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PStoid Episode 60: A Wall Situation

In which Neal wants people to buy Final Fantasy XV and Nanners has a hard time maintaining. Also on this episode: FFXV flying car woes, fanboying over YS heading west and new sonic games, Playstation Now.. only on PS4 (RIP), PAX East ...


PStoid Episode 59: Palm One Two

Finally the graceful return of Mike in which: Nanners doesn't understand For Honor, Neal isn't good at Parappa and Mike shvitzes all over the podcast! Also on the episode: this new thing called Magwest, tethered heads to HTC and Oculu...


PStoid Episode 58: VR Hangover

What happened on this one? Neal is hooked on final fantasy and Nanners spearheads a lesson on the difference between remakes and remasters, self help book out soon. Also: Imagine THIS episode IN A VIRTUAL WORLD, Games Gone Gold Watch&...


PStoid Episode 54: God Goes to PSX

This time on the podcast: Neal sucks at PaRappa, Nanners harps on about Sega's incompetence and the 411 on the PSVR from our special guest Steve! Also, interesting first-hand encounters, discoveries and experiences at Playstation Expe...


About PStoidone of us since 12:16 AM on 07.16.2014

PStoid (pronounced "Playstation-toid") is the first and only Playstation focused podcast on Destructoid!

Questions? Bet you have 'em here's where those go!


Mike Martin

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Full Episode List

#61. Bruce Wayne is Dr. Pepper
#60. A Wall Situation
#59. Palm One Two
#58. VR Hangover
#57. Unintentional Switch Rant
#56. Transcendental Peanut Butter Cup feat. Virtua Kazama and other Magfest People!
#55. Activision Animorphing into a Snake feat. Nick Roy
#54. God Goes to PSX feat. Facelessgod
#53. Just One Big Clap
#52. Shootout Free Podcast feat. Zero2007
#51. Playstation Complaints Department
#50. Mike's JRAP Debut
#49. Last One Before the Big One
#48. A Foiled Host
#47. The Many Boners Episode
#46. I Didnt Puke Tonight
#45. Technical Difficulties Reunion
#44. Japanese Guy Tattoos
#43. The E3 2016 Episode
#42. Star Wars Fanboytoid
#41. BCF Shopping Sprees
#40. Dtoid Turns 10 feat. Various Guests!
#39. Be Righteous and Smack that Ass
#38. Doomed from the Box Art
#37. Emotions Overloaded the Episode feat. Meanderbot
#36. Experiencing Playstation feat. Facelessgod
#35. Salivating Over Persona feat. Jack Shadow
#34. Nintendo and Playstation Conferences feat. Striderhoang
#33. Halloween Spooktacular feat. Darren Nakamura
#32. A Europeanized Special feat. Riobux
#31. Run Mike the Cat is Back! feat. Digtastik
#30. The Good Cheese
#29. Brits and Doppeldongers feat. Andy Dixon
#28. Terrible Opinions Podcast feat. Jed Whitaker
#27. Because He's German
#26. Free Book Suppository feat. Conor aka Jon Bloodspray
#25. E3 Special Edition!
#24. Release the Hounds
#23. Coffee and Schnapps feat. RobertoPlankton
#22. Losing Our Loco
#21. Nanashi Fails to Deliver
#20. We Lose the Tumblr Crowd
#19. Silent Banana
#18. Hamburger Hipster
#17. Disconnected Robot Chicken
#16. Roomate Fight feat. Occams Electric Toothbrush
#15. Committed to #YearOfNanashi 2015
#14. Gardevoir Horror feat. Kyle MacGregor
#13. Don't You Edit My Pizza feat. Clockwork-zombie
#12. Exbeard feat. TheDustinThomas
#11. This Is The Moth Trev Is Dead feat. OpiumHerz
#10. Halloween Special
#9. The One That Wouldn't End
#8. Another Corn Rides The Bus
#7. Being Old & Coup-fused
#6. Dogs, Rain And Door To Door Salesmen
#5. My Little Playstation Vita
#4. Brain Cell Drain
#3. Cuban Condoms
#2. Trev Talk
#1. Max Headroom


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