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HEY DTOID, I turned year older or younger I dunno, so I do my yearly thing: the Ask Me Anything -thing. Have a great day otherwise mates!


Before I go to bed... today's arbitrary question: what kind of traditions/rituals/things-you-do-every-time when you play RPG games? My answer in comments. #HamLikesToAskQuestions


I could've gone with my Borderlands one but... Alpha Protocol AND Tyranny are better and have far better personality than 'The Outer Worlds' from Obsidian Entertainment #UnpopularOpinionToid


First scenario down, more to come in the world of Gloomhaven!


Well well well... you know what I'll do on Saturday.


Welp, it has happened. I have turned twe- ahem, seventeen today! To celebrate that, all day birthday AMA! Have a good one mates.


Curse of the "quarantine": lack of board game company yet the quarantine time could be used for learning new board games while waiting, but since you can't arse to do even that little, you won't. Argent: The Consortium calls me to learn it's secrets...


I am bored, entertain me: any games you can't decide whenever is it good or bad (subjective opinions only!)?


Stupid opinion time: gameplay-wise: Borderlands 3 > Blands 1 > Blands:TPS > Blands:2 ... Storywise: 2 > 1 > TPS > 3


I haven't heard fun opinions in long time so I wanna challenge you to complain about your favourite game(s). Tear that masterpiece apart! Tell why it sucks! Validate others who hates the game!


I'll be first one to admit I dropped The Outer Worlds difficulty from 'Supernova' to 'Hard'. Saving only at ship is too much for me.


My first five-to-seven hours in Outer Worlds has revealed that I am indeed playing New Vegas in space. And I don't mind one goddamn bit.


I don't remember what days was synthwave day so I just post this today instead.


Yey, more board games. Take a look at here: https://www.destructoid.com/--565102.phtml#post


Ah, the first Kickstarter game is here and it's... social deduction. More shall come!


Today's question: What game or game series is the only tempting reason to jump on different console/PC?


What positive trait or feature failed on you at some point of your life?


What do you want at this moment? Today? Near future?


Huh, so The Outer Worlds on Epic and Microsoft Store exclusive for a year. Might give a try to MS Store as gaming platform a chance after all...


No seriously, after "complaining" about lack of board game content on Desutroid, I've decided to cook first blog dedicated to the matter. Stay tuned, I suppose.


I think Dtoid needs more board game content. Or I should create it. Ooor whine as my tastes are not fulfilled!


I ultimately don't know how to feel about the acquisitions of Obsidian & inXile, but I want to feel cautiously optimistic - for now. In meanwhile, I'll run my New Vegas for nth time, thank you very much. PS. Happy Father' Day from Finland.


Pathfinder Kingmaker reminded me about the glory of the Magus or Battlemage or Magic Knight, whatever you call it. To celebrate it, I'll create a guild over here for all Battlemagicknights. No purists allowed.


My uni started on Monday. From casual alcoholism to boardgames, I may say: I am happy. It was not employment, but damn good, better than I hoped.


A bit late and it's not really a finished game, but recently, I finally learned how Stellaris works. And despite it's slow pace, it's funz0rz yo.


Today, I finished Pillars of Eternity 2. Needs patches and I'll wait for DLCs to come, but enjoyed it still. My Death Godlike beats your Death Godlike.


So. After the company backed out from internship and getting a long list of "we regret to inform you we didn't pick you for this job" I finally broke my year-and-half unemployment streak... just to return to studying. But I don't complain. No more stress.


I wish Desutroid will review Pillars O' Eternity Two at some point, since I don't want to form an opinion of my own and rely on external sources to make one.


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