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Ninja Review: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword.

After more than 15 years since the last debut of the Super Ninja on a Nintendo system, Team Ninja has delivered some love to the fans and creating Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the DS. The control scheme has caught the attention to many, si...


Musical Attack Monday: Goat.

Video games and music has always formed a great union, classic melodies and incredible compositions has been one of my favorite things on gaming. On Musical Attack Monday I will present people who do covers and remixes from video game mus...


My salute to Niero and Destructoid.(Edited)

I know it's not that much, but something is something. Sorry for not being a full high definition blue-ray vhs video, and it was all improvised (you just can see how many times I said "thank you" or "ahmm"). One thing that I wanted to sa...


SNK Neo Geo:The Legacy (Part 2 and Final).

Wow, I didn't expect that the first part would have a good feedback and I never intended to make a second part, but some people liked the idea showing another games from Neo Geo. Anyway, if you haven't read the first part and would like to,...


SNK Neo Geo:The Legacy.

We all know Shin Nihon Kikaku (New Japan Project), aka SNK, we all remember how well spend were all those quarters in our school days, how much fun were those games from that company based on Osaka. Wherever if you liked pure 2D fighting,...


Ninja Gaiden DS Goes Gold.

And this is it, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is done, as the game has gone gold and ready to be released in March 25 for America and March 10 in Japan. Also, there will be a launch party hold by Nintendo and Tecmo at Nintendo World Store on...


Reinventing Franchises #1

Well, it's time that I do some good, or at least a decent article. Let's talk about trying to reinvent franchises, the ones who have managed to do it in one way or another, the ones who have failed, and the ones that should. Reinventing a ...


Tragic Hero's Tragic Hero Contest: Ryu.

WARNING: Remember, this contains a lot of spoilers. First of all, it was hard to think of a tragic hero, and I'm doing this not to win, but to have some fun and to post something that is not a video from GT. With that all said, the Ryu we...


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Well hello there! My name is Styos and I'm a Chilean who studies and work in Norway, I'm 21 years old and have been a gamer since..well..since I was a kid. I'm studying to become a English Teacher and I can tell ya, I love English.

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