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John Wick definitely lives up to the hype. I cannot wait for the next one. Halle Barry killed it, too.


Lots of well known artists decided to drop music on Friday. This one has pop mixed with a bit of tropical house. I love the good vibes it gives off musically. #musictoid | Charli XCX, Lizzo - Blame It On Your Love


Digging the song, digging the video. I always pictured her as a rock/punk artist moreso than pop. #musictoid | Halsey - Nightmare


Somebody stop this madman!


She's been low-key killing it on the pop scene. She's been consistently putting out hits. Like Carly Rae Jepsen mixed with Charli XCX. #musictoid | Kim Petras - Got My Number


Shout out to Inquisitive Ravenclaw for this. It was well worth the wait. I also love that he made ganondorf his own portrait. Now all I need are some frames!


Changing my wifi to Teenage Mutant WiFi Turtles soon. #Blessed


Detective Pikachu was fun. Which is what I was expecting. My younger sister was gushing over how cute they all were. It's nice seeing them have a nice time with what I grew up with too.


Have a fun Sunday! #musictoid | David Guetta, Raye - Stay (Don't Go Away)


I definitely liked avengers: infinity war better than endgame. But it was still fun nonetheless. I was entertained the while time so those 3 hours just flew by. Good stuff.


News about game dev. Using VR to rig models sounds like it'll be much easier to work with. (Fixed link?)


This came out last year, but I've only just heard it on the airwaves. It's like a Lumineers' song with more energy. Love the melody. #musictoid | Smith & Thell, Swedish Jam Factory - Forgive Me Friend


It seems my anxiety is for the most part under control. Just had two iced lattes this week and a bunch of coke. Oh no wait- the drinking kind. Feeling very meh and neutral.


Local top 40 radio station played this - sometimes play songs they think will blow up. Hope it does! Posted this before but here's the official vid! Still love that bass. #musictoid | MAX, Quinn XCII - Love Me Less


One of the first songs that made me get into the EDM genre. A classic. #musictoid | Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours


Pokemon movie looks funny. John Wick is a must-see along with Avengers. Bad idea to see all three in one day?


Stumbling onto American Idol YouTube clips makes it clear there's LOTS of talent this season. Love this take on a blink-182 song. The opening arrangement and her voice go so well. #musictoid | Laci Kaye Booth - I Miss You


Thinking about get my new rig near the end of May. Looking into a gaming/streaming/game dev setup. Seems like game dev doesn't really need the latest and greatest like gaming does.


Watched 'Us'. It was entertaining and funny. Not scary, and a bit campy at times. But I still loved the story and the ending was not something I was expecting. Good movie.


Am drunk. Will watch Us tomorrow. Is bueno!


Am drunk. Mucho bueno. Gracias.


#musictoid | LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) - Heaven Can Wait


I find salads okay. But Caesar definitely knew what was up.


Saw Shazam. It was fun, humorous, and very much action oriented. A nice mix of that and the plain realities of still simply being a kid. I hope they go further with that dynamic.


The small town I grew up in has free summer concerts on the beach. This woman will be the headliner to kick off summer. Love me 80's pop! #musictoid | Taylor Dayne - Tell It to My Heart


Light, poppy, and upbeat. #musictoid | bülow - Get Stüpid


My chemistry teacher told the class they ruined this classic. Sorry, teach. I love me some eurodance. #musictoid | DJ Sammy, Yanou, Do - Heaven


Welp, I'm out of the internship/training and got hired full-time, though I'll be a different kind of app developer. Still, I'll be making enough to live comfortably and have enough time to make games. Adulting can be ok sometimes.


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