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Thanks for the advice on brickseek Kevin. There was a Walmart that had at least 5 copies. Got mine for $53.


Wow. Two new announced Monster Games. I'm very excited to see more of it. I wanna pet the palamute so bad now.


Rewatching FF16 and is the protag voiced by Ardbert?


If anyone asks who Yoshi-P is and why people are hyped that he is involved with FFXVI, send them this:


Now my only gripe I have with FF16 atm is the lack of color. Like with Dune, it's pretty grey. The red on the Red Mages are the only ones that stood out to me. I need to see more locales, story, and characters before I can be completely sold on it.


I really hope Square announces FFXIV for next gen as well.


Not only was I surprised with FFXVI having a gameplay trailer but that it's a console exclusive? Damn, it's gotta be temporary. No way would they just stick to ps5.


The king makes out w/ his court jester au


Seeing ppl getting into ff14 is always a joy to see.


I saw the Dune trailer. I'm not feeling the color tones very much. Everything looks so grey and devoid of standout locales. Comparing Dunes desert with Mad Max Fury Roads', the color reminds me of the airport scene from Civil War. Needs more color.


I don't wanna play final fantasy tactics on my phone. I want it on my switch. Square, please port wotl on consoles.


Finally got to playing a little of Rune Factory 4 for my 3ds and I really like it!


Not sure if news made it here, haven't checked but if anyone is thinking of getting Facerig should do so now as they're gonna discontinue it and replace it with a free but limited version with subscription features. Humble Bundles got it on sale atm.


Bought a blu-ray of The Cat Returns. Had a fun time watching it again.


So. My new keyboard died while I was doing a run on ffxiv. I was using the batteries it came with and luckily I had a mmo mouse so i was pretty much just clicking to move and target. And using the side buttons for my abilities. The anxiety at final boss.


Leveled my Astrologian to 70! I am so glad that you get extra xp the higher level your main job is.


Happy birthday Hlarge! A little late but I still hope you had a great day.


happy birthday homeoftheblues!


I just beat Myst for the first time and wow, I was so immersed in that whole thing. It was so creepy with no around, I thought there would be jumpscares. But nah, it's just me and my lonesome. Every solved puzzle made me feel like a genius. Total fan now.


I was supposed to have a keyboard delivered to me last week and it still hasn't arrived due to the deconstruction of the USPS. I hope my moms' medications don't get delayed as well. She needs those.


I caught up with Delicious in Dungeon recently. I love this Manga so much.


Getting back into playing Astrologian. Forgot how much fun healing is.


I decided to nab one of these. I haven't made one before and so far it's been fun! I'm thinking of getting a shining gundam next but I'ma finish this first.


Mmm I'm not feeling the new protags of Infinity Train. Especially when their first acts are murder and destruction.


Ok new 5.3 content has been awesome. The new Nier Raid is so fun, and the last msq boss made me squeal in excitement super hard. One of the duties was so hype that it'd make Torch, specifically, blush.


I did the new dungeon for ff14 and I am now high enough Ilvl to do the trial and the raid. I think I'll save the raid for tomorrow cause that leadup to the trial is so hype!


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