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NVGR Predators: An Existential Movie

I just watched Predators and I can completely see why people wouldn't like it. Honestly, I liked it. The setting is on another planet and the characters are being hunted in a Hemingway Deadliest Game way (they actually reference Hemingway in the movie). The literary work that Predators actually more closely resembles is Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit.

Published in 1944, No Exit is a play about a group of people in hell who are locked in a room together and find that their real punishment is each other. The most memorable line from the play is “Hell is other people.” This theme of Hell is other people is exactly where Predators shines. You have these terrible people trapped on an alien planet who really are their own worst enemy; they don't trust each other (they're all killers) and at the same time are dealing with the absurdity of their situation. It's an existential crisis that the movie pulls off well but may not even be aware of.

Unfortunately, Predators is saddled with the expectations of two previous action movies, but taken on its own and looking at it from that unique existential perspective of punishment and humanity the movie was very enjoyable.
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