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About Pagsterone of us since 5:53 PM on 01.19.2008

My names Kevin, kevo,Kevinko (to a special few) or just plain(er) Kev.
I work in part time for a large broadcasting corperation, who are British, but only in a crappy lil part time role.

Been playing games since i was about 10 which is a scary few years back now!
Started off with the good old NES and have since owned at one time or another A SNES, Megadrive (and mega cd!) Gameboy colour+advance,Game gear, Gamecube,3D0,DS,Dreamcast,N64,PS1,2 and 3
Xbox and xbox 360 and the good old Wii!
So yea, i've played a few games :P
Would'nt say i was a nintendo fan boy but i am kinda loyal to them as they first got me into the whole gaming thing :P

I'm currently playing
Battlefield Bad company 2 (pc)
Earthbound (Snes)