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Parabe11um-swe-'s c-blog
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About Parabe11um-swe-one of us since 1:47 PM on 04.28.2008

Swedish Gamer.
Ikea Master.
I think therefore I am or so it would seem.
Voting for the Pirate Party(Yes, its a real party....) ;)
Das Boot = Yay Uboats!
Also Techno Viking owns...

Genres of choice:
Simulations(Flight Sims/anything with U-boats)

Systems Owned:
PS3/Wii/various old consoles if you count my roomates stuff...

I <3 the PC.

Favorite Games:
Baldurs Gate Series
Fallout Series
Call of Duty Series
Battlefield Series
And *Gasp* More.

Now Playing:
Silent Hunter IV
Call of Duty 4
Baldur's Gate II