Only Single Player: New God of War concept art and early designs revealed

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Hi, I'm Overcooled, anime blogger and avid gamer. Forced to always play games alone or kidnap pretty asian boys to play with me, it's been hard to find others with as much passion for games as myself. I know they're everywhere...gamers, that is. I just could never seem to make many gamer friends. As soon as I got my first playstation 1 (stole it from my dad's house and never gave it back), I was hooked. My room is home to a plethora of new and old consoles, my most recent ones having to go downstairs since there isn't enough room for them all.

I'm a sucker for tactics games and puzzle games. I also love RPG and MMORPGs. Being a crazy anime fan definitely makes me love more "cutesy" games, I suppose.

What am I playing now? BlazBlue. I am attrocious at every aspect of the game, but I like it.