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the amiibocalypse: PART FOUR!




We've gone through industry giants, indies, and everything in-between. And we've added amiibo to all of it.

Or... well... some of it, anyway.

So now we're going to make games up for amiibo to use.

Y'all ready for this?

Are you, Zetta?


Okay, so look. Pokémon Art Academy is awesome. Yes I'm only saying this because I've lived vicariously through the GameGrumps' videos of it, but when I can afford it, I do plan to get it myself, and maybe even the real Art Academy too eventually.

And you know what would also be awesome? A game that teaches you to draw a ton of Nintendo (and even third party) characters

So how would it work? Easy! The game would be, say, a $5 to $10 download, but you can get a $20 to $30 retail version that comes with a special Mario amiibo based off of his Mario Paint appearance. The game would come with some default images to practice with, but the real meat of the game is that once a day (per amiibo), you can scan in any amiibo to get a new picture unlocked in the game based on that character. If you have 10 amiibo, in three days, you've got 30 pictures you learn how to draw!

Simple, but effective.

... And... also useless to people without amiibo, obviously, but we need to start making some games that give uses to as many of these suckers as possible here. Too many of them only use one or two, and they don't even do it very well! So hey!

amiibo Art Academy
series amiibo: Mario (amiibo Art Academy edition)
Compatible amiibo: All of them


 So I love the GameBoy Color Legend of Zelda games. Where I'm still having trouble to this day getting through Ocarina of Time just once, I can still play through these beauties juuuust fine. Funnily enough, Capcom of all people was the company that made them. Funny I bring this up now after that whole bit with Monster Hunter, huh?

For the record, I don't mean HD like the junk people like on their PS4s and the Sexbones (that's what the new Microsoft console is called now, right?) or their PCs, that stuff is probably going to run the industry into the ground before it helps it. Nah, I mean just... a graphical touch up. Maybe even a remake, akin to the Pokémon remakes, but with more new content, you know? Just without the whole "potentially make the games worse/not better/just as bad" thing that the Pokémon remakes aim for on occasion.

Also, that ??? up there? That's for the third game of this series that never came out. It shall live.

Now where do amiibo come into this? Glad you asked!

Incidentally, Google search led me to a Destructoid blog of all things (a recap to be specific) that should convince anyone who wants to wag their finger about a game having three versions that in this instance, it's okay, because they'd all be different and each one worth it.

See, the Oracle games gave us these nifty animal companions for Link, but you could only pick one of them in the game. Likewise, both of the games each had a waifu that would have led to a great war had these games been released much later character that served as the replacement for Zelda, the titular Oracle. There was even one set to go for the third game that never came out! The story revolved around them in many ways. Also, if you linked up the other game, you got a special ending!

Basically, the amiibo line for this game would, for the most part, function as soooooort of cheating. It would feature the animal companions, the Oracles, and then an obligatory new Link.

After you pick your animal, if you place the amiibo of one of the animals you didn't pick, you can get a free ride on them, but only once a day (per animal)! Likewise, if use the amiibo of the Oracle from one of the other games, you could unlock the content related to linking without having to link up. Likewise, you would be able to store your data in the Oracle from your game to perform a similar transfer process akin to how the passwords in the original game worked.

Use Link (or any other Zelda series amiibo) once a day, meanwhile, and you can get free rupies!

TLoZOoAS? series amiibo:
Link, Din, Nayru, Farora, Ricky, Dimitri, Moosh
Possible Compatible amiibo: Other Zelda-series amiibo, Charizard,
Dinovaldo, Inkling Squid

Why is it always three?


Okay, that last one really was more of a "let's make up an awesome game and then slap on some okay sounding amiibo support" kind of thing, sorry about that.

Let's get serious. Let's make up something shallow, hungry for money, and that only exists to promote the savior of mankind that is amiibo. By the way, totally unrelated, don't forget to get that new Animal Crossing home decorating game! ... Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah! Kirby Kard Kombatants Khallengers Fighters! This exciting game will serve a couple of purposes, most of which aren't primarily being a fun video game, but luckily, it still can and should be a fun video game, thus eliminating those pesky problems! Is it me, or are we starting to slip out of the ideal world here a little? Oh well!

If it's not obvious, this is a 3DS and Wii U game that would make use of amiibo cards... but it would also get a line of Kirby amiibo. Basically it would just have all the Smash Bros. Kirby ones released in new poses, but that's important, because if they can't restock older figures, they can get around that by having an excuse to make new versions of them. Skylanders has been proving that this works for years now, and they don't even have a stock problem for the most part.

As for the game? Card packs are released of a bunch of Kirby enemies, characters, and so on. The Kirby amiibo are also released, and the game has compatibility with the whole Super Smash Bros. line to boot.

The game? It'd sort of be like Rock-Paper-Scissors, but with Kirby cards. People sit their decks in front of them, draw a card, and scan it. They arrange the decks beforehand, but they don't get to have hands, they just scan what they draw.

At that point, the Kirby on screen gets the power of the thing they scanned. They might get a power that is strong against what they opponent chose or weak. They can choose to pick up one of their amiibo, since that has the advantage of them knowing what power it has, but then that amiibo is out of the game, and you can only use as many amiibo as the person with the lowest amount of amiibo, so the rich kid doesn't have a huge advantage. The Kirby amiibo would give a random power or be a win-no-matter-what one.

There would also be a built in demo mode that only uses a couple of the boring common cards to make people really want to go out and buy the things, but it would be fun enough to make the purchase of the game/app and maybe one pack worthwhile on its own.

Simply, sleazy, fun! It could even support cross-play!

KKF series amiibo: Kirby, Meta-Knight, King Dedede
Compatible amiibo: Smash Bros. line


for 3DS & CHAO FOREST for Wii U
for 3DS and Wii U

What is the one kind of Sonic game that would get thousands of Sonic fans who have otherwise abandoned the series forever to give it one more chance?

What is the one thing that has been requested of SonicTeam again and again for over ten years that they've never delivered on? Even after listening to almost everything fans asked of them, including making a game about bestiality and letting BioWare make a game worse than Sonic Boom a crappy game wherein Rouge decided she needed to get into Sonic's nonexistent pants?

That's right, boys and girls: A Chao game.

Finally, players will have a game built around that lovable part of the Sonic Adventure series where you could raise cute critters and then have them compete in adorable little races and karate matches. These little animals could be customized in so many cute and fun ways, transforming based on how the player interacted with them, what kind of animals they played with, and even based on how they were fed or trained! It was meant to be a side part of the series, a distraction, but to this day, the love people have for it, at least from those that have that love for it, endures even now.

Okay, enough sentiment. Where does the amiibo support come in?

Three guesses.

The game would launch with a special Chao line of three Chao amiibo! Ain't dey da cutest? So you've got a normal Chao, a Light Chao, and a Dark Chao amiibo that would be released for the game. The Chao amiibo serve multiple purposes, but only one of them is particularly important.

Using the Light and Dark Chao amiibo would unlock the Light and Dark Chao Gardens much earlier for free, rather than having to play the game and unlocking them normally, while the normal Chao amiibo unlocks a free rare Chao egg the first time it's scanned. Incidentally, the same is true for the other two. Once you've got your little Chao ready to go, it's time to compete!

Compete in what, you ask? Why, they would expand on those racing and karate minigames! How? Use your imagination! It's been years since the original Sonic Adventure games came out. For a game solely about Chao, they could add all kinds of things to do with them! And training minigames? Fuhgeddabout it! Not only would the usual sort of things be available, feeding and playing and the like, but you would also have access to bite-sized pieces of levels from favorite Sonic games so you could collect animals and Chaos Drives to influence your Chao just the way you like!

Worried you might not like what you do with one of your Chao? Don't worry at all.

Worried about Zetta for writing so much about little toys he would probably only buy a couple of if they actually existed? Worry a lot.

In Chao Garden 3DS, players can initially raise up to ten Chao in their game, unlocking more and more slots as they go and find new gardens and play through the game. Chao Forest Wii U would have twice times the amount of areas as Garden, because you know, console game and all.

Oh, that important amiibo feature I mentioned? Players will find, as with many other cases of amiibo games, the amiibo can be used to store data so they can take their Chao buddies around with them and take the competition to their friends. Kind of... Actually, basically exactly like most of the other things we've been suggesting here. Is that it...? Or... Is there a reason multiple Sonic amiibo games are being pitched at once?

Oh, you sly dog, you! You caught me!

But let's stick with this ficticious Chao duology for a second. Will Chao amiibo be enough? Nah. Luckily, there's much, much more on the way for these games, my friends.

See, these amiibo wouldn't be the first Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo to exist. You know how there's a Sonic amiibo out there already? What would happen if you tried... scanning him in there... OH GOD, NO, STOP, SOMEONE, GET ME TO A CENSOR, IT'S SO HORRIBLE I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT, IT'S LIKE I'M SEEING █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ WITH A BABY DUCK.

Actually, you just get to play as a slightly different version of Sonic in the garden. Sorry, I accidentally looked in the other tab. You Dtoiders need to stop linking me to your Favorites like that!

Scanning in the Smash Bros. Sonic amiibo will drop in Sonic from Smash Bros. to be your player character, as opposed to the normal Chao Garden/Chao Forest version, which presumably would be exactly the same save for some cute references and maybe some icons. More importantly, though, the resulting Chao will end up with a Super Smash influence if it trains with Sonic while you're using the Super Smash amiibo long enough.

Which brings us to, similar to the Super Mario line of amiibo that has thus far been used with Mario Party 10, the Sonic the Hedgehog line of amiibo and amiibo cards!

'Cause hey, like it or not, the fanbase'd buy into it, guys.

For the first wave, you'd have the usual suspects: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and VegetShadow. These would tie in primarily to the Chao games at first, letting you play as any one of them with your Chao. In these games, this would be the only way to get the Chao that look like the characters from the series other than Sonic, since Sonic would be the default character. Ready your wallets!

Alongside these, however, would be that Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo card set, and yes, all of these characters and more would be included... But just how many more are we talking here? How far could a Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo card set go? How deep down this rabbit's hole will we be going, Destructoid?

As I found out this weekend? Justin Beaver deep.

The card set would offer some fans a chance, for the first time ever, to have actual and affordable merchandise of fan favorites like Tikal the Echidna, Zooey Fox, Silver the Hedgehog, Dave the Intern, E-102 Gamma, and more! From all the video characters to characters from the horrible comics even to Sonic Boom, everyone would be there! Just like you always wanted!

While players won't be able to actually play as characters on amiibo cards, they will gain presents from the character on the card that will influence the Chao's evolution, allowing them to evolve as though they were trained by that character just like they could be Sonic or any of the other amiibo characters. Now, you too can have your very own Admiral Beaverton Chao! Just like you've always dreamed of!


The Sonic Enhanced Classic Collection Special for 3DS and Wii U would be a much simpler, and much more exciting affair. As its name implies, SECCS would be an experience that brings you back to some of your favorite moments, but this time, the release is going to be better than ever before.

This collection of classic Sonic titles, released alongside amiibo featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic and Tails in their old school designs (which would also work with the Chao games for some Classic Chao, if one should so desire!), would give players access to some of the best games in the series. Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & KnucklesSonic CD you know 'em. With updated graphics and a bundle of new features, include local multiplayer and online leaderboards, you'll never want to go back to the original versions of these games after experiencing what enhancing things with SECCS can do.

In this game, amiibo functionality still would involve storage, but of a different type. Rather than carrying data around, players can save their favorite ghosts of stages into their amiibo, based on the character they're playing as. At that point, you can put your amiibo back onto your console, or the console of any friend, and play that stage again, but against a double of the recorded record holder.

It's not about making things easier on you, oh no! This time, it's all about the challenge. amiibo might make SECCS harder for some, but the experience they'll gain putting the two together will undeniably make them better and more experienced at SECCS in the long run.

Which brings us to the last Sonic amiibo-enabled title, that poorly named 3DS game.

Can't be as bad as Sonic Chronicles: Blatant Sequel Hook.

Though some have probably forgotten it (probably because of stuff like the game pictured above), Sonic had a pretty good run on handheld consoles during the early 2000s. Thus, the Gotta Go Fast! set of games would be a collection of some of the best handheld titles, enhanced and given a similiar amiibo-welcome makeover, as the new Classic Collection.

The Gotta Go Fast! collection would include both the complete Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series of titles, as well as Sonic Battle, Sonic Pinball Party, and finishing off with the DS version of Sonic Colors. The Advance games, Rush games, and Colors would function in this collection with amiibo as the previous collection, and so additional amiibo featuring Cream and Blaze would be added, as well as a Wisp amiibo that has a once-per-stage (in Sonic Colors) effect of a free Wisp ability. All three would work with the Chao game, while using the Shadow amiibo with this one would unlock a Shadow skin of Sonic to use in Sonic Advance.

With that, there's just one more to go...

 SONIK GAEMS for 3DS and Wii U
Sonic series amiibo: Enough to repopulate Furtopia
Compatible amiibo: Smash Bros. Sonic





You know Mega Man Powered Up on PSP? Game that should have revolutionized the future of the series? Amazing little bundle of awesomeness that should have been the first in a long line of awesome Mega Man remakes, just like Maverick Hunter X and Elf Savior Zero, that game that totally came out as a launch title for Vita? You know? Those things?

This is like that, but on 3DS, with a full line of Robot Master amiibo. It's just the first game again, but with a full line of Robot Master amiibo, complete with a new option to switch to a retro version of the original game with all of the new features included if players want, is there any way this could possible fail?

As for amiibo support? Totally lame, but who cares? It's Mega Man! Here's how it works: Tap any Robot Master onto your 3DS (I just remembered that you need the adapter or a New 3DS and the entire blog up to this point has been saying this wrong, and I really should have been more conscious of this since the stupid adapter not being in an earlier wave is the exact reason I don't actually own more than two amiib--what was I saying?) and the character you're playing as, even if they're a Robot Master too, will get the power of that Robot Master! Even if you're playing as Mega Man and haven't gotten their power yet!

It's like paying to cheat, but with toys! It's the Mega Man way, am I right?

Mega Man amiibo: Robot Masters
Possible Compatible amiibo: Monster Hunter!?

This is YOUR fault!

And so, our story finally came to a close...

Zetta was spent.

The blog was done.

All in all, not one person had had any fun.

But wait!

What's this?

With a BZZZZT! and a CRACK!

It seems as though this saga saved us one last attack...















Part α: Introduction
Part 1: Existing amiibo Functionality
 Part 2: Adding New amiibo to Old Games
Part 3: amiibomon: Gotta Buy 'em All!
-> Part 4: Basically amiibo Fanfiction <-
Part Ω: ???

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