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Game Start v2

Previously on Dragon B my last blog post, I had talked about wanting to develop my own game. Well, can't do that without actually knowing how to use the tools needed to make one. I'm talking about the engine - the platform that will a...


Game Start!

I made the decision in 2015 to get a degree in IT, several years after highschool. In 2017 I decided to end it there with my undergrad. Honestly, I really loathe being forced to read things that bore me. That was my trouble when I was...


My Miiverse Story

I've been a Nintendo fan through and through. Their games and other forms of entertainment offer a glimpse into creativity and wonder that some games just don't offer me. Sometime their ideas are called gimmicks, or sometimes they're c...


Grand Theft Auto V Fake Review*

What can be said that hasn't already been said of the highly acclaimed people at Rockstar. Their commitment to detail and perfection is ultimately the reason why Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed for this long. GTA V is not just another ...


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