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Chihayafuru is really good and this is a neat little switch up. Looking forward to drenching my Jag in reverb after some school twerk.


Despite your opinions on the game itself, Donkey Kong 64's OST is incredibly well-made.


Classes started today! I'll be done by next May. Fre$h cut tomorrow, and Friday's my bday.


Mike Judge is the man. Oh and quick lil flex, I was talking to his daughter at a party and we were clicking; I didn't know it was her. After the party my friend said, "That was Julia Judge ya dumb fuck, she doesn't talk to dudes like that." RIP.


I'm gonna start saying "I may or may not..." when I definitely won't, don't, or didn't.


To all those out there that had a thing for Jessica Alba back in the early/mid '00s, the natural evolution of those fake nudes exists. Relive those glory days.


Bakugou's performance in the most recent MHA episode made my medium dick tingle. Gonna be repping my shirt far more frequently.


A notification came up saying "Army of the Dead" was on Netflix and I just realized that it did not say "Army of Darkness," and that is a goddamn bummer.


Went to USM for a ceremony for my younger sister. Saw this in the parking lot. RIP, Mr. Miura.


Figured I'd share my hats. And Happy Birthday, Parismio!


Still can't do those stupid heavy sliding power chords yet (used to be a favorite move of mine), but wrist progress is coming along nicely. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday?


Whoever recommended "ODDTAXI," thank you. Happy Birthday to all of you lovely individuals that I missed. Shit's been a little rough lately, but I'm plowing through. XOXO, P1SS


I have recently discovered Blind Idiot God, and falling asleep to their music has already provided the kind of hell that I seek out. Happy Mother's day to all of my favorite queens.


Hydroplaned. Fucked up my car kinda bad, and I'm not looking forward to the costs, but hey, I'm alive and without injury outside of a seatbelt burn. Still riding this school high, each day is a new day. Live and learn, etc.


Going back to school! Time to get this shit going forreal. I look forward to what the future brings.


Today's festin' in place on the wonderful wwoz.org presents a live show of Charles Mingus at Jazzfest from '77. Tune in now to hear a master at work. Sorry for the jazztastic shit-posting as of late; it's that time of year.


Happy International Jazz Day. Get sauced, all you cool cats. Also, I bought Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139...


Well, Duke's birthday and International Dance Day just so happen to fall on the same day, so sashay about and twist and shout.


Happy Birthday to the birthday boys. Get dolled up and get down.


Posted again cuz I wanted to show off my clock.


Got my second shot today; now I'm off for final wrist evaluation. Blue skies ahead, although I like 'em gloomy. Today is a goodamn beautiful day, though, so I suppose that bodes well.


Oh and happy birthday to Herbie Hancock. A genuine living legend.


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