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Ok i got a xbox one s controller and a play and charge kit delivered earlier today. Cant wait to try it on my pc when I get home.


Speaking of final fantasy 12. I got the switch version for my bday yesterday and ive been having fun on handheld while watching tv. I also nabbed ff11 collection on sale and pre-ordered ff14 shadowbringers for that leveling accessory.


I was let down so hard with the last episode of Game of Thrones. Im very:


Happy birthday to my bday bro in arms, grumpyaussiewario. Hope you have a good day as well!


Im 27 now. few more years til the big 3-0!


Happy birthday SirNinjaFace! May you always be sneaky!


Cool ff14 has been installed for the last time. Just finished a session w\o taking videos and screenshots so far. It has not deleted itself so i guess im doing it right. Lil bummed cause i got the noctis outfit and I wanted to share pics of it.


Jfc, ff14 finished redownloading earlier today and just finished a session, hit exit game, waited until I was fully logged off, then closed the application, and again it deleted itself. What the actual fuck.


I hate this. I redownloaded ff14 that took over 20 hours on ps4. Played it for a good while only for it to delete itself cause probably some corruptrd data bs. Fuck it.


Holy shit. Arthur said gay rights:


I finally got out of Detective Pikachu and I really enjoyed it. I smiled everytime a pokemon came onscreen like YES! Thats a pokemon. I also opened the cards and Im a little disappointed I didnt get bulbasaur but I dont really care. They're rad.


About to see detective pikachu. And just like they did with pokemon the first movie, I got a pack of cards. So hyped!


Happy birthday Mantorch! May your waifu not be the shit.


Two more books came in the mail courtesy of my library!


Well snaps. Projared cheated on his wife with Holly Conrad. Woof. Also, I have seen the projared (censored)nudes. My life will never be the same again.


My library has this cool thing where I can recommend books online thats not in any of my local library's catalog and i can be the first to borrow it. They buy it and send it to me from amazon prime. I ordered a lot of art books. Heres the first one:


Aw snap! Max getting justice for Monster Hunter.


With all this talk about sonic, People should really watch Snapcube's Sonic '06 real time fandub. Go to 14:09 for one of the greatest exchanges you'll ever hear. Their work is astounding.


Im about to beat Ocarina of Time in the next half hour. Ganondorfs about to be my bitch, lets goooo!:


well the free heavansward promotion is not compatible for steam users but twitch did give me a free copy of the starter edition so I just added that and heavensward to a new service account with free 30 days of playtime.


Watch the 10:40pm showing of endgame and got out at 1:50am and woof. What a swirl of emotions. The buildup to the climax was amazing. Wow. Its an end to an era. The Dbox seat was on point too. Syncing its movements to the actions. Highly recommend them.


Gonna watch Endgame tonight with my dad in Dbox seats! I think those are the seats that shake like a roller coaster. Im so hyped!


Game of thrones tonight was pretty intense. I have a few qualms about certain scenes but overall was really cool.


Since replaying ocarina of time(Gerudos Valley is left), ive been on a zelda kick and decided to nab these. They arrived over the week and ive beem pouring over em. The create a hero is so cool. Pics below about that for cool stuff i found in there.


Ok, back at it again with 4AM talks! *Fake Applause commences* Last time I asked what your top 3 loz games are. Now who are your top 3 Princess Zeldas? For me, from 1st to 3rd, it's Tetra from Windwaker, Skyward Sword, and Phantom Hourglass!


Y'know, I never felt much hype for Sekiro.


5 a.m. talks. Might as well since I'm up. Breath of the Wild is my number 1 Zelda game, following Wind Waker at 2nd, and Ocarina of Time at 3rd. All very wonderful games with so much heart. What's yours?


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