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Nintendo’s Online Situation

Alright, I’ll be the first to say that Nintendo is my favorite handheld and console maker out of them, Sony, and Microsoft. But that’s not to say the Microsoft isn’t in a really close second. With Nintendo and SOME third parties putti...


Next Golden Sun - DS or Wii?

So which console do you want the next Golden Sun game to come out on (if they make one)? More than likely it will be either the Nintendo DS, or Wii, but which one will be right for the next installment in the series? Personally, I think tha...


About PaperBowser0one of us since 9:51 PM on 03.01.2008

Well, I'm just your normal 16 year kid that's in high school, and happens to be a webmaster and blogger. I blog about everything that I like. I have a personal blog, gaming blogs, and some other different technology blogs. I make websites for people as a freelance job, to help make money for my future college entrance, but until then, I'll just do it freelance, and not as a complete 24/7 job.

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Well, I guess I'll talk about my interests. Well, I like skateboarding, and am an amateur snowboarder, and like to hang out with friends whenever I get the chance to. I own a Nintendo DS, a GameCube, a Wii, NES, SNES, N64, GBA, PS2, and PS1. I love RPG's and platformers, and am a huge Nintendo fan (hence the Nintendo site that I run).

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