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The Zelda Theme in Cumbia Version

Hi Dtoid community,here's a new track celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Legend Of Zelda",this time in cumbia version (a very popular music style here in M�xico) Enjoy and share! Please follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.c...


Chiptune Christmas Album: N4V1DAD 2010

Hi Dtoid Community,i want to share with you my mini Christmas EP called: N4V1D4D 2010: A Chiptune Christmas,i made some arrangements mixing old nes themes with some of my favorite christmas carols. You can stream & download the album her...


MMPR: The Movie - Stage 1: Mirror Maniac (Rock Version)

Hello again Dtoid Community,this is another Rock/Remix for you guys,this time from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie for the Snes,one of my favorite games and great music too Hope you like it You can download the track on SoundClou...


Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Splash Hill Zone (Rock Version)

Hello again Dtoid Comunity,here's another rock arrangement,this time from Sonic 4,yes i know,many of you prefer the old 16 bits sounds,but i really like the music of the "Adventure" era,Jun is one of my favorite composers. But enough talk.....


Super Mario Land:Muda Kingdom (Rock Version)

Hello Dtoid Community,here's another rock remix for you guys,this time from Super Mario Land,great game. Hope you like it!! Dont forget to watch my other videos and visit my website http://revoluta.info/


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