gamers to start saving. The console will cost you a huge amount of money running you over the $599.99 dollar mark come release date. Thank-you for reading my latest edition. Please feel free to comment below or inbox me.

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