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Muv-Luv is possibly getting localized! Kickstart it blind! Don't read this blog!


So out of fucking nowhere, the Muv-Luv trilogy of visual novels is up for a possible Kickstarter campaign this summer to localize the main three games of the series. Now normally this is where I would link to info and encourage people to support the project, but because of the nature of Muv-Luv, instead I'm just going to implore people to stop reading right here, don't go any further, don't look at anything related to Muv-Luv before the official release, and then buy it on the basis that it is great.

If you can Kickstart it without looking at any of the information regarding the game, that would be great too!

So with that said, you are free to close out of this blog. Don't comment on it, don't like it, don't report this news anywhere, just remember that you need to buy and/or throw lots of money at the Kickstarter of Muv-Luv.

For those of you who are bad at following directions, let this serve as your first warning.

If you're the crazy type that can't take Zetta at his word, while I implore you to not read or look at either of these things, here is an article on Gematsu summarizing the release and here is the hopeful team's own site, though it's a bit barren at the moment, and I expect that will change soon enough. Also, if you haven't tabbed over to those links yet, that bolded text wasn't a joke! This isn't all some elaborate ploy to trick you! I'm genuinely pleading from the bottom of my heart for the masses to avoid even the smallest spoilers on this one!

Yeah, I know, this isn't going to go well for me at all, but I can gosh darn try.

If you did listen to directions and not click those links, then I'll start giving some information, but I'll still be holding back to the best of my abilities! For those of you who have seen or heard of the tangentially related spinoff series, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, understand that it is a spinoff to the third game and so your knowledge of it in any way is best completely thrown in the trash right now.

Muv-Luv, or at least the Muv-Luv games possibly being localized, is a trilogy of three visual novels, all centering around the exploits and antics of harem protagonist Takeru Shirogane, and his lovable band of love interests. The first game, Muv-Luv Extra, introduces us to these characters in the best way a visual novel can:


On the surface, Muv-Luv Extra is your standard harem scenario. You've got multiple girls to woo, though you can only pick from the two main heroines initially, and throughout the course of the game, you'll learn about the characters, get to know them, get to be really attached to them, and... well... basically, the ideal situation for a harem sort of game.

What sets Muv-Luv Extra apart, besides for the fact that it's only the first game, is that even on its own, it actually does the high school really well. The characters are all fleshed out really well, even the video game loving protagonist, and they're all really interesting and likable. Some you might like more than others, as tends to happen in games like these, but even then, chances are you're going to like the rest of the cast to varying degrees at the very least.

There's a level of absurdity to the story, mostly drawn out by how filthy rich one of the characters is (and the crazy anime logic perks that come with being so wealthy), but that's one of the things that makes Muv-Luv Extra so enjoyable, and even unique, especially for its time.

All in all, Muv-Luv Extra brings the fun back to the harem "genre" in ways that many modern anime and visual novels just can't pull off anymore. Considering it was first released over ten years ago, this isn't completely shocking. For a 2003 game to be getting attention even now, you know it's got to be good... and while I'm avoiding the topic, this and the later two entries together create a visual novel that I'd easily put in my top three favorites, alongside Umineko no Naku Koro ni and the Fate/Stay Night series.

But obviously, Muv-Luv Extra isn't all that the series has. If you listened and didn't click the link, very good! Props to you! I'd still highly encourage leaving this blog now and waiting like a giddy child on Christmas Eve for the arrival of Muv-Luv to the English speaking world, but if you're really still interested...

This is your final warning! Turn back now, while you still can...!

By the time you finish Muv-Luv Extra, assuming high school romance settings don't completely turn you off on sight, chances are you'll have come out of the experience with a greater fondness for the characters. You'll turn on Muv-Luv Unlimited, possibly knowing that there was "more" to the story from the beginning, or simply just walking unaware into the next entry of your happy, fun little harem story.

Assuming you haven't clicked those links or seen the spinoff anime I mentioned earlier, rather than a fun and happy world of high school harem hijinx, Takeru is going to find himself dropped into the middle of a war between man and monster.

Needless to say, things are going to be escalating from the harem stuff from here.

In Muv-Luv Unlimited, now that we've all gotten to know and love the cast through their high school shenanigans, we get to watch Takeru thrust into another world with no way to return. He'll learn to be a soldier, he'll learn how to put guns together, and go through rigorous training in order to become a soldier capable of fighting off the aliens invading the Earth, who have been doing so for decades in this world. He'll meet versions of his friends who have grown up knowing nothing but this world on the brink of disaster, and he'll soon come to realize that his fate and theirs isn't as different as he might start off thinking. And from what Takeru is told, people don't exactly last long when fighting these monsters. In fact, humanity is almost gone by the time he arrives, though they're not quite dealing with a post-apocalyptic situation.

... Yet.

Prepare for science, politics, drama, and heartbreak by the boatload once you reach Unlimited, and it's going to just go up from there once you get to Alternative. Once the cast has established themselves through Extra, a must read despite how it might seem out of place with Unlimited and Alternative, the emotional roller coaster you're going to find yourself on is one you're not going to be forgetting soon.

I guess what I'm saying is that these three games right here are good, solid games. Novels. Whatever you want to call them. You might think I'm doing a bad job of trying to sell this, but the problem is I know how it feels going into this relatively blind, and it is an amazing experience, and one I wouldn't want to steal from anyone. I don't want to hype them up too much, since obviously everyone has different tastes, but I really just can't stress enough how good I found them to be, and I'm not at all alone in that either.

I won't say any more than this, so I hope, if this at all sounds even a little interesting, you'll do your part (for yourself!) to get the game and maybe even back it! It'll be worth it!

also sumika is best girl

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