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Minor site update: I disabled automatic wide-screen resolution as it was causing the right sidebar to be hidden on lower resolution ipads and other mobile devices. Please turn that on in Manage > Preferences if you have a big-ass monitor. Thx!


I've got my quickposters, I've got my orange crush!


Vote: I you prefer images on the home page to be... (a) As small thumbnails, exactly as they are now (b) As wider/larger photos, like they are on Quickposts Vote now in the comments below!


I've pushed out a version of that the site that is possibly 50% faster but slightly uglier. We'll continue to make improvements as the week goes on. Sorry about the kinks!


heads up - I'm having a weird configuration issue with google and have to turn off a bunch of design related stuff, so the fonts are going to be weird for a bit. everything should still function as expected, we'll be online as we sort this out (gulp)


Youre all wrong. Hotdogs are steaks.


Mesh gaming router that's actually a tiny helicopter slash chilled cupholder


Apparently, if you only eat noodle-style cup of noodle you're an old fart. Michael Bay movies can't touch the action-per-second that this Japanese commercial packs in


I wonder how many extra copies of Thumper were sold together with Rez yesterday. You almost have to own both.


Enthusiast (our new Canadian overlords) wants to know what web design changes you'd like to see in the future for Destructoid. What's your #1 biggest pain the ass (besides ads, I have no control over that) that I could get to work on? Suggestions wanted!


My face in Tokyo 24/7. Cory took this pic!


is anybody still getting redirect errors on the site?


Destructoid has parted ways with Jed Whitaker. He had a great run here, we're proud to have been his publisher and wish him the best.


New Dtoid show pilot dropping soon! Recognize this face?


I found some Street Fighter V gym equipment that's going up later today. In the meantime here's a before and after that's so Cawaiii


I finished Mario Kart VR! Video review with Lyle coming soon (hint: it was fucking amazeballs)


All Dtoid servers and functions should be back to normal. Please hit me up at support@destructoid.com if you find any more bugs. If you're a PHP Developer and want to build something cool with us in your spare time we could definitely use the help!


We're running a little maintenance on the site right now, sorry for the bugs! We'll be back at full speed soon


Sorry the layout freaked out for a sec, we're rolling out some new features. By the way you can keep the site in the black theme by going to Manage > More Settings > Dark Theme


Tomorrow is fight Net Neutrality day, and Destructoid will be joining in the fight! Setting up a page that lets us make noise to congress


sorry about the downtime, seems like somebody in asia really likes the editorial on the home page!


Would you like to help promote community content to the homepage? I'm seeking a volunteer to help us edit our promoted cblog nominations. Candidate should have a solid grasp of grammar and should know a little HTML. Email me! niero@destructoid.com


when you're slow but nobody cares because you're cute


Quick weekend site update: I pushed community blogs + qposts all the way up on the sidebar and got rid of stuff you weren't clicking on, and some other misc speed improvements. Thanks for reading us!


About Papa Nieroone of us since 9:58 PM on 03.16.2006

Don't be confused
when the fuse is up,
And you're taking a leak,
Into your brother's cup.
When the cup is filled,
You can run and be killed,
In the billion miles,
Of the muscles that build.

Feeling the force.
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Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!

In love with gaming counter-culture. Where's my sequel to Seaman? On the hunt for the bizarre, offbeat, uncomfortable games that cut through the predictable churn of the gaming industry.

Early career:

You may know me as the guy that chased Jack Thompson around courtrooms, the guy that snuck into E3 in a robot helmet, or the publisher of one of your favorite games critics.

I work with the Enthusiast Gaming Network as Destructoid's publisher. At the end of the day my job is to keep Destructoid interesting, carrying us through the ever-changing games media landscape. In my spare time I'm also your webmaster, updating the site so Google doesn't murder us. Also I'm a playable character in Retro City Rampage:

(along with the whole 2009 Dtoid Editorial team)

I mustache you where the cake is

About me: Typical gamer. Mostly PC, mobile, and retro. Favorite game of all time is probably Mega Man 2, though I have to pull myself away from JRPGs or our site loses a founder for three months. When I'm not yelling at people online I enjoy people watching and buying games for my dad, who despite being in his late 60's writes his own strategy guides and prints GameFAQs, which makes me incredibly proud.

My dog checks all my work for bugs:

I don't have kids yet but I have a cool nephew (and my Destructoid kids are enough, so people started calling me Papa Niero with so many of us breaking into biz),

I travel easily and inexpensively when I can. Sometimes I teach English to ESL students. I can speak and read a little Japanese and Spanish. I went to school for illustration. I'll post some old drawings here when I can find them. Of course, I drew the Destructoid logo based on the Japanese Smoking Robot toy.

I've also traveled through Habitat for Humanity, doing free construction work in Central America. Awesome times.

My advice to people who want to work in videogames is to just start doing the work, even if you do it incredibly poorly at first, until it just happens.

You want to be a writer?

Write daily and try different strategies daily. I've crashed this website so many times I've lost track but I keep at it. That's been my story: fake it till you make it. I was definitely not invited to E3 but I just wouldn't give up, and now I've been to almost every videogame event all around the world. It took a lot of lost sleep to get to where I am. Years. But, if I can do it, then anybody with grit can do it. You have to be Stan Bush and dare, or at least Weird Al and dare to be stupid. Either way you'll make traction.

Live your dream! You only have one ticket, you may as well go for it. Fuck sleeping. Ship something daily. Build. Never. Stop.

This is me backing up your blogs:

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