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Destructoid your a pretty cool guy


Check out that front page! Whoo nelly. Maybe if you're someone who grew up having played Final Fantasy VII, it wouldn't stand out to you as much. Or maybe it does, but you're just enjoying it, which is perfectly understandable. Given that most people are members of this group, I'd be willing to bet that this is most people reading this. All things considered, when the hype bug hits you, it's easy to get taken in by it. I can relate to that. If you've seen some of my quickposts lately, I'm sure you can even testify to the fact that I myself have been bitten by a small one recently too. 

Just... mine is about Minecraft robots and jungle people and-- Okay, the point is, I'm not trying to come down on anyone here, because I get it. Remember this thing?

Still, when I look at the front page, it's like... 


Now, as some of you will point out, this isn't really a new trend for Destructoid. We regularly have amiibo articles updating us on the status of the toys, even just opinion pieces on occasion, and many a new release will see a lot of articles about it. You've got the review, tips, hints, comments on potentially shady practices, the works. 

The more cynical of you might say this practice draws in more traffic, but I'll say that that's being too harsh. Maybe there's some truth to it, but on the other hand, we're social creatures. Even the most introverted of us probably are, deep down. So when the big thing is the big topic of conversation, my theory is that as social creatures, we just gravitate towards talking about it more. This even extends to finding people to hate it together with. It all depends on our interests and, to an extent, our social circles, even online.

I would even go as far as to say hanging around this place the past few months so much would be a likely reason for why I barely use my Vita anymore, but that would be ignoring the fact that a lot of you guys here use your Vitas/PS TVs plenty, as well as the fact that the real reason for that is because Sony sucks. But that's another topic for another day.

Today is the day for Minecraft Power Rangers.

Point is, for whatever reason, people get hyped, so this isn't anything really new. Some of you might even say there's nothing worth commenting on as far as this hype is concerned.

However! The hype itself isn't actually my point here. Like I said, I get the hype! Not only have I just presented a theory regarding hype, but in fact, in some circles*, I have been told that I AM the hype!

*OverlordZetta is not responsible for any loss of time on the part of those who go seeking said circles only to never locate them.

What I did notice is the content of the hype articles in question. What I did notice is, if anything, that this isn't necessarily new. Let's go check those articles out.

Two of them are, in essence, presenting the same thing, one simply in question form with a poll. All of them, save for a brief link to the untranslated Famitsu interview in one of them, leave out a decent amount of other stuff. For those of you curious as to what some of this "other stuff" might be, you can read about it over here on some other sites like Gematsu, where it was confirmed (I think again?) that a cross-dressing event will remain in the game, that they want to do more than just appeal to nostalgia, and more. 

Notably, none of this stuff has been brought up in the three-plus trending articles, nor any other that I've seen.

I suspect it's at this point that the cynical members of the crowd might be popping up again, raring to argue that the site just wants to generate more clicks by delivering bits of the same interviews (or even the same bits of the same interviews) piecemeal, but the reason I bring this up is to preempt you on it: Considering each of these articles were written by different writers, I don't think this is the case. Even if they weren't, I still don't think this is the case.

Simply put, this is Destructoid's style, and part of that is having multiple writers doing their own thing, or so I've been led to believe anyway.

Look at the blogs or the quick posts section. Would it be fair to say that we shouldn't be allowed to tackle a topic simply because someone got to it before us? Would it be fair to say that we shouldn't be allowed to put out our own thoughts on something, or word it differently, even if we ultimately agree, just because someone else had done it a little earlier? Similarly, would it be fair to say that we have to blog about topics if no one else has already, just so that someone fills some kind of quota?

I don't think so. Isn't this one of the aspects of Destructoid that many say makes it unique?


On the other hand, because there always are two, there still is that other information that isn't getting posted, or at least has yet to be as I've settled down to write this blog. So, at this point in time, it's not on the site, and to those who get their information primarily from here and anywhere else that hasn't covered it, it essentially does not exist. This might sound crazy to those of you who stay up on news and follow other sites, but trust me, it's very easy to be in this situation. 

In fairness to the site, I don't know how the inner workings of Destructoid function, and it may well be that other writers want to cover parts of it themselves, or that those who already wrote about it either didn't want to, didn't know about, or didn't care about this other stuff. Who can say? Maybe the interview's contents were tossed into a stadium by Niero, and the site's writers were forced into skimpy bikini armor and had to rip away what they could from the interview, lest they be slain in the most brutal, journalistic combat imaginable.

That sounds reasonable, right? And it would explain so much!

Seems legit.

What I'm saying is there could be any number of perfectly fair reasons the information wasn't covered and might not ever be covered. What I want to express is that, as a reader, this can be unfortunate, but on the other hand, for the writers, chances are extremely high this sort of thing was not done for any particular reason, or at least not any negative one. It might not be this case every time, and maybe I'm totally wrong here, but I don't know.

Still, this then leads to a bigger topic: This is information regarding a big, really hyped game that isn't getting fully conveyed to readers here. If that happens, then what about with other games?

Some of you may have seen my Gazetta Gazette... things in the past. So far, there have been two. First one over here, second one was in two parts over here aaaand over here.

In these blogs, I'd say I covered maybe... in the area of over 30 games (or localizations for games) that either weren't covered at all or didn't have the same information conveyed on the site's front page. I've been gathering stuff for the third one too, and already, I've got at least stuff on a dozen games that hasn't been covered on the site. Whether it happens and I finish it or not is up in the air right now, but point is, there's more than enough material for me to keep this up. Material isn't the issue there.

Here's the thing. It took an obscene amount of time to do those. So hey, don't get me wrong with how I'm just dropping those links, this was by no means an easy project, but I do think it shows that games, maybe not necessarily the most popular games in some cases, just flat out don't get mentioned on the site, or at least as often as others. It also shows that, you know, doing that takes a lot of time, and considering how much our writers already spend on things here, not to mention what they do when they're not writing or doing other stuff for the site, it's understandable they might just not want to cover some games.

Yeah, as far as what I wrote about goes, you've got your Neptunia stuff that one could argue there might not be an audience for, but considering how more anticipated games like Exist Archive are getting a slew of trailers and new information, how Genei Ibunroku #FE's coverage here has missed a fair amount of content, and how even the new Monster Hunter didn't really get a ton of coverage, I don't think I'm exactly crazy here in pointing this stuff out.

And if those don't sound mainstream enough, well, I even covered some TriForce Heroes and Ace Attorney content in the second one that still hasn't made its way to the site as far as I've seen. Perhaps it wasn't important seeming or was just tucked away, both are possible, but that's the situation even so.

Reading this, some might say "My god! I'm being deprived of knowledge!" while others might say "My god! I don't care!" and to both groups, I think you're right. Sort of. Well, if you don't care, then yeah, you're right, but that's not-- Okay, forget this part.

Zetta vi Destroidia commands it!

Let's just go back to what I was just saying about Final Fantasy VII Remake and its coverage today. You know, that part of this blog a little ways up? That applies here too. 

Perhaps the site's writers don't know about these things. Perhaps they don't care about or don't want to write about them, or when they do, they'd rather joke about them, but consequently, they're aware the audience for the articles doesn't want that, so they shrug and move on with their lives like any sane person who doesn't want a barrage of stupid hate comments would. Writers are people too. Probably.

The fact is, I have no idea, not for sure anyway, but does it matter?

Destructoid is a nifty site when you look at it like this.Take the recent article on the new Jojo game. Looking at it "objectively," it doesn't really tell readers much about the game save what kind of game it is and that there's a trailer they can watch. It spends more time talking about the genre and a wholly unrelated game, in fact. For someone who might like information on the game, that doesn't help all that much.

But let's look at it another way. If the writer of such an article is in the position of not being a fan of the work the game is based on, and if they're also in the position of not having played the first game, an article like that might be the only way to cover a game like the new Jojo. Hell, even actual Jojo fans aren't going to necessarily know the ins and outs of it, considering only a small portion of what the game is covering has been animated, and not everyone follows the manga.

So what about the alternatives? The obvious alternative would be to ignore it completely, wouldn't it? And that would suck, especially as that already happens to a ton of games on the site. Likewise, branching out to other games like that might encourage more conversation in the comments, so it can work.

The other thing to consider is, well, we do live in the internet age. As unfortunate as it might seem for some to say in defense of a site with "news" there in its header, people are perfectly capable of looking this stuff up for themselves. One could also fairly say that an interesting article about brawlers and fond memories of a game more people have played might be what leads people to look into the game more than talking about the specifics of a tie in to an anime series not everyone may have watched.

Though if you haven't watched or read Jojo, seriously guys, put that on a to do list, at the very least.

Do it for him.

This brings us to our conclusion.

You might be asking around this point: "Zetta? What was your point here? Every point you raised about how the site does things, you countered."

Yeah, I did. I've found myself, at times, on both sides of the "argument" I just had with myself. Ultimately, I feel like this is just one of the things that makes Destructoid what it is. Sometimes seemingly for better, sometimes seemingly for worse. Which is okay. What is seemingly better or worse for one person could be seemingly worse or better for someone else. Everyone has their own opinion and everyone has their own style. 

Want to hear something you might find crazy? Even Kotaku, with its reputation being what it is, has someone who wrote one of the best, fairest assessments of a Neptunia game I've ever seen just last week. And Destructoid too has enough people writing for it that you might find you prefer some over others, which is totally okay. We're all part of a big, quirky, weird ass family here. Maybe it's not this or that every time, maybe it's one thing sometimes more often than it isn't, and maybe it doesn't cover that or those, but it is what it is, which is a little robot full of dick jokes apparently, and isn't that what counts?

So no, maybe Destructoid doesn't always offer "objective" news, and maybe there are literally dozens of games it doesn't get to cover, and maybe it's ~been infected by the SJW disease ohhhh noooo~, but the internet is huge enough that you can very likely find what you're looking for elsewhere should you desire it. What Destructoid does offer is itself, for better and for worse, til amiibogeddon do us part, and what it is isn't too shabby. Or... something. Pain killers, amirite?

Anyway, I know, I know, if you don't know some of the content exists to go looking for it in the first place, well, that might be a problem, but you've got our bloggers, related links, looking at the sites front page writers link as sources, and if all else fails, there's always those long winded guys from the depths of the blogs I keep hearing about.

I just wonder if I'll ever get to meet one for myself someday...

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