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My Two Cents (platforms Games)

Platform style games are normally last on the list of games I want to play. Anything from Mario to The Tomb Raider series fall into this genre in my mind. Part of the problem is no patience on the playerís part. Itís hard to say if itís th...


My Two Cents (Wii)

It seems that some hardcore gamers arenít too happy with Nintendoís latest offering the Wii. Some of this is due to the system being less powerful than its two competitors systems. The fact that it requires 12 digit friend codes to connect ...


My Two Cents (PC For Life?)

You know itís kind of sickening to be a PC gamer these days. Many of my Brethren have become screaming assholes when it comes to people choosing consoles over the PC. I am actually shocked that some dumb shits still consider consoles nothin...


My Two Cents (gamespot mess)

some links if you have been living under a rock for the last week.


My Two Cents (FPS Bitching)

I love playing FPS games online they can be an absolute blast if you find a good group to play with. Problem is I have a disease that precludes me from become part of a good group. Iíve had this dreaded affliction since MOHAA and my gaming ...


My Two Cents (reviews)

Number scores seem to be the hot topic around here this week. Why did you give this game a 7 and not an 8.99999? The battles rage over a simple number and yet I often times wonder if the people mad about the ďscoreĒ even read the review. It...


Why am I here?

I generally hate gaming websiteís and all that they contain. Most of them are filled with hack writers and slobbering fan boys just waiting for the chance to use their newest clever insult on the internet. These sites donít really mesh well...


Bio Shocking

Everybody and their great grandmother twice removed has talked, reviewed and argued over Bioshock and yet here Iím still going to add my two centís to the collective noise. This game has been one of many first for me. Itís the first game I ...


Random Stuff

Bioshock has been an awesome game for me and my current gaming rig and yet the addition of one simple piece of equipment has made the whole game creepier. Head phones have brought the sound aspect of the game right to the fore front and mad...


Damn Serial Number B.S.

So a few months ago I moved from Alabama to California. In the process of moving I lost a few things here and there as often happens when you move. Nothing I lost was all that valuable until I went to install a game I wanted to replay for t...


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