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Am awake. Not drunk. But still good.


Mucho drunk. Is good. Thanks.


About to grab my second iced coffee of the day. Don't try and stop me.


El Capitán. El Jefe.


Hunter x Hunter surprised me so much with the Chimera Ant Arc back when it aired. Happy to see the dub is finally here. Great show. This outro is a favorite of mine. #musictoid | Yuzu - Hyōri Ittai


I've had Horizon: Zero Dawn since release, but never had the time to sit down and invest myself in it - until now. What a fantastic game. Graphics, story, setting, and gameplay work wonderfully. Just setting foot into the wilds. #ScreenshotSaturday


This is the brother of Chance The Rapper. He's already making a name for himself and this track really shows off his style. A great song. #musictoid | Taylor Bennett, Bianca Shaw - BE YOURSELF


What a load of malarkey. If gamers can get Xbox to overturn always online requirements, then they can do the same thing to Sony's crossplay problem. Their response is actually a bit insulting.


Ever since the announcement I wanted to play more Guitar Hero. I didn't realize how many songs they have on GHTV. It's gonna be a good few months going through the entire catalogue. #musictoid | Stone Sour - Through Glass


That's it. Bathtub guy wins E3.


Glad Sony's presser is at 9. Good way to end the day.


Chill vibes and the summer season. Relax and enjoy the tropical and electronic sounds along with very soothing vocals. #musictoid | Louis The Child, Wafia - Better Not


It definitely has some cool things here and there, but the actual gameplay/using the cool things in practice does not look fun - pretty generic. That said, it looks beautiful and large scale battles might be fun.


She's highlighted on Spotify, so why not post an upbeat and soulful/R&B song from her. She has mostly slow/downtempo songs, but I feel this one fits the summer season. Liking the vids late 90s style. #musictoid | Jorja Smith, Preditah - On My Mind


Lorde, if you could please have Nintendo announce a new Mario strikers game that would be great. Amen.


Even Cliff Bleszinksi agrees Batista should be in a Gears of War movie. Tweet in comments


eBay has a 20% off everything sale with code PICKDADSGIFT . You can get 1 year PS PLUS for $45. 2 bucks cheaper than what I got it for last time.


Finished another section in my unity course thing. On to UI screens Tonite. One of the better courses I've taken online for sure.


These pop songs are getting catchier and catchier. The piano medley is really good on its own. #musictoid | Melanie Martinez - Cake


Microsoft buys GitHub - interesting. Also, apparently theres juicy Sony E3 leaks via a random 4chan posting. Link below.


Enjoy some trance on this fine Sunday. #musictoid | Andy Moor, Adina Butar - Wild Dream


Ay jai jai. Mi cabeza is very sleepy


Am drunkm. Spell check sucks. Give me pizza.


Imagine all your friends were stuffed animals. Now imagine they beat the shit out of you. She definitely deserves more exposure. #musictoid | Meg Myers - Curbstomp


Tengo mucho hungry en my belly.


Never realized the Fountains of Wayne were known before their Stacy's Mom hit. Was surprised to see they recorded this song for the ending of Scary Movie (link below). #musictoid | Fountains of Wayne - Too Cool For School


It's refreshing to hear such soulful music. You have rock, some blues, and a tiny bit of classic country - all meshing so well. The final minute is fantastic. #musictoid | Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - You Worry Me


#FunFact - Pools are great for holding water.


I👏need👏pizza👏bites👏 🍕🍕


One of the first EDM songs I ever heard back when I was a youngin in the 90s. Instant classic for me. Enjoy some Eurodance! #musictoid | Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours


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