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the amiibocalypse: PART TWO!



blah... blah blah! amiibo, YOU KILLED MY bla... blah...


Still here? Gosh, you're just making me feel great! Glad I went with amiibo instead of talking this long about free games, mobile games, and all of that stuff like I was thinking about... Anyway, that's for another day! Where was I?

Oh yeah! So, we've talked about games that have amiibo functionality and have been released, but what about games and/or franchises that haven't? If Shovel Knight can get a post-launch update to include amiibo, why can't... why can't...


It's time to bring in the big guns here. Sure, Monster Hunter is a third party series, but it's only a matter of time before Nintendo consumes Capcom like Kirby consuming an entire all-you-can-eat buffet in one tremendous, delicious gulp, right? No? Cool. Even if it's not, with Monster Hunter seemingly having found its home primarily on the 3DS, combined with the whole Shovel Knight thing, seems like it's just waiting to happen, right? Right!

Taking some non-specific future Monster Hunter title, let's say Monster Hunter X since it's coming up, players will be able to both scan in amiibo from a hypothetical Monster Hunter line of amiibo featuring various monsters from the series, as well as a select few amiibo from outside the line that are picked to be compatible with the game.

Because we're going with X in this example, let's say there are at least hypothetical amiibo for Hororohoruru, Gamuto, and Dinovaldo. I'll say now that I mainly used X because it's coming up and because I could name monsters from it, so forgive me in advance if anything I suggest somehow really contradicts what we know about it in some way.

Anyway, Monster Hunter amiibo would have multiple functions in a Monster Hunter game. The easiest one is that the amiibo would act similar to Skylanders figures in that, in areas where the option is allowed, placing one of the amiibo on the screen or connected adapter would "summon" the matching monster into the game.

Except in this case, using an amiibo in Monster Hunter would summon a monster as an enemy. With this, you can use amiibo to increase the difficulty of certain quests by dropping monsters that aren't supposed to be there into them! How exciting! Imagine just wanting to gather some mushrooms, only for a Dinovaldo to come charging at you out of nowhere!

That's not all you can do with Monster Hunter amiibo, though! If you go to the new amiibo ranch section of the game, you can summon your monster into the game and train it!

After you find yourself dropped into an area with a monster with no way or knowledge of how to defend itself, as you attack it with specific weapons or items, it will take care to avoid those specifically! If certain monsters are weak to certain strategies, build your monster up against those strategies, then send it off to fight your friends! Your monster will store spoils of battle in your amiibo, so be sure to check after battles regularly!

Last, but not most certainly not least, by using non-Monster Hunter amiibo*, hunters will be given a decoration that, when equipped to a weapon, will alter the entire color palette of a character's equipment to make them look like the character of the amiibo they originally scanned.

*If hunters are using an amiibo from an IP that is originally Capcom's, they might discover something more exciting than just a decoration awaiting them...
**It's armor and weapons. Capcom amiibo unlock armor and weapons.

It's time, hunters! Embark on your quest!

To Wal-Mart!

Example Monster Hunter series
amiibo: Hororohoruru, Gamuto, Dinovaldo
Example Compatible amiibo: Mega Man, Ryu, Mario, Link, etc.



Okay, I get it, LBX is done with in Japan, and Yo-Kai Watch doesn't really need amiibo compatibility to speak of anyway. You know what, though? In this ideal world, that junk just doesn't matter, and since we're already this deep into this ridiculous idea, why can't I be a little greedy about what old games get made up amiibo? Huh? Huh?

Plus, people might actually buy these games and ensure the sequels being localized if they have these figures to go with them.

So what would amiibo do for these games? Not much, but in LBX's case, maybe the interest would be enough to revive the series a bit, yeah?

In LBX's case, first the game that just came out would need to get a quick update to go along with the amiibo, which they could announce as an exclusive or something...? Or we could use our Ideal World Magic to travel back in time and stuff the amiibo in a special edition of the game! Yeah! Over in Japan, they can rerelease the game with the amiibo included, that amiibo being based on the LBX Odin.

The Odin amiibo itself doesn't do all that much specific to Odin, but rather, to LBX. By using the Odin amiibo, you can store an extra LBX in the game that "lives" in the amiibo. It can act as a party member, and it can act in battle as other party members do. Using this unique method of amiibo raising, you can then take your amiibo-stored LBX into battle against other amiibo-raised LBX that your friends have put together!

Once LBX W and LBX WARS (titles obviously not final) come around, coming with the release of special editions bundled with Perseus and Dot Phasor amiibo respectively, players will be able to use LBX amiibo from previous titles to transfer their stored LBX from one game to the next, not unlike how transfer works in both Skylanders and Pokémon.

Want to use amiibo from other games? Sure! Use the compatible ones and unlock an LBX with a color scheme or even an outright pattern matching the character scanned, not unlike that time Level-5 themselves added Inazuma Eleven themed LBX into the games.

Oh, but using one of the Yo-Kai watch amiibo I'm about to mention will unlock special robotic LBX versions of the Yo-Kai scanned into the game.

Meanwhile, with Yo-Kai Watch, that's an amiibo boom just begging to happen. And obviously, the series' iconic Jibanyan would get an amiibo, though it's probably already getting one from its inevitable Super Smash Bros. appearance, so now we're going for doubles here.

Either way, the Jibanyan amiibo would probably do something cool, but its existence would primarily be to get the franchise's foot in the door with Western fans who would only even look into the game's existence because it had an amiibo. Presumably a couple of the other Jibanyan clones would get amiibo too, since the series has like a million of them and people freaking love these things apparently.

On that tangent, that's where non-Yo-Kai Watch, non-LBX amiibo support comes in for Yo-Kai Watch! Using very select amiibo, you'll get special access to Jibanyan clones that look like those amiibo characters! Enjoy exclusive access to Jumpnyan (Mario), Koopanyan (Bowser), and Donkeynyan (DK), among who knows how many more!

On the other hand, because LBX is a Level-5 property, scanning an LBX amiibo will let the player have that LBX in the game as a special "otherworldly" Yo-Kai! Neat, right?

Plus, also important for the future of amiibo, we have two 3DS titles here that will offer multiple old amiibo a reason to exist again! Everyone wins!

Seriously though, I will be shocked if Yo-Kai Watch 3 doesn't have amiibo functionality in reality when it comes out next year.

series amiibo: Odin, Perseus, Dot Phasor
Example LBX Compatible amiibo: Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, Fox, Falco, Link, Rosalina, etc.
Example Yo-Kai Watch series amiibo: Jibanyan, Buchinyan, Robonyan, Ididntmakethoseupnyan
Example Yo-Kai Watch Compatible amiibo: Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Peach, Odin, etc.

 THE WONDERFUL 101 for Wii U

 Naturally, it's entirely possible this will be entirely redundant with a future Super Smash Bros. update, but on the slim, slim chance that that doesn't happen, let's talk about how we can give this game some amiibo compatability!

And, why, it turns out that it's actually simple! A Wonder Red amiibo can be used to remember any one touch pad input of the player's choosing. Just smack that amiibo on there during play, or lift it up and put it back down if it's already on, and the needed drawing command stored in the amiibo will be automatically input for you! Anything to avoid having to use buttons, am I right Nintendo or am I right?

The Wonder Red amiibo will be sold with a special rerelease of The Wonderful 101, which will be announced alongside...

 BAYONETTA 2 for Wii U

 ... a Bayonetta 2 rerelease, also bundled with an amiibo!

What does it do?

Who cares?!

Oh, but you can use the Wonder Red amiibo in Bayonetta 2 to dress up Bayonetta in his skin-tight spandex costume of justice, and likewise use a few other amiibo that the game will have since been updated to support to unlock costumes for. Want a sexy new costume for Bayonetta? Want a fursuit for her? Maybe there's an amiibo that unlocks a costume for the fetish that fits you!

You can also buy these costumes at a bargain DLC price if you don't have the matching amiibo, but if you do, hey, free stuff!

The Wonderful 101 series
amiibo: Wonder Red
Bayonetta 2 series amiibo: Bayonetta, Jeanne
Possible Bayonetta 2 Compatible amiibo: Wonder Red, Rosalina, Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Palutena, Lucina, Sonic, etc.

Seems legit.


Come on, how could I not?

There are a lot of indies and third party series I could include, and want to include, but I'd be here all day if I did. Plus, if I did, I think people would think me as being even more insane than they probably already would for doing such a long blog about amiibo in the first place.

Shantae, though, she's a special one. She's got a great fanbase going for her, people really want her in Smash, and she's coming to Wii U down the road. Why not toss her a bone in the form of an amiibo, huh?

Compatibility could even be means as to something even better than just storing data and all of that. One of the things I thought would be a no brainer for amiibo when they were first announced was to let characters be playable in the games of other characters by using them. At this point, this obviously isn't something they can do on a grand scale, but Fire Emblem has already pulled it off twice, so clearly someone has the right idea.

So with Shantae? Or, uh, Shantae? If Nintendo really wants to show that Nintendo can be the home for indies, let them get in on the amiibo scene in a really cool way: Let them do this. Give them the backing they need to make it happen (at least as far as programming goes), then let them turn their games into big, mini-crossovers.

tl;dr: The Shantae amiibo might not do anything if you plug it into her game, but if you drop it into Shovel Knight...? Boom! Shantae! And if you get the urge to put Shovel Knight onto the Wii U GamePad while you're playing Shantae...? Boom! It's shovelry time!

Shantae amiibo: Shantae
Compatible amiibo: Shovel Knight series
, Captain Video, Beck, Lilac, Rusty, etc.

 DRAGON QUEST (series) for 3DS

Okay people, huddle up. It's time to take drastic measures. If Square Enix won't localize all of the Dragon Quest games they've left behind, and if they think it's because people won't buy them, we're going to use the power of amiibo to prove them wrong!

The Dragon Quest Monster remakes? The Dragon Quest enhanced ports? Dragon Quest XI?

Make amiibo of the protagonists, allowing them to be unlocked in later Dragon Quest games! Make amiibo of monsters for Dragon Quest Monsters, or at least of a Slime!

Give them Mario Slimes! Give them Bowser Dragons! Give these games everything! Have Nintendo and Square Enix make beautiful, wallet ruining amiibo babies, but make them exclusive to these games! It's the only way!

The point is, if amiibo is what it takes to get these games here, then give these games some gosh darn amiibo!

DRAGON QUEST (series) for 3DS
Dragon Quest series amiibo: ALL THE THINGS
Compatible amiibo: ALL THE THINGS!

Now we're cooking!

But you know... Feels like I'm missing somethig here...

What could it be...?




"But I want to know NOW!"

Part α: Introduction
Part 1: Existing amiibo Functionality
-> Part 2: Adding New amiibo to Old Games <-
Part 3: amiibomon: Gotta Buy 'em All!
Part 4: Basically amiibo Fanfiction
Part Ω: ???

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