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the amiibocalypse: PART THREE!



blahmiibo... blah... blah blah FATHER!


Wow, you must be bored today if you've stuck around for this long.

Seriously, you think I wrote this in one sitting? I didn't even write this in one day. There would be no excuse for this monstrosity existing if I'd actually done it all at once, b-baka! I-It's not like...

... Wait, that implies there is an excuse for it existing, and I'm pretty sure there isn't...

Quick! Abort, abort!

POKéMON series for 3DS and Wii U

I know that The Pokémon Company is suuuper protective of their IP and all, but not getting in on that amiibo bandwagon seems like an incredibly missed opportunity to me, especially considering the merchandising push the series has had going on for years now. Of all of Nintendo's existing properties, Pokémon is the one that I think that just needs to make amiibo into a regular thing. Not a necessary thing, not even a content locking thing, but just, you know... A thing it does in addition to the other stuff it already usually does.

You guessed it! Although I only mentioned it in one of the comments, prior to this blog, I've been imagining since these stupid amiibongs were released upon us like a flood of plastic crack just how they could be used with our favorite monster collecting franchise, and since Digimon is dead and Square-Enix refuses to localize Dragon Quest Monsters games anymore, I guess this one will have to do!

I know I'm breaking format a little here, but this section is probably going to get a bit long. I mean, come on... It's Pokémon!

So how would Pokémon use amiibo? I think there are two different ways to go about this one, one for Pokémon series amiibo they could introduce once they added functionality, and one much more exciting way that they could use for amiibo from other lines of amiibo!

For actual Pokémon amiibo, here's my suggestion. Each Pokémon game could have its own small line of Pokémon amiibo based on some of the Pokémon that players generally don't trade or are considered iconic for the games. It would have the game's starters, the mascot legendaries, the event legendaries, and probably a new Pikachu or something.

To put this in terms that are easier to get, if this was done for X and Y, the X and Y line of amiibo would include Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Pikachu, with the event legendaries (Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion) getting their amiibo released at a later date. If it was done for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, meanwhile, the amiibo line would include Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Groudon, Kyogre, Deoxys, Jirachi, and a special Cosplay Pikachu.

Okay, so there's going to be a bunch of amiibo coming out for the Pokémon games in Super Duper Ideal Universe Where Money Grows On Trees And amiibo Are God. What does using them actually do now that they exist?

By scanning in a Pokémon series amiibo into a Pokémon game, you not only get that Pokémon, but you get one based on that amiibo's specific release information.

If you use the Super Smash Bros. Charizard, you get a Charizard based on Smash's Charizard, moveset and all. Scan in the Charizard of the inevitable Pokémon Crimson Red Remake amiibo line, and you'll get a different Charizard!

And just think! What if they started releasing shiny variants like they did for the Mario Party Mario figure...? You could scan in those to get a shiny version of those Pokémon in your game!

Just imagine the possibilities... All the money GameFreak will make...
All the features they took out from the games and could add back...
... that they still won't put back in...

Naturally, in true Pokémon fashion, after a few months of the new games being out, new amiibo support for the older games would gradually fade away, though in cases where a new amiibo is made of a Pokémon that already has amiibo functionality in a certain game, it will work as if it were one of the older versions. What's more, in the interest of, y'know, not giving players toys that let them break their games, you won't be able to scan in amiibo, Pokémon series or otherwise, to get any goodies until you reach a certain point of any amiibo-capable game.

Speaking of those otherwise amiibo, what happens if you scan in an amiibo that isn't a Pokémon? Is that... Is that even possible...?


Or... It would be, anyway.

"But Zetta!" You yell. "That's crrraaaaaazy!"

"Not so fast!" I reply. "Let me tell you how it would go!"

If a player scans in a compatible non-Pokémon amiibo, they will still get a Pokémon, but the Pokémon they get will be unlike any Pokémon available in the game, available through events, or even in your dreams themselves.

Let's say you scan in the Super Smash Bros. Mario figure. What happens?

Does this part of the blog seem a little long to you guys? That's because I've been thinking about this for a really long time. Relatively. To the point that I'd even, at a time, begun working on visual aids, at least.

The above image is old, but the basic idea was that if you scanned in a Smash version of the Mario amiibo, you get one random starter Pokémon, personally trained by Mario himself.

Now while the whole "oh look, Charizard knows the same moves he does in Super Smash Bros.!" thing is probably cool, like I mentioned in that blog about events, they've actually done stuff like that before.

Instead, picture this: A Bulbasaur trained to wield Fire Flowers. A Charmander that's mastered Fludd-Fu. A giant Totodile that can spit money as he unleashes hellfire and upon his foes.

That said, I'd say Mario should be more of a special case. You don't want to see people buying up amiibo just to gamble on Pokémon. That would add a whole new layer to amiibo availability that we really do not need. Yeah, sure, maybe Mario can have his special ANY STARTERS EVER CAN LEARN MY SPECIAL MOVESET DEAL, but not every amiibo needs that. And hey, if Flamethrower is too broken a thing to give to Grass and Water-types, let's give 'em a weaker Fire-type move.

But that's enough about Mario. Let's say if you put in Bowser, in true Koopa Troopa fashion, he'll only be training turtle Pokémon like Squirtle, Turtwig, and Torkoal. Perhaps they'll know moves like Flamethrower and Rapid Spin, which would be insane to have on Squirtle and Turtwig. On that same train of thought, maybe if you scan in a Fire Emblem amiibo, maybe you'll find yourself with a Pokémon that will know Sacred Sword and Counter that might not normally be able to know either of those things.

And Kirby? Besides for the obvious Giga Drain, well... What else would a Kirby amiibo give to the Pokémon he trains?

Spit Up.

Awwww yeah.

Obviously, not every single amiibo would be able to interact with Pokémon titles, but I'd like to think Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could work something out to put together some really creative ideas

Aas far as the Pokémon amiibo go... Yeah, okay, data isn't exactly being stored, but given how Pokémon events work, I'd say there are worse ways to go about doing Pokémon amiibo, especially if having one means you basically get an "event Pokémon for life" sort of deal. Better still, maybe Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could cut a deal and let the people already manufacturing Pokémon toys be the ones to make the Pokémon amiibo? It'd make things go a lot smoother for them, for sure, if it's possible anyway.

Especially if we take this thing to the next level...

Yes, I know, the Pokémon section is turning into a blog within a blog. Blogception anyone?

We've got Pokémon amiibo that give players Pokémon in Pokémon games. We've got amiibo that give players Pokémon trained by those amiibo in Pokémon games.

Now... We need...

amiibo cards.

Pokémon amiibo cards.

Did you know Pokémon cards were still a thing? Yeah, believe it or not, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is alive and well! And wouldn't it be just the damnedest of missed opportunities if Nintendo, GameFreak, and The Pokémon Company didn't take advantage of that golden egg? Let's not forget that we're finally seeing the onset of amiibo cards!

What better franchise than Pokémon to truly take advantage of such an innovation?

Shoot guys, Pokémon beat amiibo cards to the punch years ago with the e-Reader! Anyone even remember that? How the series used it?

No? ... Nobody? Okay, fine, let's just move on.

I can see it now.

Packs of Pokémon amiibo cards. Like the e-Reader cards of yore, perhaps they'll have trainers on them! Oh, but these won't just have any trainers on them! Go to... well, some other new place the games will have, scan in an amiibo card, and you can fight any of the Gym Leaders or trainers from the older games you want! So long as you have their card, that is.

Oh, but special little Pokémon exclusive to the amiibo card packs can be added too. Maybe all packs are guaranteed five trainers for you to battle, and then one Pokémon to download? Collect them all! Buy a special pack of the Trading Card Game, and get a special amiibo card included too! Isn't it nice to live in an ideal world?

... yeah, this one may be pushing it a bit, but the basic idea is that there's a lot of potential for Pokémon mixing with amiibo cards, so why not see what they can do with it? Doing cross-promotion with the card game might yield some interesting results too. It could even lead to a revival of the card game having actual game games down the road too! It might require scanning amiibo cards in, but... Who knows?

Clearly not me!

In any case, that's just an idea.

On one last note before I drop Pokémon...


This is fake... Riiiiiiight?

Never fear, Gardevoir fans! Spinoffs of the Pokémon franchise will be able to get in on the action too, provided they have at least a remotely valid reason for having amiibo support! Luckily, Pokken Tournament is totally going to be one such spinoff.

Scan a Pokémon amiibo from a spinoff Pokémon title into a normal Pokémon game, get a version of the Pokémon based on its appearance in that spinoff/unique to that game. Scan a Pokémon amiibo from a spinoff Pokémon title in that spinoff? That would depend. For Pokken, why not let players train the perfect training partner, akin to Super Smash Bros. amiibo function? Or, if nothing else, let them carry around their records for when they battle away from home?

In fact, even online, if the amiibo is attached, the records can still be recorded! Now these little things can function as trophy storage! No longer will those digital pieces of nothing be nothing or digital!

Good thing we have amiibox for when you want to switch out your Pokken records for your Smash Bros. fighter, eh?

Why...? Why aren't you stopping? Haven't you had enough?

 Needless to say, Pokémon is ripe with amiipotential, but who knows if The Pokémon Company will ever actually do anything with it? If Nintendo will, for that matter?

I've exhausted all the ideas I've got for what Pokémon can do with amiibo, but maybe there are more out there! Shoot me a line, toss me a ball if you think there's something obvious I've missed! In the meantime, it's time we moved on to the next subject!

That's right, we're still far, far from being through.

Tally ho!

POKéMON (series) for 3DS and WII U
series amiibo: Various (Starters, Legendaries, Events, Spinoff-specific Characters, etc.)
Example Compatible amiibo: Mario, Kirby, Marth, Bowser, etc.


 Man... That sure is a lot of amiibo, isn't it?

Games getting amiibo added in for customizable NPCs... Games getting amiibo added in for storage purposes... Games getting amiibo added in for customizable NPCs... Games getting amiibo added for storage purposes... Games getting amiibo shoehorned in to get them localized... Games getting amiibo added in for customizable NPCs... Games getting amiibo added just so they have amiibo... Games getting amiibo added for...

Man, I'm seeing a trend here.

No, silly goose, not that this blog is way too long and it needs to end already!

We need to come up with completely brand new games with amiibo in mind just for them! And I don't just mean that Art Academy or amiibox thing either!

No, we need to go deeper... We need to... We need to... We need to...

Chou AkibaRed!!! by wrine
(just in case the video isn't showing up)




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Part 1: Existing amiibo Functionality
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