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Friend sent me a video of a guys awesome Christmas lights. It also showed 2 signs: "These lights didn't hang themselves...And neither did Jeffrey Epstein." -- This is getting out of hand.


Kept thinking of this since I heard it at the Game Awards for Cyberpunk 2077. I liked Grimes' sound when I first heard Oblivion, but thought it was sorta too out there. But really, it was all culminating to now. #musictoid | Grimes - 4ÆM


Am drunk. Is bueno!!!!


I played the demo of that Skate bird game and it's buggy as hell. It could be neat, but right now it's definitely just oh cool he can skate. But that's about it.


Relaxing and watching the game awards and listening to the new songs I missed last week. Like this chill song. #musictoid | Shoffy - Almost Dead


A very somber and haunting song. Sometimes you just need to listen to these types of songs. #musictoid | AWOLNATION - California Halo Blue


I saw this on my end of year 2019 Spotify playlist. Apparently I'm still rocking 90's eurodance. #musictoid | Real McCoy - Another Night


First takeaway after playing one Halo Reach match for PC: Who defaults melee to 'Q'??


This girl is seriously talented. This whole song has a melancholic yet soothing mood. #musictoid | Billie Eilish - everything i wanted


Love the slow build up and the force of her vocals with each hard strum. The sound really reminds me of late 90's alt rock. #musictoid | Nilüfer Yanya - Heavyweight Champion


Really on the fence about Oculus Quest VR or PSVR. I like the forward thinking of the Oculus. But $200 savings on a PSVR is also pretty sweet.


At a wedding. Will be drunk. Is bueno.


Mucho deunk. Mucho bueno.


Drunk. Mucho bueno🤙


Everyone talking bout Pokemans and I'm over here amazed at the fact CM Punk is back on a WWE Brand.


A nice chill and upbeat tune. Goes great on this bright and cool Monday in fall. #musictoid | Young Bombs, Aloe Blacc - Better Day


Anyone have good ideas for silly White elephant gifts? Last year I bought Wrestling cereal, non-dairy milk,and a selfie stick. The year before I bought two small inflatable rafts. All under $20!


Friendly reminder that water is awesome.


Love tropical house. Such great relaxing vibes. #musictoid | Jessica Hart, Tep No - Find My Own (Tep No Edit)


THEY'RE BACK BABY! So far one show lined up, along with an Instagram account. Time to get them back in rotation. #musictoid | My Chemical Romance - Helena


Enjoy the weekend, all. And enjoy some trance to go with! #musictoid | Orjan Nilsen, Fingerling - 1 Like You


In case y'all wanted an Amazon Echo Dot, or Google Home Mini - they're running a deal where the former is $10(w/music sub), and the latter is free for anyone with Spotify premium. Got both for shits n giggles.


🎶Days swiftly come and go. I'm dreaming of her, She's seeing other guys, Emotions they stir 🎶


Zedd, among others, popularized and pushed EDM back into the US mainstream after a lengthy time off. It was nice hearing the songs of people like Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and David Guetta on the radio. #musictoid | Zedd, Foxes - Clarity


Very serene song with a heartfelt video. Love the good vibes I get from hearing it. #musictoid | Gryffin, Slander, Calle Lehmann - All You Need To Know


Watched the Band in China south park episode. Best line- Mickey Mouse: What's South Park, do I own that? Guy offscreen: Not yet, sir. That's so fucking rich.


Was very surprised to see they went back and made a video for this song 8 years later. I wish they did this more often. Nonetheless, a very iconic song in the EDM world. #musictoid | Tony Igy - Astronomia


Joker is an amazing origin story. Not you're usual flashy, VFX, action filled comicbook film - and I didn't mind it. I'm very much on the side that Joaquin Phoenix gave a great performance. Video unrelated, but also a great performance :)


Coming out of left field, this song is a bit of fresh air coming from them. #musictoid | Green Day - Father Of All...


Just heard this on an ad. When I hear a song that instantly clicks with me, I make sure to jot down the lyrics or shazam it. This was one of those moments. #musictoid | LP - Strange


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