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Logistics in EVE Online

The word ‘logistics’ can mean two things in EVE: Either logistics work, or logistics ships. This article is about the former.

Alliances operate like machines. Different parts do different things to achieve a specified goal, whether it be to hold sov, defeat an enemy, or manufacture valuable ships. No matter what is being accomplished by an alliance, chances are it is getting done because of work borne on the backs of a logistics team.

Once a corporation or alliance reaches a critical mass of activity, that player group will need a logistics force to handle all of the background work that goes into keeping an alliance oiled up and running. Everything from evacuating corporation or alliance assets if your home comes under siege to refueling towers and jump bridges is probably handled by a small circle of players who do some of the most excruciatingly tedious work in the game.

Especially in nullsec, any smart alliance worships their logistics team. POSes (player-owned starbases) are a small nightmare to set up and run. They need to be fueled regularly, and if anything is being harvested or manufactured by it then materials need to be hauled in and products need to be hauled out. If it’s valuable enough to possibly come under attack then it needs to be defended. POS guns and shield hardeners need to be installed. If there is a jump bridge then it needs to be fueled, and how often they need to be fueled is based on how often they are used and by what ships.

Ships sitting on a Jump Bridge

While an alliance is in a war for sovereignty they need to set up things like staging towers to form fleets from, Territorial Claim Units (TCU) to hold sov, and Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBU) to contest sovereignty in an enemy system. This usually falls on a logistics team.

In early 2012, Goonswarm Federation and it’s allies, acting in unison as the Clusterfuck Coalition, assaulted the nearby region of Branch, home to the alliance White Noise. The entire region was captured in as little as 2 weeks; an incredible feat that was due in no small part to the dedicated group of players that often forewent sleep in order to anchor all of the towers and sov structures at the pace their fleets were purging enemy systems.

Another aspect of the game that technically isn’t logistics but has many parallels is reimbursement. Ships are expensive in New Eden, so almost every nullsec alliance in the game has a reimbursement program for ships lost during important fights, whether it be a strategic op to capture a tech moon or a fleet to kill an enemy Titan. If you lose a ship and it is qualified for reimbursement, somebody needs to send you the money.

This is a thankless job that takes a lot of work. Reimbursement teams need to look at every lossmail to verify that it qualifies. If you don’t fit the right modules, have the right skills, or lose it on a reimbursable operation, then they won’t give you the money.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to keep large player groups operating at full capacity, and nobody wants to do them. The people that buckle down and do the dirty work to allow the rest of their alliance to have fun blowing up space ships are the unsung heroes of New Eden.
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