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About Paras0mniaone of us since 1:43 AM on 03.22.2007

I'm a twenty-something guy who currently lives in Chicago. I spend the majority of my days making plans to do things and then never following through with them (finish college, study Hapkido, take a photography class... so on). These plans usually get set to the side because of more pressing issues like watching Kung Fu movies, playing video games, and becoming obsessed with random hobbies for a week and then forgetting them.

My love for video games is a strange tale. See growing up I lived with my mom who was an alcoholic emotional wreck, this means that I didn't have nice things (such as the newest video games). My brother Rick lived with my father and did get the nice things. I guess now I'm making up for lost time one owned noob* at a time.

Currently I spend a lot of time playing Counter-Strike:Source and day dreaming about the good old life swallowing days of Ultima Online, the only MMO where you could kill someone without provocation, steal all their crap, then cut up their corpse and keep pieces of it as a trophy. Now THAT is a manly MMO.

*These are not always actual "human" players. Noobs can also be the in game characters which you totally knock crap out of in one way or another i.e. "Man, the Hammer Brothers are noobs".