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How Do I Wrote Blog?

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We (League of) Legend(s) Now

Hey lobster milkshakes, the cast of We Legend Now is going to be streaming tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST) on Streamtoid, but we'll be doing something a little different tonight. For those just joining us, this weekly show is normally six g...


We Legend Now ep1.5: We Learning Now

So, mercifully few people were watching our episode last night, and I say “mercifully” because I will freely admit that it wasn’t up to snuff with our first episode, nor will our subsequent episodes follow this trend. This is largely bec...


We Legend Now: A Recap

So, the inaugural episode of We Legend Now, in which we play the Legend d20 system while doing offensively stupid things on Streamtoid, went off fairly well. Certainly better than I expected our crew of gallivanting jackasses to manage. ...


On FFXIII reviews

Be it known that on this day, scant hours beyond the Ides of March, I did peruse the inimitable Mr. Sterling's opinion-blog regarding the Thirteenth Fantastic Finale. And be ye warned! I have opinions. There's a massive caveat for what ...


I hugged Tyra...

And her security detail took my friend's camera and escorted me from the premises. So there aren't any pictures, or anything. She did shred my WoW discs though. What? You thought it would end like... this?


About Panglossone of us since 7:37 PM on 01.23.2007

Oh, me? I'm just some guy, you know?
Alternatively: I'm a 26-year-old student at the University of Memphis, majoring in Japanese, minoring in Weeaboo, with a certificate in being ridiculously nerdy. Inexplicably, everyone I meet in real life seems surprised that I am a nerd at all. I play just about every genre of games out there, with an especial focus on stultifyingly intricate RPGs and soul-shatteringly hard action games. I listen to a vast array of bands that bring me glee when I hear their sounds, and have a slim chance of overjoying me again when I meet someone else who's heard of them. I take and enjoy philosophy courses. I read obscure English poems. As my handle may indicate, I'm obsessed with Voltaire. I watch a whole lot of anime. I'm developing a penchant for beer snobbery. I'm writing short stories whenever I have time. I am prone to bouts of self-criticism and navel-gazing. I am painfully self-aware. I am, in short, nerdiness personified.

I don't hang around IRC much anymore, but I'll keep this ancient cockboard down there as a memorial to some truly rad people I don't see these days.
Xbox LIVE:Methodius
Mii code:Pangloss


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