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Betty's Resort: No Protection? No Problem!

I've been a fan of the time management genre of iPhone game ever since I got my 3G. Chocolate Shop Frenzy, Sally's Spa and Airport Mania are all great, though Chocolate Shop can get repetitive towards the end third and there's this tacked o...


Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Iíve always known about Dtoidís existence, my first real taste being an episode of HAWP on Gamertrailers. Originally I thought it was an internet show about this wacky young couple who loved videogames. I then came to the shocking realizati...


About Ozz236one of us since 1:47 PM on 10.20.2009

One fateful day in the late 80's we took a family trip to NY to visit my aunt and her family. My cousin wanted me to check out his new game system, which turned out to be a NES. I was about 7 or 8 and had heard about game consoles, but never actually played one and never had any interest prior to this point.

He put in the Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cart into the console and handed me the light gun. I thought to myself, "Wait, you can use a gun and shoot stuff on a TV?! HOLY CRAP!?" My mind was blown and I couldn't pull myself way from the TV, luckily I had my parents there to pull me away kicking and screaming. I've been a gamer ever since.

I've owned almost every console at some point in my life, made the jump to PC gaming and back to consoles in this most recent generation with the PS3 being the console of choice with the Wii playing backup.

Favorite Games (In no particular order)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
[Insert any NDS Castlevania here.]
Burnout Paradise
Metal Gear Solid
Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past
Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
Call of Duty (the first one for PC and the expansion)

Currently Playing
PS3 - GTAIV: Episodes from Liberty City

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