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Those About to Die: In memoir to the Smithy Gang

A very fond memory I have is playing Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. When I first saw the box art I was intrigued; Mario, Peach and Bowser in different shapes to the 2-D we were all used to? What is that strange sword in the background in the castle? What are these seven stars? I had to answer these questions. I most warn you, if you haven't played this game (which you should be doing by now) this includes massive spoilers.

This is where my adventure started, this is where it all began. I hadn't had any experience with RPG's at the time, I was a adventure-scrolling toddler when I convinced my parents (if not harassed) to buy this game at Sears, sure I was doing extremely well at school and my parents wanted to reward me, and with Nintendo on my side I managed to get this game instead of a horrible outfit my mother wanted to purchase (seriously it looked like Ness but on a Pride Parade). I got home, kicked my brother out of the SNES, and put the cart right in, I won't develop the amazing story that much, but I can tell you that this sword came from the sky, and 7 stars fell down. I got a hammer, became friends with Mallow (talking marshmallow), got his coin back and as I was triumphantly going back to the Mushroom Kingdom to get the famous "Cricket Pie", something had happened to this once joyous place. It was dark, it had bumping shy guys, something had gone wrong!

His name was Mack, he was a talking sword, he had a star and he didn't want it to let go, he meant business. My first boss battle, music changed,you could taste that is was a hostile environment, I had to defeat him and bring back peace to the kingdom. His minions started firing fire balls towards me, but we didn't bulge, then this foe casted a Flame Wall, I got screwed. I knew I wasn't strong enough, so I went to Bandit's Way and got tough. I went back to get a revenge, he casted his spells but me and the Marshmallow were standing in the end, he disappeared into a pile of coins (who would have said he was a piņata in the end). Thus I got my first star, a shiny blue star. But it wasn't over, the king in his wisdom said that more of these foes were out there and we had to get the princess back. (You see the kingdom was a in financial crisis so to motivate the people there beloved icon the princess had to be brought back). So we started our journey to the unknown.

I went through the sewers, I met the frog-grandfather of the marshmallow (I thought he had a wild party at Mushroom Gras), and arrived at a town to spend the night, but the town was to in despair, arrows fell from the sky and I had to help them. We ventured into a forest with a catchy tune, and after getting lost for quite a while I found my second enemy.

These caffeine-loving abomination was named Bowyer, he had the second star and like Mack, didn't want to hand it in. So we had to battle him. These time we now had made acquaintance with a talking doll who knew about the stars, and like me wanted them. But Bowyer was in our way, in the battle he summons 3 squares which had the buttons that matched the A,X and Y in my controller, he would shoot an arrow and it will land in a block and well block me the access to it. I thought it was a good twist to the battles, but in the end still standing, we collected our second star. Geno, the talking doll, explained how these evil guys were after the stars and that no wishes would come true unless we fixed the star road. I had to defend wishes, I had to get the stars. I kept on with my journey.

In the time between I met my next foe I had managed to get the 3rd, 4th, and 5th star, to do this I had to fight a bomb-loving maniac in a mine, joined troops with Bowser to rescue Peach from a twisted hotel owner, battled a sour cake, and fought like a pirate with the captain of a sunken ship. As I was leaving from the battlefield I stumbled that the crack-addict town of ever shaking mushrooms, wasn't the crack-addict town of ever shaking mushrooms I thought it was, but to my surprise they were all part of a foe called Yaridovich, who until recently I found out he was based on a lance, but anyway. This Yaridovich was threatening me to hand him the star, I gave it to him to save the hostages from cruel beatings and possible torturte. As he was trying to get away Johnny came to my help, and thus the villian with no where to go, we battled. In between the last villain and these one I had gotten stronger, so it wasn't that hard, sure he could dopplegang himself, but it didn't matter, I won. I had 5 stars, i was so close to the end yet I didn't want it to end.

I jumped back into my journey closer to the last star, I found out how the marshmallow was part of the royalty and that the throne had been taken by a boob shaking diva. I managed to vanquish her and found out the location of a star, it was on a volcano. I managed to get into the volcano, fought a fire dragon and got the star. But Mario is a person that doesn't learn the easy way and gets his star stolen again, this time, by the Axem Rangers.

I liked them, they were some sort of japanese version of the power rangers, minus the blue one but that was good with me. They were insanely tough, they bitch slapped my team around 4-6 times, until I went into a process some gamers might be familiar with, overlevel. (Which pretty much means you are sick and tired of having your ass handed to you so you level like there was no tomorrow) One after one the toy soldiers started to fall, until I fought them all and there strange megazord machine. And got my 6th star, I was just 1 star away from saving the wishes, my journey had to go on.

I managed to get myself a pimped flying cab, mangled threw the castle and was face to face with Smithy, the talking sword, to my surprise, he wasn't Smithy but another henchmen, and also a gate to a realm of terror, weapons, machines and the final star.

So the gate transported me to a place with several minions, a clock, a big-ass snake, and found out how those bosses I faced, those star loving minions were just simple machines, cold, lifeless, solid machines. But I was close to the last star, and was soon facing Smithy himself, he had the last star.

He ain't no Burger King, he is a weapon loving fanatic that wants to fill these world with weapons instead of wishes, I had to kill him. And so after tense filled minutes I managed to obliterate him, it was done, I had managed to get a hold of the final star. The 7th one, I had completed my journey. I had saved the world.

It's a sad time when a videogame ends, you get that tiny hope about how something will make the journey longer, how a boss will pop out of nowhere and you'll be forced to keep grinding levels, but this wasn't the case, the game had ended, all that was left was to see how these stars made wishes true, beautiful wishes, but not mine. Because as I can remember, there hasn't been a sequel to this game.

But back in the subject, after watching the ending once again I am not afraid to say how I got a tear in my eye, small tear, because the adventure was finally over, sad, but glad to know how I had managed to bring wishes back into the world.

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