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So I fucked up and forgot GH Live service ended at the beginning of December. Logged in to find it's over. At least I still have Xenoblade chronicles.


Am drunk. Is bueno!


I liked smash dojo, waking at 5/6 am to see new fighters. But I feel spoiled with this one - too much info. I would've been ok if they just had us play the game and discover the rest ourselves, like with the first Smash Bros.


Got em! Also, the song at the end of the far cry new dawn trailer was straight fire.


Left my phone on top of a car freshener tree thing and now my cubicle smells like a new car. And so does my right hand.


Fun fact if you have a PlayStation classic: You can access the emulator settings.


"@ disqus%20", I don't know who you are, but you're alright by me.


I've only ever loved one book: Artemis Fowl. I've been waiting 15 years for this and I hope at least half my expectations are met.


One of the most soothing songs I've heard in a while. It's like a lullaby. She's a relatively new, but I hope to hear more of her. #musictoid | Claire Ridgely - California


Moving away from the rock sound over to the EDM scene. A nice relaxing and upbeat song. A slow climb but energetic on the way down. #musictoid | Audien & ARTY - Never Letting Go


Here's another great deal if you haven't gotten a switch yet. It'll be $240 for just the base console. Link in comments. (Edit: also $37.50 PS Plus membership now, too!)


Always loved melodic dance tunes with silky smooth and soulful vocals. The whole package has a lot of energy behind it. #musictoid | Robin Schulz, Erika Sirola - Speechless


Lots of new and great songs came out this week. In the same vein as my other music post, this one is smooth and laid back in it's alt-rock sound. #musictoid | Girlpool - Hire


Love the 90's rock sound this gives off. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from them. #musictoid | Starcrawler - Hollywood Ending


As having just completed this game and fresh in my mind, this was a nice surprise. Aloy had some badass outfits. Link to tweet/source in comments.


I once watched a playthrough of the Gay Tony DLC from GTA 4 when this was in the background. Instant download. A great energetic and groovy hit. #musictoid | Booty Luv, Seamus Haji Big Love - Boogie 2Nite (Club Mix)


Always loved ambient and orchestral music. Horizon had incredible music that always suited the moment. Hope your Sunday is as peaceful as this music. #musictoid | Within The Embrace - Joris de Man (Horizon Zero Dawn OST)


Been really invested in horizon zero dawn. Loving the story even more after learning of the fates of the alphas, Hades, and Sylens. Fantastic story.


It's nice to hear an old classic. They apparently performed in Japan in those years, which I would've never guessed. #musictoid | Abba - Dancing Queen


So I tried getting into my Reddit account, but my password doesn't work. Never registered an email to it so it's gone. Had saved many dev resources on it too. Damn.


Loving this nice rhythmic and upbeat song. Chill vibes all around. #musictoid | benny blanco, Calvin Harris - I Found You


So here's some irony: I have my gamecube gameboy adapter but no idea where my disc or the GameCube are. Man this thing was crazy playing Pokemon with.


The women's WWE PPV was fantastic. More of that please. Also heel Becky Lynch is now my favorite wrestler. Havent seen a character like hers done so well in a while.


Apparently typing in the URL bar will open up a new Google doc. Neat.


Eating a chicken salad. Current status:


Roman Reigns (whom people didn't like pushed as 'the' guy) announced that he has leukemia. The boos turned to praise for him as they realized it wasn't a joke and he was leaving. Great to see crowds respect what they do when it counts.


Jus sayin, winning the lotto would be nice.


An upbeat tune that belongs in the summer. Sends good vibes. #musictoid | IYFFE, Seth Somni - Get Lost


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