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While I was in between the real world and the dream world, I backhand slapped a lady ghost on the tushy. She said, "don't get too comfortable," and gently pressed her foot against my face


Happy Birthday to Soul. RIP to DOOM. And here's to a better year. Love y'all, gang.


I had a dream last night with a girl who looked like a Bloodborne-ified Japanese femme fatale. She sliced my face open, and out gurgled blood, black bile, organs, and cosmik debris. She then magick'd my face up and we shared a tender moment. I'm in love.


A belated Merry Christmas, and a very happy 91st birthday to my Maw Maw, Iantha Marie. Glad I have been able to spend both with her, albeit in a safe and distant manner.


Ok, this hasn't been working but I wanted to share this, so I'll put it in the comments. What I found on my save file last night. It's cursed in the most perfect of ways, soooo... #Blursedmas


My whole life, the question has been Link or Mega Man? Is the answer Zero?


I hate most music and rhythmic montages that accompany game trailers. I can't properly put it into words without going off the rails, but y'all know what I'm talking about.


I'm down for Daredevil to show up, but I kinda hope all this over-casting is just for some glimpse into other universes and not really central to the plot. Not that it matters; I'm sure I'll get some good dumb movie fun anyway.


If you dig chill beats and good rap, Freddie Gibbs' album "Alfredo" (produced by The Alchemist) is... *chef's kiss* Cuz it's alfredo. BAM.


Happy Stanksgiving and a merry birthday to that guy who I'm sure is thankful for today.


Well, ya boi tested positive. Forced my fevers out a few days ago, having figured this would be the case. I blame the lack of mask mandate and fucking KARAOKE NIGHT at work. No taste or smell blows, but I feel fine outside of that. Time to veg and isolate


Ya boi gots himself a kitchen gig again. Sous chef at some hip little bar. Gotta behave, stay right, make some money, and go forward with my dreams. Good mornin' fam.


I forgot just how much gross shit and horror was a positive influence on my mental health. Getting back into these things has made a major difference in my general outlook.


Finally setting the tone for Halloween after a... less than ideal couple of weeks. Currently tearing thru Ash VS Evil Dead


I farted in the middle of the middle of the night and it sounded like a Yoshi. Happy fuckin birthday, Mike. Love ya, fam.


Say love more and mean it. Hate is a bad word. Fuck that shit.


I am very much looking forward to whatever comes from BotW 2. I can see some GOAT shit happening. Also i got into ants by the river the other day and am making an EP of it so stay tuned


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