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We (League of) Legend(s) Now


Hey lobster milkshakes, the cast of We Legend Now is going to be streaming tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST) on Streamtoid, but we'll be doing something a little different tonight. For those just joining us, this weekly show is normally six guys (including some really old hands from around Dtoid) playing Legend, a very fun d20 RPG that’s in open beta, on a virtual tabletop for your and our amusement. I say normally because we've got an absence, and are therefore unable to continue our current campaign right now.

Our beloved king3vbo, who plays the endearingly stupid acid-blooded dragon Vasuki, is telling us to fuck off so he can go see Rifftrax Live as they show Manos: The Hands of Fate, and I support him in this decision. We certainly aren't worth skipping extremely funny people talking over the worst movie for, and if I also lived in Portland there just straight-up wouldn’t have been a show tonight. If for whatever reason you live in the area and have been agonizing over the decision between seeing this awesome thing, and seeing our terrible thing, then I release you from this conundrum: go. Hell, you can even go and watch our horrific show afterwards in Streamtoid's archives (including the actually good episode 2, which I strongly recommend).

As far as the actual show goes, we can't do our main campaign (even though I really want to, because we just hit level 3), and we don't have any filler content prepped. So, instead we are gathering the might of The Goof Troop, and cheating on Legend with League of Legends. We will probably lose every game and lose horribly, because that is our mutant power, but I can promise you it will be entertaining to watch. So, stop on down at Streamtoid to watch as I kick rich amounts of ass but somehow fuck everything up for everyone (the stream audio included), Ryu89 obsesses over his numbers (it's okay that my KDR is trash because I had the biggest crit, guys!), JohnnyViral goes from wrecking top one game to getting steamrolled the next, Beers tries to work out the differences between this game and DotA2, and Analoge is Bro King of Supports except for how he accidentally all his wards everywhere.

You are free to suggest extremely ill-advised builds and team comps either here or over on the stream, and we will probably be just dumb enough to use them. Actually sane builds or helpful bits of advice will be soundly ignored. Also, late show post is super late.
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