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Whats the difference between "compulsory" and "mandatory"?

Oh hey guize I'm new I like gaems and play the fun ones like halo and CoD which is the best one easy.� I hope I like tacos! I want to meet you but I know like trolls klolz hopefully your fun!!! -Me

That was just my impression of Niero.� Well, one impression anyway *ahem* let's move on.

So this is my "obligatory" first blog post.� I don't really actually like Halo or CoD that much (although I have been caught playing them on occasion); I'm more into a mixture of unique and interesting games.

Truthfully, I'll play anything if it's good and I have a three point criteria to determine the games I try and spend time with:

1) The game has to be intelligent or at least vaguely stimulating.� This could be a lot of games but you'd be surprised how many this excludes.

2) The game has to have panache.� Typically this means a unique audio, visual, or gameplay aesthetic.� Some of my favorites: SMT III: Nocturne, Unlimited SaGa, Lumines, Binding of Isaac...� All of which have that certain something.

3) The game must have either a difficulty curve which ramps; or becomes liquid through human interaction.� Simply put: I don't like playing the same forever.� Ether give me depth or give me solid multiplayer.� I like to chew so it better have meat on it.

There are some debatable exceptions though and it is worth noting I tend to stick with games that make me particularly angry.� So you might see my 400+ hours into Dota 2 or 200+ hours into Battlefield 3 when viewing my library.

Even though I'm the typical age of most game buyers these days, I still feel like I'm older then most.� I'm always interested in finding more people to play with but finding people who stick with it and can have fun winning or losing are few and far between.� If you're one of those people, hit me up and I'm sure we can have a good time together.

Anypoo, what the description says on the side is true: I am a professional music producer...

But don't tell my family!� God, if they knew...

Seriously though I do love and make music.� I don't feel at a professional level but my music does sell so I can't say that still a hobbyist, can I?� You can check my soundcloud or youtube if you're interested.� Obviously video games have a lot of involvement on my music.

When I'm not making music, or selling various crap on Amazon, I'm playing games.� I also happen to like writing (and happened to spend the last 3 years working as an English teacher) so let's see if we can't something interesting down on the page!

If you read all the crap I just typed; thanks.� If you just skimmed down to here; just hit the fap button and no one will know...

EDIT:� I realize there's a few missing words and otherwise confusing sentences here.� It's currently 5:31am and I'm too tired to fix them :/

Hope you 4give mai bad typn guize!
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