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Earth Defense Force is better than Destiny

I recently got Earth Defense Force 2025 and while I was expecting to have fun, I did not expect the game to be deep or engaging. Giant insects and robots? Sounds like a silly romp that might entertain for an afternoon or two. Turns out...


Scield goes to PAX

Hola! So this is just going to be a bunch of pictures of me at PAX with Scield's avatar. Hoping to get some good pictures†and collect an epic swag bag for him. PAX is such a huge maze, it will be fun to have some limited objectives (take a...


The PC gaming master race (not-notblog version)

STFUAJPG <EOM> Oops, that was the even-less-blog version. Weíre all here because we love games. †Itís fun to talk about games with other gamers. Itís fun to debate games and game platforms. Who would win a fight between Chell and F...


The PC gaming master race

Is PC gaming better? Yes. Do you have to be an asshole about it? No. Now the quiz: Name the 2 groups that talk about being the Master Race. --- GeForce GTX 660Ti+ 3072MB GDDR5 Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM ASUS SABERTOOTH Z...


Real Robots

Hey both of you DTOID parents! Want to help your kids build real robots? Check it out! http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/ Average robot costs about $300 and needs a team of 4-6. Robots, FTW! -e


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How old am I? I saw Star Wars in the theatresÖ in 1977. I voted for Mondale. My graduating class theme song was Donít You Forget About Me. I wore a members only jacket without irony. I remember when the Players Manual for D&D came out. I remember when Steve Jackson left Metagaming to form his own company. I remember when this cool new game hit the arcadesÖ Centipede. Iíz OLD!