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So I played through Steins;Gate at 9 hours straight from what steam says. Rintaro has managed to calm down his jackassery some now that some serious business was revealed. His "organization" schtick is just making him look like a fuccboi.


Alright, Rintaro is really getting on my nerves. This guy is the epitome of Jackassery. He better get over himself really soon because I'm not sure how much more of him I can take.


Im laughing my ass off right now playing Steins;Gate. So far it's interesting but Rintaro is kind of annoying as a protagonist. As of now it's like what if Alex Jones is an anime character. Egomaniac, talks about subjects he's not versed, disregards facts


Should I play Chaos;head before Steins;Gate?


I feel like I'm up for a VN kick, So I got Steins Gate. Outside of Ace Attorney, 999 and a little of Zero Escape, I havent really played anything else in the genre.


I finished watching The midnight gospel. What a vibrant and weird show.


Gotta say though, Cherry Hunters' name is a little funny to me. Did the devs think about how some might see that as a euphemism?


I decided to get sor4 on my switch cause I know my younger cuzs are gonna love it whenever I see em. Co-op brawler like this on switch is a no brainer.


Jesus Christ, Im pretty disappointed to learn the Xbox andwin10 versions doesn't have any graphic options the other platforms have. Plus the online blows.


This is coming from my experience with the win 10 edition but streets of rage 4 online is currently trash. Constant lag, glitches, and freezes that I have to exit the session. It's frustrating rn. I bet it's work on steams playtogether thing.


I heard Streets of Rage 4 is going to be on xbox game pass today. Will it be on the windows store as well?


I beat the story missions for the first two expansions of destiny 2. They were cool but really short. Thinking of getting the Forsaken and shadowkeep combo. How is the campaign for those?


First my joycon drifts and now my PS4 controller. And I just started enjoying Journey to the Savage Planet too. Yeesh.


I beat FF7R last night and I thoroughly loved it. Everything felt so expanded without feeling like it has worn out its welcome. I can confidently say that my 40 hour playthrough was very straightforward and to the point like Chrono Trigger. Thoughts below


Gravity falls in your animal crossing? It's more likely than you think.


Well I just received my stimulus money in my account. Nice. Less nice that this is a one time deal.


That pull up minigame is such bullshit on pro. Why can't they have a quick retry instead of give up when I know I'ma lose? I just want to get right back into it.


Rick May, the voice of TF2's soldier passed away from covid-19.


Ok so this started trending in Twitter and I got to ask: what the fuck? I looked at the first episode of the series and apparently this is a legendary shitposting parody of anime.


Moogles in ff7 be looking like.


I played FF7R for 9 hours straight. I don't have a problem. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.


Ever since FF7R was announced to be split into parts, I've given it shit. But as more stuff was shown off I've become rather excited for it! When the digital ver. unlocks at 9pm, RE3R is on the back burner. It'll be AC and FF7 for now.


I did it. I beat sin and punishment 2. That last level really hurt my hands. Yeesh. Some parts could use rework. It doesn't feel far at times but overall a grand ole time. 8/10 would play often.


I've been playing sin & punishment 2 on my wiiu today. I forgot how fun and tough it is! I was on stuck on stage 3 and am now on stage 6. Wow these boss fights are awesome. Its very challenging. I died many many times to them.


Gonna take a well deserved break from Animal Crossing before I go ham on that terraformimg. Resident evil 3 is next on my list and One Step from Eden is gooood.


Played re3 a bit and its really bizarre how I got two storage packs so quickly. Really liking it so far.


I finally beat Doome and I really enjoyed it. Many of the mechanics introduced have been for the better. Dashing, extra lives, they're great. What I don't like are the lengths of the levels. I think they're too long and could use some cutting down.


Happy birthday admiral ackbong! Hope you have a good day my dude! And I gotta visit your island!


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