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Call for site requests - whatchu want next?

While Destructoid is navigating it's new spam war (one guy even posted a banner ad as a photo comment today!) we're also going through some new scale issues. People seem to be visiting more pages per session, especially around 9am, and...


Sneak peek at your future Cblogs Upgrade

In the next few weeks your blog will get a minor cosmetic update, but a major underlying CSS improvement. This is mostly in part to help us load faster on iOS 9 devices and Android Marshmellow, and also gets our code organized enough to l...


Feedback on our Cblogs Editor?

Hey beautiful cbloggers,On Iron Paladin's post I noticed a few requests to improve our Cblog editor, and wanted to better understand what the bugs and requests were. I was actually surprised that most people didn't love the changes, as I li...


Automatic Flood control coming soon to Cblogs

For the last 10 years, we've asked Community Bloggers not to post too often or once a day to prevent the community blogs from being dominated by one voice. The tradeoff is that you can't blog whenever the hell you want to, even though i...


Try out our new cblog editor

Big blogging update today! We've made blogging more easily (hopefully) by improving our visual editor. You can now easily import images and videos without having to use an extra panel, and you can now add tags to your post by slowly typin...


You can now schedule your Cblogs into the future

A feature that a lot of have you have requested is here! It just launched today (so we're doing some beta testing) First things first: our server is in Dallas, because there's less of a chance of earthquakes and hurricanes taking down your...


Thoughts on Metal Gear Phantom Pain (test blog)

Testing a new feature - sometimes when you're reading a home page story you'll be offered a chance to add your own blog response to a post. It will appear very visibly on the top right of the page anytime that game that particular game is ...


Community Blogs Update: Redesign in progress

As you can see, we're doing quite a bit of work to our community blogs. We didn't plan to break the blogs but our new home page software just kind of ate everything in its path, so now we're going to make the whole site *and I mean eve...


How I got my mom to game: Adventure Inlay

My dad's a gamer. He's just naturally into them. We bought Mike Tyson's Punch out back in 1988 and I soon learned that I could not stand next to him while he was playing or I'd get a right hook to the face, years before Wiitards made this n...


Meanwhile at Dtoid HQ: New videos coming your way

You want more video? We're doing more video! Here is just a sneak peek of some of the experiments going on in the lab at Dtoid HQ. We're experimenting with different ways we can cover the news and have a little more fun with the site, and h...


When you see it you'll fap bricks

In pursuit of the upvote button suggestions thread and most popular comments, I've redesigned the faps button to be a heart. I've also added an easter egg that appears one in 169 times when the number 16 is selected at random. There's a...


Suggestions for the new Upvote button label?

Update 2: The people have spoken and I have made it so. http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Niero+Gonzalez/when-you-see-it-you-ll-fap-bricks-252805.phtml Update 1: Until we come up with something cool I just removed the word like altogeth...


How to make a grilled cheese sandwich

1. Grab a fist full of butter 2. Crank the stove to 11 3. Set the Blue Oyster Cult on repeat 4. Wipe your hands on bread 5. KNIFE THE CHEESE AND SET IT ON FIRE 6. Remove the helmet and enjoy


Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes in MTV Road Rules

Has everyone seen this video yet? It features a younger version of our beloved podcast host Jonathan Holmes before he got old bald and tired, tired, tired, tired. More importantly, I need this video embedded on a web page for another pr...


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