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the amiibocalypse: PART ONE!



blah blah blah amiibo blah blah blah


Oh good, you didn't run away screaming after that introduction! Awesome!

Okay, sweet! So for starters, let's talk about fixing up some of the functionality of existing amiibo and the games that use them here. Before that, though, the 3DS AND Wii U are going to need something...

AMIIBOX for 3DS and Wii U
Title Pending

While there aren't many amiibo that actually need to record data onto the figure yet, this really isn't the model they should try to keep going forward. My advice here is to create an app that registers figures (so you can have dupes), then can save data for each amiibo-capable game the figure has access to so you can rotate what you're using the figure for.

Make it an app that costs a couple of dollars to download, so Nintendo can get their blood money out of it, but then maybe include it free with certain amiibo as a promotion as well. Get people to buy the amiibo that also come with this, then maybe they buy the other game(s) that require use of that amiibo to save data on it to justify their purchase.

For kicks, maybe they could throw in a minigame or two that actually involves amiibo having data saved on them, just so they can get some mileage out of the thing.

AMIIBOX for 3DS and Wii U
AMIIBOX series amiibo: none

Combatible amiibo: All

And now with that out of the way...


"Wait!" You might say. "Splatoon already has amiibo support!"

Sure, it does. And while I don't actually have Splatoon myself, based on obversation and testimony of the affected, I do still believe I can say that could have been done a bit better.

And yeah, while it is likely that some people may have only bought this game's amiibo for the challenges, given how many people buy amiibo and never use them, I'm going to assume they probably would have sold if that had been a little different.

Basically, in Zetta's Ideal World That Would Never Happen (TM), instead of the challenges being exclusive to the amiibo, they would be paid DLC that the amiibo unlock for free, as sort of another Ambassador Program thing, except with amiibo and not screwing over people that don't adopt right away. So where does that leave the three Splatoon amiibo? Well, given that right now they basically do nothing once you use them anyway, how about we make them useful?

Players could store their characters in amiibos, giving them set outfits, equipment, and weapon loadouts, making them portable. Male Inkling amiibo would store data of male Inkling characters, female Inkling amiibo would store female Inkling characters, and the Inkling Squid amiibo would let you store Dreamweaver an Inkling of either gender inside.

At this point, players with amiibo now have portable versions of their characters to carry with them, and that's when we introduce a new local multiplayer mode that emulates the online mode, in addition to being able to just carry your characters around for the existing local features if you play them away from home. Since the amiibo could add double the amount of players through duplicates of the stored characters, this amiibo mode could actually have many different modes of play for all of you couch combatants!

Mirror Match!: Humans against amiibo! The human players will use their stored characters to battle against a team of Inklings using the same stored characters! Who will win!?
Random Rodeo!: Using the characters stored on the amiibo set for the mode, players will find themselves using a random character of the ones stored on the amiibo of the other players. Will the players be able to adapt to another player's strategy on the fly!?
Chaotic Countdown!: Using the same mechanic as Random Rodeo!, this mode randomizes who's playing as who, but to the next level: Players might be playing alongside computer-controlled characters, and the same character stored in one amiibo might end up repeated onto three, four, or more of the combatants as opposed to one member of each team like in the previous modes. It's a squid eat kid ink off, so get your amiibo ready!

Lastly, players would be able to scan compatible amiibo from other titles (such as Mario) to unlock t-shirts with a stylized picture of the amiibo on it. The equipment wouldn't be the best, good in early game but not better than late game equipment, but for those of you who want to show off your Wii Fit Trainer or Robin amiibo, this might just be a creative way to go about it!

platoon series amiibo: Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Inkling Squid, Octoling, Octoling Octopus
Compatible amiibo Examples:
Mario, Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Link, etc.


Let's not forget the game that prompted this blog!

While we don't know too much about the amiibo functionality in Shovel Knight just yet, I'm not really sold on it just yet. Locking the majority of consoles the game is available on out of co-op and other modes, on top of the customization and challenge stuff being Nintendo only too? I get that Nintendo has been best for the game, and I get that they included an amiibo because Nintendo wouldn't give up a boss they wanted to make a "Nintendo unique experience," but I think they could've taken advantage of this without potentially alienating future buyers on other consoles.

So leeeet's just... not so much start from scratch on this one, but maybe reinterpret it, shall we? The only thing I can think of will require some content being tied to the amiibo a bit, but at least it's not as extreme as something like co-op mode.

First off, let's touch on that whole customization thing. How about we let players customize their own boss versions of Shovel Knight? Players could dress up their Shovel Knight in their favorite armor, give him one or two talismans, then, if possible, let players train their Shovel Knights a little, before saving them onto their Shovel Knight amiibo. Save it to StreetPass, take it with you to friends, but yours can only be edited and saved through the amiibo! Now your friends can fight your Shovel Knight!

Next up, the whole co-op situation. Personally? I'm not big on locking it to just Wii U owners with the amiibo. So here's a different idea:

For non Wii U owners of Shovel Knight, playing co-op, regardless of mode, will make the second player Shovel Knight. They will have the base amount of stats or they'll match the main player's, depending on what Yacht Club Games goes with for the mode in general, and when they die, they can leech money from the main player to revive.

For Wii U and 3DS owners of Shovel Knight, the second player will enter the game by scanning in the Shovel Knight character they want to play as, and can play as that character rather than the default Shovel Knight, regardless of what mode it is. Which means, yes, in this ideal world, there will be an amiibo released for every playable character in the game, with the same previously mentioned customization stuff too. Pretty sweet, right?

And last, but not least... Other amiibo! Given Shovel Knight's unique situation, even in an ideal world, I'm not sure how we could work with non-Shovel Knight amiibo being compatible. But you know what? Because this is an ideal world, I'll be a little bold.

Scan in any Kirby-series amiibo, unlock a brief scene where Shovel Knight finds a sword in the ground and rejects it, what with shovelry and all, at which point Meta-Knight challenges him to battle him.

Scan in any Zelda-series amiibo, unlock a brief scene wherein Shovel Knight encounters a mysterious pointy eared, green robed warrior, and engages him in an epic battle like none before it! Yes, by scanning a Zelda amiibo, Shovel Knight will fight... Tingle.

Saving the best for last, though, is Nintendo's tried and true Mario. Scan in any Mario amiibo, and you'll unlock an entire Mushroom Kingdom-esque stage. Get to the end of this stage, and challenge a boss rush fight against the Koopalings! Are you ready for this?

Shovel Knight
series amiibo: Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight, King Knight
Ideal Compatible amiibo: Kirby-series amiibo, Zelda-series amiibo, Mario-series amiibo


Okay, Disney Infinity doesn't have amiibo support yet, but with Skylanders out of the way, it's probably only a matter of time before it happens, right?

So why stop with just Bowser and Donkey Kong? More importantly, if Activision and Toys for Bob are the ones making them, why miss this golden opportunity to get someone else to restock some amiibo on Nintendo's behalf? That way, people have a second way to get some of these amiibo, might get into a new series, and most importantly, it means the Skylanders roster of crossover characters will grow and even potentially become a regular thing!

And guuuuurl, you can bet Disney's gonna want in on this if it looks like their main competition is starting to get all of Nintendo's favor?

Which, personally, I think is pretty darn cool. The question is... Who could they add?

For Skylanders, since they obviously won't just up and hand them Mario, I think a mix of old and new, and not necessarily extremely iconic characters could work pretty well. Likewise, picking out some of the harder to find amiibo and giving them new life might be a wise move as well. So with that said?

  • Splatoon Three Pack MK2:
    Bringing in the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squidmarine, in the vein of Skylanders SuperChargers, these amiibo-Skylanders hybrids would function as both Skylanders of the Water element (or as seafaring vehicles in the Inkling Squid's case), and then their normal squiddy selves in amiibo form.
  • Pit, King Dedede, Fox:
    Pit, Dedede, and Fox are all not only apparently fairly rare in their amiibo forms, but have designs that wouldn't clash terribly with the Skylanders series. Adding them in as Wind, Magic, and Tech element characters, then maybe giving Activision a not-so-subtle nudge to make a lot of these, would make a lot of people happy. Plus, imagine playing as the three of them in a 3D game like Skylanders!
  • Ridley
    Okay, okay, just hear me out on this one. So, like, you know how Skylanders has Giants? Well what if they made a Ridley amiibo that doubled as a Giant Skylander, but the amiibo side didn't actually do anythi... Hey, come back!

On a last Skylanders-related note, to truly bridge the relationship between the two, I'd say they could make an app for the 3DS and Wii U that serves as a Skylanders checklist of sorts, along with a trio of "iconic" Skylanders characters also having the double amiibo-Skylander thing going on (iconic Skylanders... iconic Skylanders... Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, and Sp............tealth Elf?), with the promise that while they may not work as unique amiibo yeeeet, the data is totally there, so just enjoy them as default amiibo for games that don't need specific ones in the meantime!

For Disney Infinity, since this is uncharted territory, they've got to do something special here. After all, Disney is pretty darn special! Obviously, they're still not getting no Marios or Pikachus for them Disneys, but that doesn't mean they can't get a little somethin' somethin' for being the silver medal to Skylanders' gold.

In the spirit of all things Disney, Disney Infinity would get some of Nintendo's royalty to march alongside the Disney Princesses of olde, like the ones from Frozen and Tangled. Buy the special Nintendo Princess pack to enjoy the Disney Infinity-amiibo double figures that are Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, and Princess Lucina, as well as playsets to match! Joining them well be K.K. Slider, Diddy Kong, and Yoshi to give them all the backup they could possibly need!

Not that they'll need it, of course.

Skylanders Gets:
Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Inkling Squid (as a submarine!), Pit, King Dedede, and Fox
Disney Infinity Gets: Peach, Zelda, Lucina, K.K. Slider, Diddy Kong, and Yoshi

You have to admit that it would be kind of amazing if the Skylander to become the first amiibo-Skylander figure is the one that shoots money.
You know, in a... symbolic sort of way.


Super Smash Bros.' amiibo functionality is actually pretty decent. There's just one problem:

Like a lot of the awesome content this entry of Smash added, it can't be taken online. I would be infinitely more interested in this mode of the game, especially as an owner of the 3DS version of it, if I could do something with it (especially when the Mii Fighter amiibo come out and I'll be able to train super customized ones).

Oh, and while we're at it, maybe fix up some of the other stuff that can't be taken online?

As for amiibo, since Super Smash Bros. is allllll about trophies for... some reason, why not show a little gesture by making every amiibo into a special amiibo trophy in Smash Bros.? Just go to the trophy section of the game, hit the new amiibo scanner that would be added, and for each amiibo scanned, even non-Smash ones, a replica of the amiibo would be added to your trophy collection!

... Seriously though,  do people actually care about trophies in Super Smash Bros. anymore?

Oh wait, the Wii U version has that awesome screenshot mode, doesn't it?

New plan: Nintendo, just make an amiibo of a censored expletives camera for the 3DS version of the game so we can have that mode.

Super Smash Bros.
Possible Compatible amiibo: Any that release prior to whenever the game's final update is

Whew! That was fun!

Now that I've given most of the people still sticking with me a stroke after the image I just posted and made them forget I snuck Disney Infinity into this section, it's time to move on to the main event! Yeah, this part? That was just the intro, baby!

Y'see, like I was saying, while it's all well and good to fix up existing amiibo functionality, we need to go deeper than that.

We need to completely make this shit up from scratch.

You know what that means?

Games that aren't out yet.

Games that came out but didn't have it.

Games that don't even exist.

That's the kind of stuff we're giving amiibo to from here on out.

Hope you're ready to use your...




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-> Part 1: Existing amiibo Functionality <-
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