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It's dark and hell is hot... RIP DMX. Stop, drop, shut 'em down open up shop. Crazy ass.


Falcon and The Winter Soldier seems like a diverse truck commercial so far (only seen first e[h]p). Not feeling it. Now that FF7 Remake... that's sexy, baby.


While I've been laying low, it's been really nice to have this group of weirdos with similar interests and different personalities to bullshit with. It's always nice to see each other having fun, being supportive, venting, sharing, etc. Cheers, fuckers.


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is freakin' gorgeous.


I had a dream where a girl and I were on the run and Destructoid posted an article of her whereabouts and disguise. Fucking narcs.


Went down a bit of a rabbit hole and scooped up some inspiration. You folks might like some of this stuff.


A friend asked me if I'd like to audition for gimp/guitarist or bassist for her band, Numb C*nt. Unfortunately I have recently broken my wrist on my fretting hand. Here's to hoping they can wait and we can work something out.


Screw the Snyder cut; I just watched all of Puella Magi Modoka Magica.


Happy Birthday to this cool cat, happy birthday to that FloppableCat, and a happy belated woman's day to all you waifus and badasses.


This is why I love sports Edit: Embiid is a frontrunner for MVP this season and prime Boogie was a mother fucker; he just got derailed by injuries.


You know you're getting old when you don't cum like you used to


Been on a Siouxsie kick only to realize later that I was wearing the shirt. Such a great band. Budgie's drumming is wonderful.


Picked up DmC cuz it was on sale and... not bad. The floating rocks and trippy hallways set design was neat. I think if it would've been a different IP and fleshed out the platforming/traversal, it could've been legit.


In light of all my Zelda wanking, I have to give a shout out to MegaMan 2. That's where it all started. Videogames gave me reason to stare into space and drool. And, like, y'all are the only people I can rant to and with.


I like to pretend that Slimybear is constantly buzzed. Never full on drunk, just maintaining a good hard buzz throughout life. Shit talking and pleasure are priority. Punctuation be damned. I can drink to that, Sir Slimy. Cheers.


I like that there was a light, but noticeable, jiggle when Pyra was introduced.


I know these memes are old hat now, but what the hey


Hyperbolic statements are the greatest statements of all time.


Hey you kool cats, sorry for ranting so dang much- it's just nice having friends.


Fascination Street is a hell of a song and a too many things make my brain twist and shout, but y'all good as hell. Destructoid is Magic Johnson and I'm Isiah Thomas. Or I'm just me. Tomato/tomahto.


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