DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players

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MAGFest 9 Photo Journalisms

So going to Alexandria, Virgina was gonna be another new photo adventure for myself. I've only gone to one other convention alone (PAX East 2010) and I was planning all of this on the fly. My traveling plans went awry when my driving par...


Kickball/Dodgeball Flyer

When I'm not busy nerding it up, I co-manage a kickball/dodgeball group. I just finished our flyer for this year and it came out alright. It's no game of Megaman soccer, but it's a good start.


Mr. Pandaloons Trip to PAX East 2010

My blog post about the following events are fun photo's I took at PAX East to help draw and write this webcomic i'm trying to start. I had a great time this year having made most of the panels I wanted to see and getting some band photo's ...


My return from PAX East 2010

So this being my first Destructoid Gathering/PAX ever I have to say it's been quite the weekend. I snapped many a photo, some with Major Nelson, Ken Levine, Jeff Gerstman, everyone I met from the Destructoid community, and a ton of picture...


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- I've been nerding it up all my life, basically playing video games since I was a kindergartener and started watching anime when I was in grade school. It left little room for sports, music, and movies until I turned 20. Now i'm watching, listening, playing anything that looks interesting. I ran into this website in late 2008 after a friend told me about HAWP and ever since I've been hooked on Destructoid and it got me into podcasts. Listening to all the hits like your Podcastles, Podtoids, RetroForce GOs, and BitTransmissions. I never really enjoyed blogging and specifically updating stuff like this community blog until now since I started becoming more active on a computer. I hope to continue reading the site and maybe speak up since I tend to be a shy guy. Please don't make fun of me for my poor grammar.

Thank you for reading this stuff


UPDATE: 02/03/14

Hello There,

I've frequented this website so much, but never have the chance to do anything fun on the C-Blogs. I hope I can change that this year and catch up with a huge backlog of games to play because of real world and responsibilities. My favorite game's are Final Fantasy Tactics, Magical Drop 2, Time Crisis, Tecmo's Deception, Fallout 2 & Katamari Damacy. Cartoons are the Bee's Knee's and enjoy a music video.
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