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AHHHHH I'm new and I have to read about PolySci (the Government of the US and such) so I won't be able to make this say too much right now. I live in Bellingham, WA where I also grew up and lived in for 17 years. I work in child care currently and I LOVE it. If you think you like kids and don't care about money, it's a wonderful job! I'm a student at Western Washington University and no I'm not actually terrible at English (i.e ignorant of grammar and syntax) I just love to say things differently like that. I guess I'll just get that out there right now. I play pretty close to all types of video games, but have a preserved gratitude for Nintendo's greatest endeavors. Metroid Prime is my favorite game with the Mario and Zelda franchises crashing in behind that beacon of digital glory. I have great respect for all platforms however, having enjoyed countless hours with them, especially PC. My PC died 2 years ago, but I decided on a 3DS around the same time and haven't been too sad, although once Bioshock Infinite arrives, I'll be crying if I don't have a PC up and running for it. Budgetary issues as the House of Reps would put it, keep that nightmare of being without a PC a live danger. Nintendo's new console will also be tabled until further notice unless I have the most fortuitous birthday of my short(ish) life (I am willing to sell many things to accomplish my gaming schemes, but my ability to do so is likely weak). Anyway, besides games, I play board games and card games :) seriously though I get outside at times. When I do it's usually building forts at work, biking around town, hikes, yard work, boating with relatives in the Salish sea... there's a variety of outdoorsy things to do in the Northwest, so I won't list them all, but I'll say that I enjoy them. Well, it seems I've said a lot for having my awkward preamble suggest I would be reading....something. Oh yeah! Schoolwork. Well it's nice to know that this has turned into an avoidance activity, but I've kind of filled my bio with unnecessary crap in the meantime. Lastly, sorry that my avatar looks like the quotient of a shady skype chat with an overly cheerful-but-evasive friend from high school and the metaphoric sound of photographic art concepts being run over by an ice cream truck. Yeah. That's about right. In any case it will be changed.