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I finished Shadowbringers. That was a wild ride from start to finish, especially at the end. It was the hypest showdowns I have played thus far. Also I am glad to have heeded Pixies advice to complete the previous raids before the end.


I may not have xenoblade today but at least I got this in the mail! I can't wait to get into it!


Xenoblade will arrive on Tuesday for me. I can wait.


I finally made it to 80 in shadowbingers! I thought I was done after a certain bit but turns out theres a lot more junk in the main story not that im complaining.


alirght. lvl 79 in shadowbringers. Hopefully the end is in sight. Lets go!


Man those pso2 servers were packed. The lobbies were noticeably lagging. Hope that gets ironed out soon cause jittering in a near decade old game isn't my jam. It was really fun otherwise.


Also, happy birthday Lokhe! The day is yours!




Phantasy star online 2 later today. Damn, right when I'm about to beat shadowbringers too.


Shadowbringers keeps giving me the highest of highs! First, that virtue fight was amazing and also... Thancred, bro, you're hype.


Played a bit of kid icarus uprising just now. This game is hilarious. The camera control takes a bit of getting used to and I'm using the switch stand to put my 3ds on. Hand still gets a little cramped though. Music its tight too.


Well snaps, if TerminalMontages Something about Smash Bros World of Light is the equivalent to Infinty War, then his next one might be endgame.


Man Promare is crazy good. My jaw dropped at nearly every action scene. That animation was so good y'all. I hard recommend it.


Bday present came into the mail. Lets go!


The snyder cut may disappoint a lot of people who are clinging onto a hope of a good DC movie. Remember, it was unfinished and barely edited when he had to drop it. Everyone else had to finish it for him. Also keep in mind, hes not a good storyteller.


Oh yeah. I turned 28 today! Just two more until the big three-O.


Well thats percy jackson book 4 done. Hell yeah. On to the last book in the arc!


Halo 2 is funsoes. Playing 8v8 is chaotic as usual


Halo 2 finally properly installed recently and Ive been having a blast the past two days. I've also been re-reading the percy jackson books. I remember stopping at the last book in High School but now I'm on book 4 and its still a very good read.


My old roommate once told me to listen to nightwish to start my journey into metal and boy I should have heeded his advice a lot sooner.


oh boy. The Halo 2 update bungled and now I have to re-install it. Neither the xbox app or Microsoft store will let me though. This happened before at launch and its happening once again.


Tried vrchat for a little bit and wow, there's a movie theatre world designed to watch full length movies. I imagine a lot of people have come here a lot. I was watching Howl's Moving Castle for god's sake!


Fuck. I learned typing of the dead pc is on abandonware and I dl'ed that shit super hard. Ive been having a blast with it.


This comment put into words i tried to convey for years.


Oh shit. Happy birthday Vincentdante!


It's 6am and i just finished binge watching nozaki-kun. Man that was such a treat to watch again dubbed. I laughed so hard throughout the whole thing. I cant say that much about other media I watch nowadays. That dub work really rivals the subs. 10/10.


Watching nozaki-kun again. This time dubbed. Its still as great as i remember it. The dubbed is really fantastic so far.


Hey y'all, my thoughts on steins;gate is complete over on the community blogs. Its also my first blog ever on this site so come take a look!


Aww shit. Happy birthday Torchman!


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