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OpiumHerz's little guide to german music (NVGR)

Sorry for making the entry so long. The blog editor does not have spoilers or apparently support the use of HTML, so I had to paste them in as is. Also I can't seem to get the quotes to work properly. Sorry for this. If you look at this entry in the forums, it looks much better there! - LINK

okay, something absolutely NVGR. You know guys, I love music. Who doesn't? And a long time ago I thought music from Germany/german music pretty much only sucked. It took some years until I found german music that was acceptable. Nowadays a good bunch of the music I listen to is german or at least from german bands. And since I always like to brag around with the german language, you'll get this little guide to german music here, where I'll introduce some songs/bands for you. A good lot of little known/somewhat obscure stuff, some things that are a bit more mainstream too. Of course I can't introduce everything and every genre, so this is just a small excerpt of stuff where I thought you might find it interesting or I actually like it. There are hundreds of other german bands out there, far more successful than any band I listed here. So if you want to blame me for subliminal, or even very blatant, advertising: go ahead. I won't deny that I want these bands to have more and more fans because I think they very well deserve it. Well, except from Die Ärzte... they're quite famous and successful and rich already.

I'll also post a translated version of the lyrics to every song I link. Now please consider here that I try to translate as good as possible, but german is a hell of language. I really don't mean to sound like it's "better" in any way, but it's just far more complex than english. So some things will get lost in translation, some things simply can't be translated 100% correctly and some things can't carried over at all. But I'll try to add notes in those cases. Just remember that I'm not a professional translator and all I can do is try to translate it as good as possible for you. But especially the rhymes or poetic form is something I can't really translate over. So when something sounds strange to you, please consider this. If you need clarification on anything, just ask. I'll gladly try to help you understand these lyrics.
Also a little heads up: no Rammstein in this. Not because I dislike Rammstein, not at all. In fact, I'm a huge fan. But first of all: Rammstein is pretty much well known worldwide already. They don't need any more mentioning. And secondly those guys are dumb as a sack full of bricks, as they have proven more and more over the past few years. Sadly, in fact. Just listen to "Pussy" and compare it to anything from their "Mutter" album (you can find translations of every song on herzeleid.com - pretty decent ones, ableit not perfect). This is a downfall if I ever saw one.

So let's start, shall we? Without any special order, here is something for your ears.

Empyrium - Der Weiher

Empyrium might be my favorite band ever, so expect some heavy fangirling here. They started out as an english singing pagan-black-metal band, then switched to german and became calmer and calmer (take their song "Mourners" for reference here). I don't know what it is, but the style Empyrium has just hits me right in the sweet spot. I never get tired of hearing their songs, as I just feel they're pure nature made audible - and I love nature. I could lose myself in a forest at any given time and since I can't do that, I listen to Empyrium.
The song I present to you is "Der Weiher" (The pond). Many would punch me for that, as that song is pretty minimalistic. Many would recommend "Die Schwäne im Schilf" (The swans in the reed). Many more would most likely recommend one of their english songs, like Mourners, Blue Mists Of The Night or The Franconian Woods In Winter Silence. And people, you should listen to ALL of those songs. But Der Weiher was my first Empyrium track and it hits me right in the feels. It was first played when bidding farewell to someone, so I have kinda an emotional bond to this track, but aside from that it's a track that captures the sadness just perfectly with so little things used. Now stop giving me this look, I told you I will fangirl when it comes to Empyrium.

Like deathbreezes the fogs flow,
through buckled congealed pines blow,
where shadows flow into silver
and beggingly soft the winds go.
There lies, paled in the winterlight
the pond silent and doesn't breathe.

Die Ärzte: M&F

Die Ärzte (german for: The Doctors) started out as a punk band. I rarely hear them anymore. MOstly because I've gone to pretty much disregard bands with political motives in their songs, out of principle and no matter in which way they lean. However, their last album (which actually might be their last) called auch (too) was pretty much free from any political messages and thankfully full of their usual humor. While they did political music, they were also damn funny. They made a song about some dude killing people with his long hair, for example. Or a mobbing victim, being fed up with his life, buying guns and a sword and crossing the border to Poland.
This song here, M&F (short for "Männer & Frauen", meaning "Males & Females") is from their recent album. The video is just adorable and there are actually two videos to this song. Because they made two versions of every video they did for their songs on "auch". One is animation, one is perfomance. You can check them both out on YouTube, I find them both not bad. The video was the main reason for choosing this song. They have songs that are FAR more famous, for example Friedenspanzer (Peacetank), but "auch" as a album was just simply fresh and catchy.

You see them often on the weekend,
men wearing sporty clothes with hot eyes,
they pull freshly painted ladies,
on the dancefloors of the republic.

The courtsip behaviour of grown up humans,
is more interesting than you would believe,
over chesthair toupet to botoxmask,
everything's fair in love and war.

Men and women are the pure horror, (they actually use what would literally translate to "nude horror", which would be incorrect translated from a content point of view though)
how they look each other deep in the eyes for hours,
and the women steal other women's men,
and the men unload their frustration on the women.

Because you can assume that men and women,
will ruin each other's night,
when they languish to the dawn of the sun,
and then piss off home alone again.

You can find them lying the bushes around noon,
you can barely walk through the city park at night,
romantic swarmers call it "Love" - I would say,
this is where you can see hormones at work.

And when they start to dim the lights,
a nation with the polefever,
it's really worse during spring,
that's why I prefer winter.

Men and women are the pure horror, (they actually use what would literally translate to "nude horror", which would be incorrect translated from a content point of view though)
how they look each other deep in the eyes for hours,
and the women steal other women's men,
and the man build HOUSES anyway.

Some men love men, some women simply women,
there is nothing to mourn and nothing to be amazed about,
that is just as normal as chewing gum,
but most people would never dare to do that.

Dornenreich - Reime faucht der Märchensarg

Dornenreich (Dornen meaning "thorns" and reich can mean "realm" or "rich" - so it's a play of words here) is technically austrian. But I like them too much for the honorable mentions. They started out as a very hard black metal band, but already the second album changed dramatically. These guys made what is called post Black Metal before that term was coined and expanded in general what can be called "Metal". You must know: Black Metal is the most stagnant genre I have ever met. The hardcore fans allow no change to the formula. But when you listen to some Dornenreich songs, you can really hear that they have a soul black as night, while sounding totall un-BM-ish. Also they're pretty cool guys, selling their own merch after concerts. Yes, you can actually go the merch stand, shake their hands and have a little chat with them. It's really refreshing to being able to get this close to a band. That goes, by the way, for many of them here. Agrypnie, Nocte Obducta, Vision Bleak - they're all pretty cool guys like this, sitting around at the bar after their concerts and having drinks with their fans.
Translating what is, arguably, their most beloved song - Reime faucht der Märchensarg (Rhymes are hissed by the fairy-tale-coffin) - is a bit tricky. In general, translating Dornenreich is tricky. As you might have already guessed they use a lot of own word creations. However, I can only highly recommend giving this band a try. They offer lyrics on their website, even translated ones (www.dornenreich.com) and their albums just sound so different. One time Eviga, the creative head behind the band, just uses a violin and an accoustic guitar, and the next album he combines a tenor singer, metal drums and e-guitars and the violin again. His own voice was just damn, damn, FUCKING DAMN impressive especially when he was younger (listen to Nächtlich liebend (Nightly loving) for ference). Dornenreich are pretty much one of a kind and if you love music, they are a great experience, even if it turns out you don't like them. And if you ever get the chance to see them live, go. Just GO! You'll most likely never see anyone be as emotional on stage as Eviga. You can really feel that he literally lives his music and this is one of those bands that just deserves more attention than it's got.

It was once, a long time ago,
a creatureflock, ready to dream.
You shuddered when seeing dark castles
and seemed to be taken with fairies.
Easy it was to find treasures
and even easier a heart in barks.

Narrow pathways invited you in,
just away from house and home,
once water's sounds remembered ferns,
when fairy tales watched over dreams.

When blossoms paid cloud's view,
fogs barely spared a valley,
and fairy tales were living everywhere.
When grass' green was taken for golden,
dreams were giving reality weill-being-form.

When life meant more than being,
when one hand pointed to the stars.

Rhymes are hissed by the fairy-tale-coffin.

Nocte Obducta - ... und Pan spielt die Flöte

Ohhh, Nocte Obducta. I hated this band. Absolutely hated them. Sounded horrible to me. One year later and I didN#t want to miss them anymore in my life. To me, Nocte Obducta are the last bastion of german poetry (and once you see the lyrics of the song I chose you might understand why). Pretty much like Dornenreich their style differs a lot from album to album. They did stuff that was pure, dirty Black Metal. And then... you know what? Just listen to their song "Dinner auf Uranos" and you'll see. I can't even really describe it.
But I just love everything about their lyrics. They have a strange aura of desperation, of "dirtyness" and nostalgia, of longing for things long gone, that I have with no other band. "... und Pan spielt die Flöte" (and Pan plays the flute) is pretty much the most beloved song they have. I had a hard time choosing between this one and "Ende" (End) but finally decided on Pan. The problem with Ende is that most of it's "lyrics" is stuff they simply recorded while sitting together and talking. It gives the song a very unique atmosphere, but it's almost impossible to translate that stuff properly. Pan however is a great song too. I was once at a Nocte Obducta concert where they played a medley that contained the last part of this song and you should have seen it. When Torsten, the singer of the band, yelled the final line EVERY god damn fist in the hall was risen. Every mouth was shouting this one line at the same time. I still get the chills just thinking of it. Also I have another song I really like called "Tage die welkten" (Days that withered), but I can't choose that one. Literally. It makes my stomach cramp and makes me so depressive that I have to empty at least one six pack afterwards. Just as with Dornenreich, Nocte Obducta are a rollercoaster and I can only recommend to listen straight through all of their albums a bit, to get the picture here.

An elixir of cold blood flew lively in our blood,
the crawler-people in the mud spoke false and fueled our rage,
like fables scriptures and forgotten songs came towards us,
visited our dreams, came back repeatedly,
and in defiance of the curses and the rage, there was space for happy words,
we laughed, because we still believed different, better palces,
a lenient smile for the disgusting crawlers' foolish farces
but soon everything was long past and seemed melted

Never to be forgotten, the remains of these days,
like Lethe's flood devoured, the times trickled away,
'cause never was ever buried and what's left are cenotaphes
and a look back, down the path, that started somewhere...

Even today my eye doesn't search long, due to spring's awakening,
on the other side of the river, the huge, bare trees
and when behind me the sun lowers like bleeding brass,
then the cold wood glows warm and sends new dreams to me
and this river that saw so many things, took so many with him
what if he rested, like a lake, not flowing, but still
and all ever given to him, he would store and keep
would my mirror image be another image then...?

What remains are many words, many never written
what remains are pretty pictures, almost all of never painted
and dreams that keep what still is waiting for fullfilment
and the hope that sometime the old brilliance will shine again
what remains are these lines, that feel more than they say
what remains are these songs, that sound out of thousand dreams
and many things will be lost, and no one will find it
but someone will someday still be singing these songs

As one night spring came, he brought the happiness
created allegories of love for life and unknown freedom
and yet wrote sagas of sadness in my dreams
and myths full of weltschmerz's dead past

The darkness we thought of grew new paths
which knew a way to the light, although full of blackness
the reeling of feelings was the shephard of these pathways
because the goal of all those travels was a mirror image of hearts

Despair and rapture were intrinsically tied to each other,
the contradiction in everything seemed to mock itself,
the greed to feel the pain yelled inside my hot temples
and around our escape-fortress it seemed like a world view rots

In cold catacombs some gruesome visions grew,
beneath a young sky an old peace died,
and yet a distorted picture of it seemed to mock it in itself
and collapsed down on all the freaks that avoid us

So the way to new shores wasn't clear
So was this way the only path we understood
So we didn't feel without torture love's icy claws

An suddenly all I saw in the mirrors were creators
and worlds that I saw last time in my childhood
the discrepancy between dream and suvival created a chaos
that gave birth to a new world under pain, but smiling

And thus words developed that fell on deaf ears
like artifacts of a dead world's dream
offered to the blind mob for a feast yesterday
what, when the last bard will fall in the here and now forever...?

Desîhra's diary
writes in the blood of my heart
of madness and wisdom
in richly distorted letters
Deshîras diary
knows of an old curse
reads between all the lines
on slightly yellowed pages

"Just look at the puppets, they dance
in dusky, sickly light
just look the eyes, the pain and the fear
the panic in a smiling puppet's face
just look the lovely dresses
the twitches of shaky feet
the cacophony
a scaring picture to sweeten our time"

Sweet are the fruits, but the roots are rotten
as full of omens the spring began
on the branches the brids with their ice-cold eyes
they sing about nothing else but the end of the world

So bring us the golden apples
because those that the north believes in
are marvelous gardenders
although we're afraid of the "eternal"

But nothing is the way it was once
and so the "eternal" did die
the fruits that were bringing what we were all striving after
are beautiful, but oh so long rotten

Far away from the battlements of blinded noises
way outside, far behind the gates
there is almost unreachable the land that we were looking for
the "Morning" isn't lost yet

... and Pan plays the flute!

Schandmaul - Die Flucht

Compared to Dornenreich and Nocte Obducta, Schandmaul (Malicious tongue is what my dictionary says it translates to - "Schandmaul" is a term when someone speaks dirty or not the truth, that person then is told to "Shut your Schandmaul", although the term is a bit aged) are a folk band that simply tell middle ages tales. Be it the adventures of a wanderer, about a moor which holds many dark secrets or the invasion of another country in the far east. They tell simple tales and I liked this band a good bunch some years ago, less and less in recent years though, especially when they got more "modern". Their old stuff is something I still like to listen to from time to time though. The song I chose to present here is "Die Flucht" (The escape). Why? Because it was the first song of them I got to hear. It's still one of my favorites.

We have to leave, you see that knife?
It cuts close to your flesh,
the ties into two.
Give me your hand, I can hear the pursuers,
you hear the dogs, they are free.
I won't let them find you,
even if this bans us both from now on to running forever,
they are wrong, are so blind,
following their master's words,
the holy might in this land.

Run, sprint, forever on,
don't take accept the unjustice,
I'll stay behind and fight for you.

Flee through dark passages, dark alleys,
flee through woods and be free!
I'll follow you, I'll find you
and then be with you.

Forbidden stuff you would had done,
with witchcraft and the art of the roots (I couldn't find a translation for this - what is meant here is using roots and plants for healing and stuff. You know, what they considered to be "magic" in the middle ages)
full of heathendom and heresy.
And the people do firmly believe in this,
you have to give enemies to the people,
the own doing becomes irrespective then.

Run, sprint, forever on,
don't take accept the unjustice,
I'll stay behind and fight for you.

Flee through dark passages, dark alleys,
flee through woods and be free!
I'll follow you, I'll find you
and then be with you.

Eis - Mann aus Stein

Eis (Ice), formerly known as Geist (Ghost), had to change their name because there was another band called Geist already. Only that that just caused problems after they have released some albums. But hey, doesn't matter. Eis do something very few bands do: play hard-line, god damn, right into the kisser metal. And they're damn good at it. When I listened to their last album Wetterkreuz (Weathercross) my reaction to this was simply: "THIS is how a metal album should sound". It was hard. It was harsh. It was dirty. And it scratched the itch just fine.
I was really quarreling with myself here which track to choose, but then went for "Mann aus Stein" (Man of stone). The other song would have been "Galeere" (Galley) which I also like very much, but in the end Mann aus Stein is the better song in my opinion. Nothing much to say. What they do is absolutely without any frills attached and I just love them for that.

A shining king you were once in your realm,
they looked up to you.
A weak moment, so strong and beautiful,
and throne has come apart.

Your feet without space or footing,
you couldn't stand steadily anywhere,
you were a master of clear words
until you were only filled with silence anymore.

Miserable regent,
you took your own crown and broke your cepter to pieces,
you let all the apples rot and
whatever you had in treasures was blown away with the winds.

Only give away, when you have so much.
You pay with literature for that,
that was oh so important to you once,
and all the strings, so soft and warm
were swinging in your fingers,
bristle and shudder before your touch.

What will be the payment, you cannot see,
because you are blind for everything coming.
Actually, you don't have eyes for anything at all
there can grow nothing on burned field.

I am claimant, judge and hangman.
I'll scream my judgement from the pinnacles myself.
I am my eternal guilt.
I am the man of stone.

Agrypnie - Schlaf

Pretty much what I said for Eis goes for Agrypnie, except they attach some frills - so to say. They leave the borders of one genre behind and do Black Metal mixed with other elements. As I said before, the hardcore Black Metal fans wrinkle their noses about this. I just love the result. Fuck, they even did acoustic versions (LINK) of their songs. It just shows how variable something can be.
Now if you listened to Nocte Obducta a bit and think that it sounds familiar, there is a good reason for this. Torsten, the singer and head of Agrypnie, is also the singer of Nocte Obducta. Unlike Nocte, however, Agrypnie is still pretty raw. "Schlaf" (Sleep) is my choice because it was actually the first song of them I liked - and for a long time, it was the only one I liked. It took me some time to come around, but nowadays I learned to appreciate the brutal rawness of even their hardest songs like "Zorn" (Wrath).  

When the night buries the dull day,
the moon's light floods the darkness,
when the heaviness leaves my heart,
my spirit rises from the dungeon.

Deeper and more deeper
sleep cradles me out of the powerlessness,
opens tightly locked doors,
lightens up my path.
Depper and more deeper
sleep cradles me into another world
fills my spirit with new life,
dismantles all my chains to everything earthly.

Deeper and more deeper
sleep cradles me out of the powerlessness,
lures lights to my side,
magic of creatures without body.
Depper and more deeper
sleep cradles me into another world
lets me sink into calmness,
lets me forget reality.

Surrounded by my bed-chamber's naked walls
I yearn for sleep's return.
Count the rhythmic beats of my heart,
repress the memories of the past day.

Lead me away from here,
free my spirit from the flesh,
tear down all walls,
lead me into Morpheus' realm.

Is the dawn of morning already on the horizon?
Does my flesh demand the spirit back into old chains?
Do the voices of unknown creatures already get dull again?
Will my nightmare start again... were I to wake up?

Subway to Sally - Sag dem Teufel

Subway to Sally were one of the first bands I liked when I started getting into music. As their name suggest they started out with english lyrics, abandoned those pretty quickly and it was for the better. Nowadays StS are only a shadow of their former self and have become a little inside joke between me and my friends, mostly because of their incredibly bad video for "Besser du rennst" (It's better you run). Just... watch it. That the singer got kinda fat didn't help either and started to look more like a 14 year old in his confused phase, rather than a musician, didn't help avoid any jokes. However, from time to time I still like to listen to them - even their new material. I like it in a kind of "So bad it's somewhat good" way. Don't get me wrong, StS were never a band with very profound lyrics or anything like that. It's the kind of band that makes a mildly angsty teenager feel accepted and understood. But it's still somewhat enjoyable in little doses. And although I never was that kind of teenager, I met StS a long long time ago and have some nostalgic bonds with them.
As for the track I have chosen one of their older songs. "Sag dem Teufel" (Tell the devil) is from times long since past, but it's something that still makes my head nod. I just wish there would have been a cover version from a more aggressive band, because the song would be very suited for that in my opinion. Eric Fish, the singer of the band, simply can't deliver any kind of "brutal" voice.

You're always good to animals,
your clothing style is spruce,
du you are well-behaved, silent and calm
and nice to old ladies.

You are empathic and kind,
never wasted a day away,
you always walk in front of the cart
that someone else is steering for you.

Where is your dark side?
That's what I like about you.
Tell the devil inside you "Good day"!

Behind the house in the wild garden,
under the old oak tree,
where thistles are waiting for you,
you sometimes have a dream.

Then you're not good to animals,
aren't clean or spruce at all,
aren't well-behaved, silent and calm
and not nice to anyone!

Show me your black soul!
That's what I like about you!
Tell the devil inside you "Good day!"

... good day, good day, good day...

Angizia - Maß für Maß

Allright. Angizia are, technically, also not german but austrian... but fuck it. They are also, most likely, the strangest thing you'll listen to. Angizia is a little project that structures it's albums like a theater piece, so it paints it's story really well right in front of your eyes. In the same time however, the chosen instruments, the singing, even the wording sometimes, are just so strange and bizarre that I have problems describing it in german. I always say: "Angizia is simply ART. You can't say it any other way." and I still stick to that. They mix metal, classic, opera and a whole bunch of other things. And they make it actually WORK. You'll most likely love it or hate it, I have rarely found anything inbetween.
My favorite album was "Kokon - Ein schaurig schönes Schachtelstück" (Cocoon - A creepily beautiful boxpiece/boxplay). It's about an old couple that live inside a shoebox and to their entertainment, they have the Homunculus, who is a horribly deformed creature that lives inside a cocoon. One day the Homunculus, however, doesn't want it anymore. He takes the gun of the husband, shoots him and then, still the smoking gun in hand, starts to dance with the wife, who then confesses that he is their own child. But because he was so ugly and deformed, they didn't raise them, but held him like an animal for their entertainment. The Homunculus, who finally realised that he is in fact a real person, shoots his own mother, starts to burn down the cocoon, sits down, shoots himself and sings half a song while dying away. It's dark. It's melancholic. It's great. Angizia really have a feel for interesting stories, as they have already proben with "39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann" (39 years of the hudry-gurdist). It tells the story of a little boy who wants nothing more than become a hurdy-gurdist and bring people joy. Too bad he is a jewish kid in Nazi-Germany.

The song I chose here was "Maß für Maß" (Measurement by Measurement) from the Kokon album. It's the part of the story where the wife has confessed her and her husbands guilt to the Homunculus and his astonishment turns into pure hatred. I love this turning point of the story. Although be aware: Angizia is one of those things that's incredibly hard to translate, mostly because of the way the lyrics are formed (you really see that the creative head behind it is a teacher). I can only stress that this translation, even though I gave it my all, doesn't do the original lyrics justice.

Enough is... enough (Note: a way of saying this in Germany, was it's also said in the song, is "Das Maß ist voll". This would literally translate to "The measurement is full". Seeing the title of the song, you might already guess that some stuff will be lost in translation here, but I'll translate the lyrics as good as possible, instead of word-by-word literal here - I'll also keep the roles in the lyrics)

I want to give you,
what you denied me,
nothing I want to close off,
no hesitation, no suffering.

You start to feel in chambers,
what a murder needs to be born,
see regert clenching,
where the humbleness is fleeing for it's life.

[Mrs. Jansen]
In surges he twinkles.
The pain smothers familiarly.
He let's it run free and
has set eyes on his goal.

Who watches how things are going on,
when hope dries up?
Wenn love would work,
but hatred succeeds?

You heard my moaning,
heard me thriving while wasting away,
a splint in chamber will never... never... forgive.

The monster raises it's head,
it's eyes set on the colt.
He strokes muzzle and shaft
and awakens the desire inside himself.

Falls the curtain, falls the light,
I want to judge... miserable!
Measurement... by measurement. Measurement... by measurement
I, I take measure... measurement by measurement.
You hear the deathbed cry.
Screams in chambers.

[Mrs. Jansen]
The cocoon gambles away it's pomp.
The Disgust becomes angry and shows itself cautious.

Take away life's every tone,
nothing will rattle in the cocoon.

I'll chase it away from here!

Take away life's every tone!
Rage loudly, burst fine,
the cocoon has to be incarnate.

I'll chase it away from here!

... chase you away from here!

I will take from you,
what you love about me.
Raging and hemmed
the curtain will fall.
Dead every tone,
once the cocoon's run dry.
Escaped the box and victorious over the sin.

Enough is... *inhales*... enough!

I burn down my prison in hell, blaze and horror!
The murder is itching, enough is enough,
I want to see the devil!

So here now falls the life
so pale is room and dance,
repent is what I want to do
and just my pomp is falling to pieces...

Eisregen - Und sie blutete nur einen Sommer

Eisregen (Freezing rain) are a band that is almost infamous here. Some of their albums got indexed for glorification of violence and sexism. And when you take their stuff serious I can't even blame the judge for doing it. The thing is: Eisregen never took themselves serious. So it's kinda problematic if you do it. Many of their songs are dark metal with pretty splattery lyrics, one of the more famous being "Meine tote russische Freundin" (My dead russian girlfriend) or "1000 tote Nutten" (1000 dead hookers/whores - "Nutten" can describe actual prostitues or be a term for someone who just sleeps around a lot). They really aren't the most intelligent band out there when it comes to their music, but they know how to entertain. However, it also shows how they can get indexed. Their songs are often about death, mutilation and other very dark topics. Yet, they aren't above being real clowns. In an interview M. Roth, the singer of Eisregen who is also known as Blutkehle (Bloodthroat) for his way of singing, said that their songs were written by a hamster whom he met after he had lost his wife in a blizzard ~130 years ago and that their best and also worst concert ever was the one in front of the knitted town-hall of "Pimmelhausen" (Pricktown). And then they just release an album called "Leichenlager" (Corpsewarehouse) with the picture of corpses from a german concentration camp on the cover. When the singer came to defend one of their albums in front of a judge because it was supposed to get indexed, hilarity ensued. The judge wasn't too keen on the song "1000 tote Nutten", so the singer explained that he would never defame prostitutes, seeing them as hard and honest workers. No, he went on to explain that he meant literal whores with that song. The judge, who already didn't find Eisregen very funny in the beginning, didn't laugh about this either. However, in the interviews it really shines through that those guys have hearts of gold and despite their songs being very graphic, brutal tales of murder and slaughter, there is no reason to believe that this reflects their own thoughts.
I had a very hard time chosing my song here, because there are two songs that show Eisregen's brilliance. One being "Die schwarze Rose" (The black rose) and the other one being "Und sie blutete nur einen Sommer lang" (And she only bled for one summer). Die schwarze Rose follows a man through his life and through all the suffering he had to endure. His son lost in war, abuse in the retirement home, his wife dying, and step by step the life is breaking him. After he dies he gets burned, the ash falls down on a meadow and a black rose starts to grow there. Then along comes a child, picks the rose and puts it into a pot on his windowsill - right into the sunlight. Then the mother comes, knocks down the pot, just throws the rose away and the black rose is wilted forever. Und sie blutete... however is a wonderful grim, dark, romantic tale. I would even go so far to sy it's one of the most romantic songs - but I'm also kinda a fucked up guy sometimes.

Never will I forget it - the summer
three years ago,
the warmest summer I can think of,
at night the sultry heat was reigning
that let the night gown make stick to your body.

The numbness because of the warmth,
that clouds your mind
and makes you think
that Blut runs cooking through your body.

As I couldn't find sleep once more
I drifted restless through the streets,
then I met her in the pale moonlight,
she talked to me and I just froze
and she took me by the hand and lead
me into her black wonderland.

Soon we reached the forest,
the city was long left behind us,
and only the night witnessed
as her play began.

The sultry air in my lungs
and her taste on my tongue,
then the knife lay in her hand
and she started to cut herself tenderly.
A net of warm red started to adorn her naked body.

... and she bled for me a whole summer long,
she handled the blade masterly,
which sang the song of pain.
Every night was the suffering our pay,
I liked to carry the scars
as a sign of this religion.

I could barely await,
till the day fell for the night,
because then finally it could start,
the knifeplay.
Hour by hour we opened our bodies
till the new day's light drove the attraction away.

So went the warmes summer I can think of,
even today I wear the scars proudly,
my whole life,
one night in a rain shower our amorous play ended,
the last cut on her body was apprently too much.

And her life dripped in long lines out of her body,
a last smile, then the time had come,
she closed her eyes, and away forever,
with tears in my eyes I left this place,
where she laid down on a web made of ret life-juice.

Never will I forget - the summer three years ago,
the warmest summer I can think of,
at night the blade was reigning,
that made the life drip away,
these numbness through anemia,
that clouds your mind and makes you dream...
when your blood... wets the ground.

Ewigheim - Leiche zur See

Ewigheim (Eternalhome - it's a word creation, so you can't really translate it properly, however it's described as a place that is open 24/7 and the entrance is free) are something like a "soft" version of Eisregen with a bit more black humour in it. In the ranking of Ewigheim, the human is the lowest tier of being you can be and a lot of their music is being anti-life, without falling into the depressing or the area of those people who actually think you should kill yourself to make this planet a better place. Everything they do, they do with a big, fat winking eye to the listener. However, if you don't have a sense for really dark humor, you might wanna skip them, because they might not be your cup of tea. They sing the most grim tales with some subliminal happiness that is almost scary.
So my song of choice for them was again a hard one, since there are two songs I really like. One of the being Kinderwald (Childrenforest), which is about some creature that breaks into childrens room, throws the kids into a sack, and then nails/ties their bodies to trees, to prevent them from becoming humans, but turning them into a piece of nature. I finally chose "Leiche zur See" (Corpse to the sea) over it, simply because it mirrors what Ewigheim stands for a bit better in my opinion.

It may have whatever reason,
that humans, if you learn to know them
are sympathetic or not.
A decision that often has profound consequence,
if not even pushes our whole life into one direction.
Except... you don't let others peek into your cards
and choose a second, far more effetive way.
You drown that person like an animal and them float out on the ocean.

[Music starts]

I've never liked the human,
it cried, didn't fight back,
and wet itself as I
took it away to the sea
and drowned it - almost died of laughter,
and I take a look what the ocean
can do with dead meat.

I'm standing on the pier and wave him,
godspeed my friend,
I yell over the sea.
I'm standing on the pier and wave him,
godspeed my friend,
I yell over the sea.
Coprse to the sea.

Now his watercorpse
floats in the shallow corpsewater and stinks.
Come float away and greet the rest of the world of me,
the sea is wide and you have all the time in the world,
let yourself float, until,
now let yourself float, until your body decomposes.

I'm standing on the pier and wave him,
godspeed my friend,
I yell over the sea.
I'm standing on the pier and wave him,
godspeed my friend,
I yell over the sea.
Coprse to the sea.

ASP - Und wir tanzten (ungeschickte Briefe)

ASP stands for Alexander Spreng Projekt (Project), with Alexander Spreng being the creative head behind this. Again I wasn't too sure about adding him, since he does a good bit of english stuff too. In the end, however, I decided his stuff was too good to miss on. Sadly, however, his golden times are long since gone. He isn't necessarily bad, but I feel that his quality has massively declined - especially after he lost his main song writer a few years back. ASP told a very long story of his alter ego being held captured and tortured by the "Dark Butterfly" in a huge tower (if you look up the video for "Me", it pretty much sums it up), while the Dark Blutterfly being simply an alter ego for his dark side. It's not really Shakespeare and aims pretty much at the age area of 14-20, but he still did some damn good songs. And his "Zaubererbruder" (Magicianbrother) album, which retold the story of Krabat, was pretty damn neat too. He also managed to get a really nice balance between electro and organic music.
The Song I chose for presentatin however was a bit older called "Und wir tanzten (ungeschickte Briefe)" (And we danced (unsend letters)). I simply like this song and it has lost nothing of it's charme over the years to me.

And we danced in the snow last year,
the moon was sparkling soft in your hair,
and I almost doesn't hurt anymore
when I see it all before my eyes,
as if it was just last night, starlit.

Your skin and pride don't stay with me for a long time already,
I'd give everything for a magic potion,
one that makes you love me,
for more than just one night,
but arms and nights stay empty.

Just this once give me strength for a new day,
I'm standing naked and helpless before the morning,
I've never been this strong,
just one more day's strength and I'll tear down every wall around me,
only who opens himself for the pain can also let the love in.

And we danced in the snow last year,
the moon was sparkling soft in your hair,
and I almost doesn't hurt anymore
when I see it all before my eyes,
as if it were yesterday and not the past year.

If I want to grab it it's already gone,
no one was ever so close yet so far away from me,
not even silence says how deep,
like an unsent letter,
what broke as I looked into your eyes.

This letter too will remain unsent,
the most beautiful song I never wrote on paper,
I wrote it into your face,
with the fingers, can't you see,
what my mouth left behind for you,
look onto your skin and read,
search where my tongue has once been,
search my song in your hair,
if you want to understand my feeling
you have to look at you in yourself.

Close your eyes and you'll see I'm inside you,
I spread my arms and welcome you, come to my heart,
I heal you, just let go and give me all your pain,
just go, run away from here, live your life without me,
whereever you go my love will already be waiting for you.

And we danced in the snow last year,
the moon was sparkling soft in your hair,
and I almost doesn't hurt anymore
when I see it all before my eyes,
as if it were yesterday and not the past year.

And we danced in the snow last year,
the moon was sparkling soft in your hair,
if you don't see me I am
just not significant
dissove like snow... from the last year.

[u]Honorable mentions[/u]

Marienbad - Roslins Fluch

Marienbad is practically a project from the guys doing Eisregen and Ewigheim and they have released one album so far, but the concept behind it is just awesome. It's about the littly czech town of Marienbad and rumors around this town, like little horror stories. It also builds on something that happened elsewhere (I think it was a little chinese town), where it was decided to build a damn which would flood the city, but a few citizens decided to stay and not evacuate, dying with their homes in the process. It's really dark and moody and I was just amazed by it.
Roslins Fluch (Roslin's curse) is, by far, my favorite song of the album, because it's such a wonderful grim tale. I just can't say it any other way and I hope you enjoy it too.

Roslin, oh Roslin,
wish you were mine.
Would give everything
to be your man.

Wenn I go to sleep at night,
I'm thinking only of you,
and when I wake up in the morning,
I see your face in front of me.

But sadly so, only in my dreams,
I long for your warmth.
You don't even prize me with a single glance,
I just love you over distance.
Go every evening into the "Golden Mug"
where you fullfill the customers' every wish.

Empty glass after glass,
my gaze is all yours,
but tonight everything will change,
working up all of my courage.

Will confess my love to you,
lets my heart burn so brightly,
waiting in front of the pub for the one.

After your shift's end I'll follow you determined,
she doesn't see me, runs away,
as if she had an eye on a certain target.

She stops after the graveyard,
getting closer, still in hiding,
when somebody gets closer and
hugs her tenderly.

My heart is beating up to my throat
as I recognize the man over there,
it's Hans, the blacksmith's son
that gives my Roslin kisses.

Turn around and run away,
my world is shattering to pieces,
Roslin will never love me.
But no one else shall have her.
No one else.

The next evening I'm already waiting,
where the two met yesterday,
but I have brought something with me,
a present for the wedding night.

Hans is soon there first,
sneaking up on him from behind,
ram the axe into his skull
and Roslin will be next.

She arrives soon, she sees Hans,
and before she can scream,
I'll grip her with firm hand
and hold her breath.

As the morning dawns they find them,
three corpses close to the graveyard acre (it says "Friedhofsacker" in german, which is the two words put together - it means the general area of the graveyard),
the blacksmith's son was beaten to death
and laid in state in front of the oak tree.

But up there are hanging two,
hand in hand on a single rope,
the beautiful Roslin and the farmer,
he broke his heart, he her neck.

Roslin, oh Roslin,
now you are mine,
gave my live
to be dead with you.

Summoning - Land of the Dead

Summoning are an austrian band and most likely the most nerdy shit you'll find on this list. I put them in this section because they only sing in english (okay, they did one album in orcish - no, that's not a typo). ALL their albums revolve around the Tolkien lore and when you aren't a fan, you can most likely listen through a whole album not realising there are multiple tracks on it, because it sounds so damn similar. If you actually like their music, however, that is pretty much a godsend. Yet I didn't want to hide those two guys away, because they do some damn fine music and "Land of the dead" is arguably their finest song.

Dinner auf Uranos - 6786

Dinner auf Uranos (Dinner on Uranos) are practically Nocte Obducta. It's the exact same guys, who did one album during a little "identity crisis" they had - so to say. That's also a reason why you find a track called "Dinner auf Uranos" on the newest Nocte Obducta album. They released only one album under this name before going back to Nocte, so there isn't really anything I can say here about them, that wasn't already said above. But I really dig 6786 as a track, so much so that I found it deserving of a spot on this list. And if you know that it's made by the band while they were in a kind of crisis, it adds a whole other level of weight to it.

It was a far too long winter
and spring avoided the land,
wir drank a lot and didn't laugh much,
because Fortuna didn't find us,
and in the hourglass of waiting
froze the far too lethargic sand.

Sons and daugters of summernights,
you are the blood for this year
that was a grave for me until the summer came.

We'll see each other down there at the fires,
were familiar virgin soil lies,
where the exuberance of the day is still drunken at war with the sleep,
on meadows, where the blaze of the night cradles itself tenderly into the morning.

Daughter of desireful summernights,
you are the dream for this year
even if it was just a wish in the end.

Son of through hiked summernights,
let'S march once more to the river
before the leaves, the roof of the summernights
has to give away for naked bones.
Maybe it was a good time after all...

Eluveitie - Inis Monia

Eluveitie are a swiss band, but also only do english songs. As with summoning, however, I really didn't want to hide those, because I dig their style. It's simple and catchy, even though some people call if "metalcore with flutes" in a very derogative way. I like the combination and when you go to one of their concerts, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a fun party.

Noekk - Moonface is dead

A little sideproject from the two guys behind Empyrium, Noekk is sadly pretty much dead by now. As with some bands before, however: good music, good band, songs in english, still worth listening to.

The Vision Bleak - Lone Night Rider

A project from the head of Empyrium (Schwadorf, who also plays Bass now in Ewigheim) and the head of Ewigheim (Konstanz). They're doing english only, but created a completly unique style. REALLY heavy guitars, songs that always have horror stories as a topic and an awesome show on stage. The band didn't evolve too much over the years which is kinda sad, but they still did enough to mix things up a bit. Also they're the only ones making this kind of music, so they kinda can afford to be a bit lazy.

Fjoergyn - Am Ende der Welt

I was really riddled if I should put Fjoergyn in the upper or the lower section, but finally decided for the lower because of how shit half of their work is. And I'm not even kidding here. One album is great, the next one is utterly shite. It goes on exactly like this for four albums now. I bought their last one, which was shit, on a festival and listened to it while driving home. I was just one step away from through the CD out while driving. When Fjoergyn are good, they do really good nature themed metal. When they're bad, however, they're really bad. They also suck as a live band, which I found really disappointing, as they were one of my main reasons for going to said festival. Yes, this is a lot of personal taste here, but fuck you, it's my list.
"Am Ende der Welt" (At world's end) was from their really great album "Jahreszeiten" (Seasons). In regards to the topic of the album nothing special at all, as you might have guessed nature themed bands tend to use the seasons for their songs, but still a good and enjoyable song.

As the sun disappeared in the ocean,
it turned dark in the world,
swallowed and not to be found again,
"Just look, the sky is falling".

The day turned dark,
last candles burn out,
the wind seems to kill their strength
and exhales the last flame.

The black freezes in the blink of an eye,
the sky is parted by a dazzling cut,
suddenly it was day again from east to west,
and all the mouths ballow along.

Thunder, storm and heavy rains,
drive through the dark night,
the tepid summerair tastes bitter,
as a lighting ignites the day.

The first crown reaches into the fire,
shines brighter than a lightning,
that as a graish monster
grasps from the firmament down to the earth.

Smoke lays just like the fog,
over the forests and the cities,
flees into the humans' realm,
since it has it's customers there.

The flames punch into the panes of glass,
to see what we are doing,
wen the sun far away from the sky,
the earth burns as the brightest star.

The sun has forgotten the world it seems,
I could still see it yesteday,
now the night has eaten us up,
and stays still since one hour.

Pity spreads itself out,
time stands still for one hour!

It picks itself up, dives out of the sea,
the sun has returned.

As every year in this hour,
it proclaims it's departure,
to then after one more hour,
return into the stars' army.

Unheilig - Mein König

Unheilig (Unholy) might be the only artist I put down here that is REALLY successful. This guy was leading the charts with his last two albums for weeks. The reason I still put him down here is because of the change of style he took over the last two albums. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those assholes that yell against the mainstream every given day and I really don't bedruged Unheilig his well deserved success. But while he did electro/goth music once, andw as really great at it, now he does music that is really trimmed to the 40+ years housewive and the charts. As I said, I don't begrudge him that he finally wanted to see the big money - I just wish he would have done it under a different name, instead of "ruining" what Unheilig was. Because the quality of his music and his lyrics dropped massively ever since. And I'm pretty sure he will never return to his old form. Unlike all those hardcore fans I don't feel betrayed, I'm just sad about it.
"Mein König" (My king) is one of the calmer and more simplistic songs of his older days, but still very effective at what it does. Similiar to Empyrium's Weiher, it's just damn good without being too much.

A meadow at peace with the world,
silence without words tell from pride,
thankfullness in eternity,
a book tells from past times.

I sing this song for you,
are you still proud of me?
I'd like to know where you are right now,
everybody sees you in my face.

Every stone built timeless,
every tree from you, so high to look at,
my way, plastered for me,
gave away future, hope,

I sing this song for you,
are you still proud of me?
I'd like to know where you are right now,
your son sees you in my face.

A meadow at peace with the world,
silence without words tell from pride,
your dream built timeless,
your heir now looks up to you.

Are you proud of me?
My king...

I sing this song for you
and I'd like to know where you are right now,
I see you in my own face
are you also proud of me?

Are you proud of me?
My king...

Are you proud of me...?

So, that's that. I hope you enjoyed this trip into german music. I didn't cover a lot of stuff and you might have noticed many of the bands here are leaning towards the metal genre in some way or the other. So yeah, guilty of that. But maybe you found a band you'll enjoy here. If any of those bands got even more fan willing to buy their shit it was worth all the effort. And while this might sound really sucked dry by now, I can only plead to you to buy their stuff if you enjoy it. You know, these bands aren't the big chart stormers that make millions and cry over lost sales. We're talking about really small bands here. Bands that still play in 250 people clubs (except for Uheilig und Die Ärzte, as I explained before). Those guys deserve every penny they can get.
And if you enjoyed this entry let me simply know. With enough feedback I might do a second one. Also: if you find a song of the bands I listed here that you really like and want the lyrics translated, just hit me up. I'll see get it done.

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