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the amiibocalypse: the amiibaftermath


Part α: Introduction
Part 1: Existing amiibo Functionality
 Part 2: Adding New amiibo to Old Games
Part 3: amiibomon: Gotta Buy 'em All!
Part 4: Basically amiibo Fanfiction
Part Ω: ???
-> Part X <-

And... wow. I mean wow. What a ride, huh? I guess before anyone raises their arms in worry of my sanity, I should probably mention that, long and insane as this is, like I said... at... some point...? I've been basically working on it off and on since rumors of the Shovel Knight amiibo started, which was all the way back on Friday. Likewise, the Pokémon part has been in my head and junk since the first time I wrote about amiibo, and has been at many points an idea for a blog all its own.

Actually, all of these sort of have been ideas for individual blogs, more or less, but it was only through the power of Shovel Knight and the new site features that I realized that I could bring them all together.

If this still sounds strange, understand that those 4K-5K word blogs I've done in the past have at times been done in one explosive burst of passion, whereas this was done over a much longer period of time with breaks and with the use of a bunch of stuff that had been inside of me and... and...

Damn it, I'm sorry, Destructoid, I failed with SECCS and I'm failing with this. If you want innuendo, go buy a Wiiner or something, sheesh!

 If you made it this far and aren't filled with disappointment, shame, and judgement, then congratulations!

That makes one of us. Seriously.

Okay, obviously, I didn't intend to write this... thing as it is, or as long as it is, 'cause I mean, who in their right mind would? Sure, amiibo fanatics might, but keep in mind, I'm not... really an amiibo fanatic. I own two amiibo I can't use until Nintendo releases the 3DS adapter and I can set aside some cash for it, and even then... Eh... Now, as far as what they could be, that's another story, and I left out the obvious DO SKYLANDERS BUT WITH NINTENDO AND THIRD PARTY PROPERTIES for an obvious reason, but as far as what is... Right now, it's more of a topic to write about. If I could afford Skylanders, maybe that'd be another other story, buuut... it too is off the table, or at least just one to just write about.

So write I did. As I wrote, I had some fun at first, you guys know how it goes. I actually had a fair amount of fun, actually... sort of. I may have gone nucking futs on here with this, but I'm hardly the only one who's ever blogged on the site about stuff X company should do or what they'd like to see from Y concept. I did go overboard though, that's for sure. Part of it was, no shit, I like to write and I actually had a topic to write about and the words were flowing, so I let 'em flow. If you write for long enough, you know what it's like to get blocked up, so you know to not deny the urge when it comes a-callin'.

Damn it, that one was accidental, I swear.


This might look out of place after the a-maaazing finale that was that stupid amiibo story thing, but there's a reason for this sudden dose of real talk.

I've been thinking about it, and I... think I need to call it quits here at Destructoid. Or, like... Maybe not call it quits, but ease the hell back and take a break. Maybe not leave or anything, not that drastic, but... Something. No, it's not because of drama or site changes or people, but because of stuff like this. It's not you, it's me. Really.

See, these long blogs might fool you since y'all are seeing it all at once, but I don't always have a ton of free time. Lately it feels like very little, in fact! That might sound like a complete load of shit given what you may have just read, but consider that all in all, that crazy long Compile Heart blog I wrote during E3 when I had some time, just only a couple of months ago, was only about a third the length of this all added together, and this, a good deal of which was written or mentally "prepared" beforehand, was done over days.

Some of you still might've seen how I'm always poking ol' Niero about the mobile site, and that's because I'm on my phone a-freaking-lot. My free time on my computer isn't as much as I'd like it to be, and this weekend, I spent most of what I had of it on a dumb blog about a subject I'm actually not all that invested in. That part in my profile about not confusing blog length for investment is true for more than just Mighty No. 9, it turns out! Or whatever else.

I also just like to write. Problem is that liking to write and blogging can lead to a horrible fusion of writing a lot about what you might only need to write a little about to make the same point. Case in point: This blog started off as a check list of things I wanted to cover on my phone that is shorter than the above couple of paragraphs.

It did not end as a check list.

... Or did it?

I want to create, I want to be a part of a game maybe, I want to write, I want to make something, I just want to repeat myself like a looney toon. And it's weird, I don't have trouble blogging. I'm having fun blogging... most of the time. I don't think this was one of those times. The funny thing is, because of what's going on for me, right now blogging is actually the best way for me to do that. I can grab a topic, write about it, and finish it and call it a day. It's fun and I can even interact with people I like as I do it. Destructoid is also a great site for it, at least right now, so it's not a bad thing to do. It's been a great experience and I'd like to continue it.

But I don't think I have the self-control for it. Or maybe self-control isn't the right word? I don't edit blogs as much as I should, clearly, but that would just put more time into them, when I'm trying to make them shorter in the first place!

Sorry guys. I know it's weird ending a fun (stupid) amiibo blog (mess) with this, since I'm sure that if it isn't as bad as I think it is, I'm going to be killing the mood, but I can't even justify posting it without it, but I will not let the time I put into it go to waste either. I feel like I wasted my time now that I look back on it, and I feel like a kid for actually putting that much effort into something so meaningless, pointless, dumb. I feel like I'd look like an idiot without some kind of disclaimer, some kind of "Don't worry, if you think you feel bad for the guy who wrote this, you don't even know the half of it!" finger wagging thing.

Wow, this sure turned into a downer, huh?

I guess the point I'm getting at, before I tried to explain the point and realized I didn't know how, is that as much as I enjoy blogging here, it's easy for me to go overboard with it because, regardless of topic, I like writing itself enough that once I get going it doesn't matter. This is basically that but taken to a level so far beyond that I don't even know what to think of it. I want to, someday, be taken seriously, to have things out there seriously, with something on the shelves somewhere, and writing something like this... I mean, yeah, it's got jokes in it, but... Am I the joke here? How else does one define someone getting further and further away from the age where it's still acceptable in this society to still have dreams, whose greatest personal accomplishment this week was... this?

I don't want to just be talk. I don't want to just be "I want to do it!" like I have been. I know, I technically am doing it with blogging, but am I?

I want to say, for the record, that I'm not asking for coddles or anything. I mean... C'mon guys. Even if it's a great blog, one that entertained people and all that stuff, and I'm just blinded by perfectionism or something, it's still... It's about amiibo. With actual amiibo fanfiction in there! I put time into this and I really hope at least one person out there gets something out of this, but what I got out of it is that I need to take a step back from all of this and stop.

At the same time, maybe I am being too hard on myself? We've got articles on the main site from our front page staff talking about what indie games they want to see amiibo of. And the community responded too! We've got games of all kinds now encouraging community created content based on existing IPs, which this... basically is... Isn't it...? Maybe I'm just ashamed of writing about little toys that I don't really have any investment in, but would if they were this way or that? I dunno.

Like, that silly Kamen Rider blog the other day? I had fun with that. It pushed it a little, but I had fun and whatever, right? But... Is this okay?

Maybe I just really overdid it, and rather than being able to bask in the afterglow, I'm finally looking at what I was enjoying for the past couple of days only to realize just what it is I was doing.

So... Uh... Fuck.

Look, penises! Can you see them? Look.

If you don't, you clearly are not a member of Destructoid/didn't see Comments of the Week this week.

So, the break.

I think if I don't take a break, while I might enjoy myself fine blogging until the end of Destructoid's days (heaven forbid), I don't know if I'll be able to do the things I want to. Who knows, though? Maybe staying with Destructoid will lead to something I don't even know I want yet. Unfortunately, because I don't know I want it yet, and it doesn't exist and might not for years if ever, I can't really pursue that. I can pursue the now.

So for that now, I need to do some things. I need to do some research, learn how to do some more specific things, mess with some software, and maybe see if any of it clicks with me. If all else fails, I can try to just write a book or something, but I've got game making software, visual novel making software, image editing software, so much I could use that I'm not doing anything with. Hell, I've said all of this before, but I've been so busy and tired that blogging's about as much as I feel like I can do, since I barely game much anymore.

Between you and me, guys, I haven't been able to really play any video games off of my phone these days, and lemme tell ya, Chris Carter would probably commit sudoku if he had to live with the stuff that has made up the majority of my gaming selection this past month.

Oh, um, right! So we're clear, I'm not even close to dramatic exiting or anything, and I'm really not trying to be a super downer like it might... seem? I'm more... artistically frustrated with myself? In fact, I actually have a couple of other half-written blogs that were in progress before the Shovel Knight amiibo news hit. Mobile games, like some of the ones I've been stuck playing, are actually one of the topics I want to cover in one of those. Might still do it, too! 

So I'll... probably finish them up before I start tapering off to do this other stuff, so despite all this, I'll probably get to posting those as soon as tomorrow so they can be done with and I can focus on this other stuff more.

Once those are through, never fear! I still want to at least stick around in the comments and junk, at least still be present in the community, and because of that (stubbornness again?), I might end up spotting a topic that inspires me to write! I'll be trying to keep it short(er), really.

And if it allll this doesn't work out, or life cools down so that I can put more time into blogging again and actually have free time like a couple months back, or if some really blog-worthy topic pops up, well, Zetta shall speak his mind once more! You can't get rid of me this easily.

Juuuuust have to work on not smothering people with junk.

Love ya, Dtoid!

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