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Peacetime in EVE Online


In the wake of the almost-war that didn't happen between the Clusterfuck Coalition and Honeybadger coalition (post about it is here), there was an unbelievable level of complaining from the community, especially by neutral 3rd parties hoping to either watch the mayhem or see a long-time enemy go down in flames. People mourned the death of PvP and the fact that the two organizations wanted to safeguard their assets rather than generate content. Less than a week later Eve Online experienced a supercapital conflict so large that it would deadlock the node the fight took place on and crash the servers for Eve's sister game, Dust514.

During a Goonswarm capital ship operation to drop on an ongoing lowsec fight, the bridging Titan accidentally jumped instead of bridging to a cyno beacon, and was promptly hot dropped by a Pandemic Legion supercap fleet. In an attempt to overwhelm the enemy fleet and save the Titan, the rest of Goonswarm's supercap fleet jumped in and started fighting. News of the fight spread like wildfire, and alliances from all over New Eden scrambled to get in on the action, especially enemies of the CFC. At the battle's peak, the system of Asakai had over 2900 pilots in local.

A snapshot of the fighting at it's peak

Forming up multiple subcapital fleets to evac the capitals which were now in over their heads, Goonswarm lit evacuation cynos all across Tribute, and the supercapitals, which can't be tackled by standard warp disrupters, jumped to safety, but not before losing two Titans and a handful of Supercarriers in the fray. With only standard capital ships still on field, the fleets fought a losing battle as they tried to clear tackling ships from the field, allowing the Carriers and Dreadnaughts to jump out.

Time Dialation (a system implemented by CCP that "stretches" time in nodes with heavy activity so that the server can process all of the information it's being fed) maxed out at 10%, meaning that for every second that passed in Asakai, 10 seconds passed in the rest of New Eden. Despite slowing the game to such a crawling pace, the action was so intense that game clients began crashing and the server started dropping commands, leaving players stranded in space, unable to move their ship or see what was happening around them. About halfway through the fight, reports began coming in that Dust514's servers had crashed, rendering the game unplayable, in sequence with the fight unfolding in Eve. Many players thought it to be a fitting welcome for Dust plyers to the world of New Eden, where the unexpected can and will happen.

Eventually only a few Goonswarm capital ships remained, permenantly tackled by the opposing fleets, and were left to go out in a blaze of spartan glory. With the system's time still dialated, it was a slow death, and all the pilots could do was try to make the enemy work for their kills.

In the end, over 300 billion ISK in ships were destroyed, and at roughly $18/550m ISK, the butcher's bill for this fight comes to nearly $10,000 USD. Just because there isn't a war, doesn't mean that there isn't any fighting. Even in peacetime the battles rage on.

Edit: As killmails continue to stream in and the dust from this fight settles, the confirmed overall ISK loss from this fight is now over 830 billion ISK, nearly three times my initial estimate.
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