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All Pro Football 2K8 - Do NOT Buy This Game - RIP OFF!


So yesterday on Major Nelson there was the usual list of what is on the marketplace today. Call of Duty 3 map pack, cool. All Pro Football 2K8 ReelMaker to create highlight reels, neat. I own neither game, so on I went surfing away on the net. On Digg I found an interesting post, "More downloadable content that should've been in the game to begin with!" .. the link went right back to Major's page with the 2K8 listed, with the Digg user ranting on in the description portion how this should have been free. I am not too up to date on sports games lately, so seeing this did pique my interest, so off hunting for info about his rant I went. My findings were a little shocking.

1) The $5 download is only 108kb in size, that is awful small for a file that is marked as a "powerful replay editor" with the ability to construct your own highlight reel, add to this that the game was literally released just 5 days ago, those developers must have been working day and night on this lovely program that is only 108kb with so many features *sarcasm* .. let this part sink in first, 108kb, 5 days later, they just screwed you if you either bought the game and especially if you just bought the file (file = unlock code)

2) This isn't the first time 2KSports has done this. Like I said, I haven't touched a sports game in a bit, so this is really, all new to me. Please let me point you in the direction of Kotaku for a second, an article from December 21st 2006, has College Hoops 2K7 listed with a magical 108kb ReelMaker download, five bucks, feel free to be disgusted at the downloads for other games offered that all were obviously on the disc to begin with, thus you are just paying for the key to unlock this.

There are some sold that can be unlocked if you just play the game itself (Need for Speed, The Godfather), I say, more power to them, at least they allow you to earn the stuff, if not, enjoy paying for it. However, for the content that is on the disc already and they give you no option to use it without paying a fee?! W T F?! Seriously, this has all managed to pass my unknowing eye because this was all on games that did not effect me (I also didn't write on an Xbox web site before), so now that I am keeping up with all games, this is big time shocking, and the bigger shock is, why are you still paying these companies to do this? Do online petitions work? Of course not! Look no further Guitar Hero II and their rip off music packs. I believe at the least the people that complained when the price was heard at first did make somewhat of a difference, as they were going to offer the packs monthly, and it definitely took a bit before that second set was offered, imo, time to let the online whiners cool down and forget about it.

Stop buying 2KSport games. Support Rock Band when it arrives. If you work for 2KSports, end yourself. Bah, what ever happened to a Game Genie/Gameshark for all systems, they could help end this crap now. Please.
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