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Returnal Log: after a series of truly awful runs, RNGesus was back in my corner and beat biome 4. In my “ok one more” run, beat Hyperion first try. Got wrecked in biome 5 tho. Feeling good and like I can actually finish this game…eventually.


Started watching Space Jam New Legacy and even if they course correct, the intro 20 is heavily anti gaming (“waste of time”) - yeah no thanks man. I got enough negative shit out there.


PSA: PS5s live on Walmart.com at 9pm Eastern (in a few short min).


So Nioh Collection is on sale…if I have 1 from PS+, is the jump in quality worth getting the whole thing for ps5?


Returnal Log: started a run just to unlock weapon traits, ended up with RNGesus on my side and beat biome 3 *barely* - in fact I def. almost died with like a sliver of boss health left. WHEW. Feeling good but that run took 2 hours…


Returnal Log: Apparently on my last run I missed a turn in biome 3 and was in the totally wrong area. This time got the boss down to a sliver of health then died and no astronaut 😑😑😑 Next time. Next time. Goddamn RNG.


Health update: Grandma Bateman (it’s actually my mom, we just refer to my partner as Mamma so I didn’t write it that way initially 😂) is still in the hospital and today told me “if the pain doesn’t get better” that she’ll kill herself.


Returnal Log: turned on “always sprint” and had to retrain how I approach everything. May turn it back off bc I got to biome 3 without it, but it sure helps on boss fights. Thought I was hot shit but Phrike killed me again anyway in a rematch 😂


Man, this Val Kilmer documentary is wrecking me. So good but so damn sad.


Man, the new Suicide Squad was fantastic and hilarious. Good on them for remaking it.


Happy birthday Gaj and Kerrik! Get that (butt) cake.


I do not say this lightly, but Pig was an absolutely incredible film. Please watch it however you can. The press about it maybe being Nic Cage’s best performance is not exaggerated. Man. What a movie. I can’t believe they filmed it in only 20 days.


Tonight’s Pat brought to you by - Outback wings (damn I forgot how good they are), chicken tenders, and salad for balance.


Returnal Log: Well, that “30 min run” sure turned into an hour. Beat 2nd boss after several tries, blitzed around biome 3 and it’s sure something. Making steady progress with some bs runs in between. Think I’ll try to explore biome 1 now.


Watching Nic Cage’s Snake Eyes for the first time, had some wings from a new local place (1/2 Korean bbq, 1/2 bbq honey mustard) - doing pretty ok. Way too much food again 😂😂😂 but that’s lunch tomorrow. Bueno.


Returnal Log: Boss 1 down after maybe 4 attempts. Had a good run into the next biome but had to off myself due to adulting 🤷🏻‍♂️ Would’ve loved a save and quit lol. Game is super fun, but I am very worried about run length overall.


Happy birthday Chrono! Hope you get some cake and other tasty foods!


Watching Point Break (1991) for the first time and enjoying some Bonchon wings. Pretty decent evening. Also started Returnal and it’s pretty cool, but man would I be pissed if it crashed on me during a run.


Just watched the trailer for the Val Kilmer documentary and hooo boy is it going to be emotional. His son is doing the narration. I had no idea he had a trach button to talk man. Whew.


Just finished Loki and my lukewarm take is there can never be enough MCU content. Bring me MORE.


Jesus. A fake Twitter handle claiming to be Interplay says they’re back and publishing new games. Real Interplay Twitter says it’s a fake. That’s some hell of a whiplash.


Mr. X Nightmare is up and running on Switch (best accessed via the in-game menu), and at a 15% discount to boot. A great excuse to revisit SoR4!


Happy birthday Heston, you damn dirty ape.


Ymmv but sony emailed me a 10% off coupon to use at PSDirect. Putting in the comments bc I don’t want physical stuff 😬


Definitely seems to be something in the air around life lately - feels like everyone is just trifling these days. Hope y’all have a solid week. It’s unfortunately another one I’m just wishing through, which isn’t great. Stay strong 😂


Oh god do I preorder a steam deck and finally go whole hog into gaming? Jesus I can only imagine what’ll happen if I have a steam handheld/tv deck and can take advantage of summer sales.


PSA: physical preorders of NEO: TWEWY on square Enix store come with digital download code sent immediately 🤷🏻‍♂️ Shipping total brings it to $81 tho so pros and cons. Edit: Switch only and apparently dead now.


Just wrapped Rift Apart, what a great game. Super fun from start to finish. Now, do I want to hunt down these damn Craiggerbears for the Plat? Legit all I need left…


Whew, what an absolute trashfire of a day. Can’t even begin to start explaining it 😂😂😂 Ah well. Hopefully Get some tasty Vietnamese food for dinner, and picked up Batman: Black Mirror and a shitload of Brett Easton Ellis books cheap ;)


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