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5 W's Review: Bioshock 2's Multiplayer

Bioshock 2.� Multiplayer.� 5 W's.� Let's go.

Despite the game's obvious (and immediately apparent) flaws, I can still say it is an enjoyable experience.� It may not be a particularly long experience, but the time you spend with it is definitely memorable.

Why should I play it?

Bioshock 2's Multiplayer mode asks all the right questions in a post Modern Warfare era:

-Do we have to copy the MW format with every type of MDS?
-Can primarily single player games have engaging multiplayer modes?
-How far can we push the bounds of unique MDS without being too unbalanced or gimmicky?
-Can MDS have deeper depth to accommodate wildly different styles of play or even storytelling?

It doesn't answer any question with certainty but you can't blame it for the asking.� Bioshock 2's Multiplayer should be played by all people who consider themselves MDS fans or purists.� Even if only briefly.
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