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Tragic Hero's Tragic Hero Contest: Ryu.

WARNING: Remember, this contains a lot of spoilers.

First of all, it was hard to think of a tragic hero, and I'm doing this not to win, but to have some fun and to post something that is not a video from GT.

With that all said, the Ryu we are talking about is none than other that the protagonist from Breath of Fire 2.

At the climax of the last battle (remember, this is the near good ending), Ryu by himself defeats Evan, but still can't destroy him. At the end, Ryu does the same sacrifice as his mother, where he gets to seal the cave with his last breath, saving the land once again and at the same time his friends, resting and ensuring that the seal doesn't break again.

Well, I hope it's good enough, as I said, it was hard to think of one and it's 4 in the morning..I can't think straight @@.
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