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We Legend Now: Episode 3 live tonight


Hey gang, we’re gonna be streaming We Legend Now Episode 3, live tonight at (EDIT, We gon' be late) 10pm EST/7pm PST on Streamtoid. For those just joining us, this weekly show is six guys (including some really old hands from around Dtoid) playing Legend, a very fun d20 RPG that’s in open beta, on a virtual tabletop for your and our amusement.

Last week, our DM, Ryu89, rebooted our campaign because he didn’t like where he started episode 1. This led me to joke that we were probably going to do a cross-over soon as well, which makes me officially prescient. Five minutes later, we were pitted against a blast from the past: the party from some of our crew’s old D&D 4th Edition campaign. The acid spitting dragon, the combat advantage-obsessed rogue, some bible beater pally, a wolfmang, and the almighty Finder of Sandwiches, they were all there, and we were fighting over who got to take some chump change jobs off a tavern bulletin board.

We didn’t get much more than that fight done, but what a fight it was. The rogue nearly killed our healer, yours truly, right off the bat, then got the living shit debuffed out of him. Seriously, his token was almost completely obscured by markers by the time he dropped. Will, the demon, persuaded enemies of entirely implausible things (like I am a gnome, and also over there), and then shot them in their dumb faces. Johnny failed yet again to find out anything’s true name, but he shot things too so we forgive him. Jeff missed every attack, but did so fabulously, and remembered on the last round that he had a source of damage that didn’t need attack rolls. Evan was a real workhorse, got his claws plenty wet, and refused to teach anyone how to dougie. I managed to teleport the enemy dragon into an oven, and saved Jeff by recreating The Creation of Adam (you know, that thing on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel). We closed the encounter out with Evan and Jeff causing themselves to fall unconscious in order to take out the final dude. Evan in particular dug his claws into his own chest in order to spray the enemy with his acid blood (he took 18 damage and dealt 4. Beautiful).

So, this week we need to top that, apparently. Should we disappoint, though, the glory of this session has been preserved forever in the archives.

So, stop on by Streamtoid tonight to watch the spectacular, highly improbable, and frequently ill-advised misadventures of a stupid dragon dervish, a pyromaniac healer, a brain-damaged sniper, a smarmy demon con man, and a douchebag prettyboy angel jedi.

EDIT 2, SON OF EDIT: Sonofabitch, I keep forgetting this part, but if you've got a completely stupid or amazing idea for a character (such as a shark-riding velociraptor), let us know on the stream or here in the comments, and we will tell you how it can be built in Legend. And if it is incredible enough, we may even ask your character to appear as a guest player on an episode of our show.
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