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PStoid Episode 13: Don't You Edit My Pizza


On this episode of PStoid: Kim orders a Playstation, Neal tells us about Final Fantasy's 8 to XIV, Trev disrupts the beginning and end of the show, Nanashi can't go out and skate and special guest Clockwork-zombie tells us about weeb games!

Addedly, Playstation turns 20!!, Playstation Experience, our favorite ps1 games, christmas movies/music, Secret Ponchos, hot water and greasy pizza.


PStoid Friendcasting - If you want to listen to us casually talk while one of us plays games with the ability to chat too, such a thing will be happening over at Nanashi's Twitch page and keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter for announcements of when we go live. We hop to see you there!


Playstation's 20 years lists

20th Anniversey edition PS4

Destiny's Exotic weapon upgrade/DLC reset sucks!


New Releases Tuesday December, 2nd

Secret Ponchos
Game of Thrones
Final Horizon
& many more!

PS+ Freebies for December

Three free EA Games for #PS20

Final Fantasy XIV free trial extension

Holiday Sale Week 1 of 4

Planetside 2 Beta sign-ups


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Guest Host: Clockwork-zombie
PSN: Clockwork-zombie

(PSN: Scield
Twitter: @swordandscield)

(PSN: djnealb
Twitter: @djnealb)

(Twitch: Nanashi707
Twitter: @nanashi721)

To join as a guest host, please pm one of us with your dtoid handle!


Music credit: "Rival Theme" (intro) & "Practice Stage (extended)"
(outro) from the Official Playstation All Stars Battle Royale OST

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