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Insider? What insider?!

Someone posted a comment on my beautifully pointless first blog, asking how I lost my insider status. It's not the most interesting story, but I'm sure two... yeah, two people would like to find out. Well, it's about who you know, as with ...


About Paper Bag Ladyone of us since 10:57 AM on 02.02.2010

I can't be bothered much.
Hmm... a series of bullet points will suffice, methinks. I am:
- small
- a possessor of the most adorably tiny thumbs
- Rayman fangirl extraordinaire
- Rabbid hater (please, DON'T stereotype me!)
- exiled Ubisoft insider *sob*. GUESS WHY. No prizes.
- retro RPG nut; as in I love retro, RPGs, and retro RPGs
- lover of all things mushroomy
- kinda fluffy, but I likes killing teh baddees
- small
- British and ashamed of it! It WILL go one like this, David Cameron!
- Currently playing (or should I say, RE-playing) Rayman Revolution, Rayman 1, Disgaea 1, Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 5 DS, Ninja Gaiden DS, Odin Sphere, and... that's it. I need new games.
- Currently getting into this whole new-fangled internet whatchamacallit. Spiffing, what?

Well, I'm-a bored. I'm sure you are too. *Goes of to cry about inferiority*