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[EVE Online] Northern Politics

A few months ago, an alliance that was part of OTEC decided to break the treaty, ostensibly in the interest of ‘good fights’. Since then the north has become a somewhat complicated political landscape.

Northern Coalition. (NCdot) has always had a strained relationship with the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) when it comes to OTEC. They regularly pushed the boundaries of the treaty and the other member alliances’ goodwill, even going as far as to attack sovereignty belonging to Goonswarm Federation (GSF) during EVE’s Fanfest earlier this year (they lost three titans for their efforts).

NCdot is no longer a part of OTEC, and the cost of breaking the treaty was opening the gates of hell. The only thing keeping the CFC from trying to wipe NCdot off the map was the treaty. Breaking it resulted in an immediate purge and capture of their Tech moon holdings in Venal, an NPC-owned region, followed by an invasion into the neighboring Tenal, a region under NCdot’s control.

While this is going on, NCdot still has blue standings with one member of OTEC, Ev0ke. The primary agreement in the treaty was a non-aggression pact on each other’s Tech moons. This doesn’t prevent the defense of Tech belonging to outside organizations, so before moving east to help on a different front, Ev0ke was helping defend NCdot Tech moons from the CFC, a fellow OTEC member. The CFC and Ev0ke aren’t friendly outside of OTEC and actually have a long standing rivalry going back years, however Ev0ke is a proud german alliance, and has upkept their end of the OTEC agreement to the word, and so is still a full member.

Adding to the political confusion, an alliance named Black Legion. sided with NC. and was working against the CFC in the war. NCdot had been caught earlier this year harboring Black Legion. Tech moons in their space under a shell corporation behind the backs of the other OTEC members, so they probably owed NCdot a favor even though they never turn down an opportunity to shoot at the CFC. The two alliances were further connected by the internet relationship between a fleet commander in Black Legion named Elo Knight and a director in NCdot named Wicked Princess.

Rounding out the collection of alliances opposing the CFC was Nulli Secunda, an alliance recently evicted from their southern home by the CFC and TEST Alliance. Lacking a home and unwelcome in the south by their former allies for criticizing their coalition’s leading alliance, they decided to move north and continue the fight with some new allies.

This situation probably sounds impossibly confusing to any outsider that isn't a political science major, and it's not just because an outsider doesn't understand the game mechanics or process behind sovereignty war in EVE. All of these alliances and coalitions have rich histories, some dating back over 6 years. involving events that are woven deep into the fabric of the game's player narrative.

With the stage set, my next post will explain how the war went up until recently and the events that have lead to this weekend and what it means for the war in the north.
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