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Turns out the system was banned and Nintendo can't do shit. God. Fucking. Damn.


Just came in and i dont know why it's sideways


I had a dream where SA2:Battle was better than any of us remembered and then I turned into Sonic and blazed past Rouge as I kissed her on the cheek in slow-mo while one of her jazzy tunes played


Man I'm not one to get political but I just read about this dude Colby Covington and man FUCK that guy. Where are the pundits asking for athletes to shut up when they talk positively about Trump and are against BLM? Fucking crickets.


Any reason to share my favorite show of all time


Who remembers the Captain Beefheart reference in MMBN? Commander Beef that wore a fish mask? I mean come tf on. Also, the early games in that series still hold up pretty damn well.


Limo, please whisper sweet nothings to me about why I should drop everything I'm doing and invest myself in Spiritfarer.


Im getting tanked with BLUE Gatorade and vodka. Merry fuckin birthday, BLUES BABY


The Immortal Hulk is pretty fuckin' great, imo


After having my laptop, headphones, 3DS, SP, and some kicks stolen, I - for whatever reason - decided to binge all of Harley Quinn. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The show, that is.


Son House, Chopin, and James Booker in rotation. Here's to inspiration, fam. Sleep well and freak dreams.


I think a TMNT game using certain elements of Tsushima and Yakuza with a grimy + pop art style (basically stylized NYC) could work really well


I had a dream where Donald Trump committed suicide. Also, I was briefly a badass anime swordsman.


So ya boi just lost his third life. Thank god my dad is a G... "Hold on." We were not facing in that direction initially. Hug your loved ones.


I just want to say... whenever I'm feeling down, whenever shit kind of sucks, whenever I'm bout to lose my goddamn mind... I can come here and smile. I've never felt this kind of love from a community and it means so much to me.


I just bought a Brandon Ingram jersey and I am far happier than I have any right to be.


I aintchyo father, but you can call me daddy.


All 3DS ATLUS games 50% off in the eShop 'til the 16th.


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